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Moron Misandrist Liar Hack “Sophia Dourou” Co-Signs Addict & Alcoholic Feminist Woman Accused Of Being A Sex Offender, For The Vile Metro; Because She Set-Up A YouTube Dating Coach Who Was Found Innocent Of All False Allegations!

Addy Agame Proven Innocent, Beats False Allegations Due To Miscarriage Of Justice / No Actual Crime! –

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame Wins Appeal To Overturn Wrongful Conviction / Sentence Due To Miscarriage Of Justice And No Actual Crime To Answer To –

  • 2 Year Sentence Is Reversed And His Lawyers Seek Compensation For His Wrongful Imprisonment

  • Taken Off The Offenders Register Due To; No Crime Taking Place, Incompetent Brainwashed Judge And Jury, And Press Corruption!

  • Whistle-Blower Exposed For Creating Witch-Hunt Because She Sexually Assaulted And Racially Abused Him!

  • Judge Who “Hit Out” (At Addy Agame) Is Disciplined, Punished And Rebuked By His Superiors As Addy Wins Appeal To Have Wrongful Conviction Overturned Due To Miscarriage Of Justice Resulting From Media-Puppet Judge’s Conduct

  • Fake News Hack Misandrist Creep Sophia Dourou Humiliated And Exposed As Dishonest Liar And Incapable Journalist Moron

  • False Accusers Proven To Be Liars And To Be Faking “Mental Scarring” As Nothing Happened But Passing Polite Remarks

Sophia Dourou is a typical modern-day misandrist reporter, jumping on demonising narratives to increase page views for disgraced news outlet The Metro. Dourou is an airhead, just go on her Twitter (if you can bear it) and you’ll see her moaning about the usual social justice virtue signalling garbage leftist idiots cry about to score social points. Sophia Dourou is your usual “woke” socialised idiot that splutters from the usual social justice script, despite scientific evidence proving otherwise! SJW Sophia doesn’t care about facts, it’s all about virtue-signalling the latest activism trend for discriminatory morons like her.

The Metro doesn’t report truth or have any originality at all – even the journalists are nameless, faceless cowards! One particular coward Sophia Dourou wrote articles about Adnan Ahmed’s wrongful conviction / show-trial by the media and the complete miscarriage of justice he experienced (Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame won his appeal to overturn the wrongful conviction and sentence due to a miscarriage of justice and no actual crime to answer to in September 2020). Sophia is most likely a low-life bitter media hack, too spineless to reveal her actual identity, in pathetic fear that Red Pill groups will expose her for the seedy scumbag liar that she is. Men’s rights are human rights; hence why we represent the truth without succumbing to what mainstream media propaganda wants to brain-wash the masses to think.

The obvious problem with leftist SJW reporters and press is that they are trained to be deceitful and to sensationalise the truth by reporting inaccurate falsehoods that allow them to just about get away with telling lies because of how the misinformation is presented to simply imply something false as true. For a sneaky reporter it is a tactic used to be a creepy stalker and to attack others, whilst keeping their filthy laundry private!

The Metro is a newspaper set-up for coward reporters to spam their fake news (whilst pretending it’s by another journalist). Scummy journalists basically just spam the same lies and inaccuracies in as many pages as possible in order to make it look like different people are talking about the same thing. This (they think) gives their stories weight as it tricks the public into believing a story because it looks like it is coming from various sources! Read Ryan Holiday’s book “Trust me, I’m lying” for a full understanding of how the media manipulate the public and destroy reputations without facing any repercussions.

Yep, we have another woke, radical-feminist and self-proclaimed man-hater. There seems to be a direct correlation between feminist journalists that write garbage and that are borderline sociopaths. Que bad haircut, even worse dress-sense and below average looks and we have our latest feminist hate-pusher.

Rancid Sophia Dourou doesn’t have a personality or an original thought in her head. She is the epitome of a constructed fake person attempting to tick certain socially acceptable boxes because she is an approval chasing loser with low self-esteem. She comes across as a child desperately wanting people to like her, which in turn makes people dislike her!

Horrendous Dourou writes for scummy virtue signalling fake news rag The Metro. Amongst creepy Sophia’s articles about man-hating and petty gossip for The Metro is a sea of radical feminist / misandrist / man-hating / woke brainwashing drivel! Don’t read The Metro, it’s written by bitter idiots for bitter idiots. It will only serve to ruin balanced feminine women and grounded masculine men. The Metro is propaganda for idiots too stupid and conditioned to see through the disgusting feminist narrative!

EPISODE 1-  ”Mainstream Media Demonisation Of Addy Agame” –

EPISODE 2 – ”The BBC’s Manipulation / Defamation Of Street Attraction” –

EPISODE 3 –  ”Infield Videos & False Allegations” –

EPISODE 4 – ”History, Society, Politics & Feminazis” –

This is not the first time the sleazy lying scumbags in the form of Sophia Dourou and The Metro have made false claims or acted in a predatory manner – spreading fake news, twisting the truth and making up lies; is how they approach and threaten the public, it’s blatant manipulation and down-right disgusting reporting! The vile court reporter needs a career boost as her boring trash, generic news and court stories aren’t getting her anywhere. This is why she jumped on the media hate-campaign against Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame – who is not guilty of any actual recognised crime in the UK!

The Metro are bare-faced liars and fabricators. Recently they were sued by Labour MP Gavin Shoker and had to pay him £20,000 after making false claims that he is homophobic. The slimy Metro were forced to their knees by Gavin and admitted the claims were lies! They also falsely claimed the MP was promoting abortion, again they had to admit they are liars and pay him for damages. Adnan Ahmed will sue the Metro and again make them crumble, grovel and pay for their lies! The Metro is owned by dirt-bag newspaper The Daily Mail, who are also currently being sued by Prince Harry. Surprise, surprise! The Daily Mail have been sued countless times, by countless people including for racial, anti-semantic and general fake news controversy! These dishonest, disgusting propaganda hate-mongers can’t be trusted to tell the truth and should be boycotted by the public.

Adnan Ahmed Acquitted And Cleared Of All False Allegation Of Acting In Threatening Or Abusive Manner (Which Is Basically Just Section 38 Breach Of The Peace) 

The Metro are morons who lie to sensationalise nonsense in order to push copies of their pathetic newspaper, as well as influence unsuspecting members of the public. These idiots don’t fact check at all, as is evident via their stupid hit-piece article by a cowardly “court reporter” Sophia Dourou on October 23rd, 2019 regarding Addy Agame.

Turns out Addy was right all along as all false allegations were dropped, all charges were reversed, and all wrongful convictions were overturned. Looks like the scummy Metro got it totally wrong as usual! The fake news slime-balls even called Addy a “pick-up artist.” Again misinformation, as Adnan Ahmed has said on many occasions, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating and life coach, we help people using scientific self-help – not tricks, techniques, lines and tactics.” Addy’s innocence was so clear cut that despite the underhanded tactics the sleazy Scottish press employed, he was found not guilty and defeated them!

Spineless creep journo Sophia Dourou has a slimy bitter bratty writing manner that reflects her poncey geek appearance. Sleazy reporter Sophia Dourou lacked the back-bone to make her wasted education count for anything and ended up writing for fake news rag, The Metro. Creepy sleaze Sophia is a charmless bore, this is evident via her lame tweets about monotonous drivel. Feminist perv losers like Dourou will forever be mad at alpha males who go out and win in life!

Sophia is unattractive, overweight, has below average looks and a horrible personality. This horrible evil deviant mutant specialises in fraud journalism. Clown bum Sophia Dourou is a professional seedy stalker, whose job entails hounding people and desperately begging for stories for minimum wage. Vulture Sophia Dourou invents entire scenarios, casts of characters and reams of dialogue in her Metro article about wrongfully convicted dating coach Addy Agame Ahmed.

Shady Sophia Dourou makes a measly living out of corrupting an already self-indulgent / predominately white leftist media field that fakes diversity and equality. In reality she is just an idiot low-IQ slime-bag that writes for garbage tabloids like the Metro!

Dog-hack Sophia Dourou is at again. The overweight, try-hard, bitter joke of a reporter wrote a crappy article in October 2019 celebrating Ahmed’s wrongful conviction / imprisonment – which has now been completely reversed and quashed! Sophia’s track record of corny and disgusting articles that she spews out as some sort of alarmist warped trash is evident from her past work. Sickening clown Sophia doesn’t care about helping people, the chubby journo only cares about pushing fake news down the throats of anyone unfortunate enough to come across her crazed ramblings. Dourou gives off the air of a deranged person with “woke” perspectives gathered from confused social media posts and from the sinister shallow masks of her gaping insecurities / inferiority complex.

Fraudster Sophia mentions Addy Agame in order to dirty his name further by associating him with issues that have nothing to do with him and that are not even issues in the first place. This is a disgusting abuse of journalistic responsibility, ridiculously predatory reporting and sham news – well we expect nothing less from Sophia to make up a pointless story just to try to hurt someone’s reputation, at least Ahmed punished slimy Dourou by winning his appeal to prove his innocence and exposed her pathetic poisonous tactics!

Ahmed’s wrongful conviction being quashed basically proves the Metro wrong and Addy right – the cry babies don’t seem to be handling it too well. The Metro pathetically tried to demonise Ahmed by saying “posted clips of himself harassing women in the guise of teaching others how to pick up women,” which he didn’t, he didn’t “film himself,” plus it’s not illegal to do so, it’s a common press tactic. Disgusting Dourou is a lying scumbag. Ahmed didn’t harass anyone, he wasn’t ever charged with harassment. Why would seedy Sophia make up false charges of “harassing” out of thin air?!  This is absolute nonsense, Sophia is a lying sleaze – Ahmed harassed no one. Following are testimonies from women who dealt with him that further prove his innocence;

  1. Chloe From Lenzie Discuses Her Rendezvous With Addy Agame –
  2. Tia From Glasgow Talks About Dating Addy Agame –
  3. Aisha From Saudi Arabia Describes Her Holiday Romance With Adnan Ahmed (aka Addy Agame) –
  4. Jill From Sheffield Gives Honest Feedback On Her Positive Experience With Addy Agame –
  5. Christine From China Discusses Meeting And Dating Addy Agame Truthfully-
  6. Canadian Karen Describes Her “Lovely” Chance Meeting With Addy Agame In Uddingston –

The toilet paper news rag teamed up with creepy Sophia Dourou to make up fake charges of “harassing girls.” Typical tabloid trash. Ahmed faced no charges of “harassing” anyone, he was wrongfully convicted of section 38 breach of the peace. He won his appeal to overturn all false allegations and will sue the hounds at The Metro for harassing him with their lies and filth!

And as for seedy Sophia’s lying B.S about “under the guise of teaching others how to pick-up women,” the sleaze ball liar hack is implying Ahmed was hiding behind his dating business to do something untoward?! Shut up Sophia you absolute reptile – Ahmed was a legit dating coach running a legit business, check out testimonials from his male clients and their success stories;

Glasgow Dating Coach Addy Agame Helps Marketing Expert in Glasgow:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Video Editor in Spain:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps IT Specialist in London:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Joiner In Edinburgh:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Personal Trainer in London With His Dating Life:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Football Referee in Australia With His Dating Life:

What dating coaches like Addy taught clumsy social misfits is that they can learn to perceive things differently, to cut through illusions of the mind / PC society that they believe or fear, to stop seeing imaginary problems and to learn to focus on the reality of male-female dynamics. Too often clients who think like Bonnar react emotionally, get despondent and lose perspective. Their negative perceptions invade their minds and throw off their emotional compass, resulting in social anxiety. Dating is taught as a science and an art. Human brains evolved for an environment very different from the one we currently inhabit, resulting in people carrying biological baggage (as social justice ideologies clash with basic human instincts). Humans are still primed to detect threats / dangers that no longer exist, ie. stress of  rejection or the fight-or-flight response experienced when talking to a female. Addy taught that men have a choice in how they respond to this situation; to not be led by primal feelings, to understand them and learn how to filer them in order to be attractive to the opposite sex (its not trickery, it’s science and art). Sophia truly doesn’t get it and this, along with her bitterness led to her hate-campaign and sexually jealous lies about men who she perceives as superior.

Bitter Dourou hates men who have honed the ability to control, channel and understand primal signals because she can’t access that part of herself; Sophia you are a slave to your impulses, instincts, social justice conditioning and need for approval- you’ve never even questioned why you are the way you are! If the BBC Social video or Panorama / Disclosure flop-umentary were even slightly accurate; they would have shown how Addy turned seduction into an education, skill-set and success with women. Many men from all backgrounds testify online on how they learned to control emotions, to have a positive outlook, to overcome anxiety / depression, to enjoy the present moment and to handle situations that disturb / limit others. Women benefit from this also, they can have healthy relationships (whether short-term or long-term) with men who have their sh*t together! Instead you falsely reported what your dark sordid agenda and limited mind made-up and twisted!

Addy taught his clients a series of exposure therapy exercises in varying levels of difficulty; from simple daunting approaches, until they did it so many times that it became as second nature as breathing. Making it natural and familiar, removing uncertainty, leading to confidence through experience. Fear is relieved by authority. Training is authority, it’s a release valve. With enough exposure, ordinary and innate fears are ironed out. Unfamiliarity is eliminated, which in turn increases tolerance to stress / anxiety / uncertainty. Sophia should apply this to areas of her life, she might learn something more valuable than her egoistic armchair analysing!

The dead-beat clowns at The Metro continued; “filmed conversations in and around Glasgow.” Again he didn’t film himself, he was being filmed you idiots! Ahmed was not charged with this because it is not a crime! It may be immoral to some, but who the hell are The Metro to talk about morality to anyone, they’ve been caught with their pants down and exposed hundreds of thousands of times. Stop whining you alarmist idiots. This is no different from how media hypocrites like you and sleazy Myles Bonnar film people without their consent and post / broadcast it. What’s “horrific” is The Metro and Bonnar don’t conceal the identities of the people they demonise for personal gain – these coaches at least did protect the identities of the females they interacted with. And how are others supposed to learn if there are no video examples?! Ultimately – this is not illegal under UK law. You seem to have more of a problem with the law, rather than an actual valid issue.

Scumbag Dourou continued; “a woman who tipped off police about jailed Addy Agame says she was disappointed he was not treated as a sex offender when he was arrested.” That’s because he is not a sex offender, he has never been a sex offender – he was never charged or faced any such offences ever! Let’s look at the facts, Addy Agame was proven innocent and acquitted, even the idiotic false allegations he was falsely accused of were not sexual offences!

The clown woman who “tipped off police” on the other hand (Rita Bruce) has actually been accused of sexual offences, a police report was even lodged against her for committing sexual assault! If anyone should be treated as a sex offender it should be Rita Bruce because Addy Agame actually reported her to the police for sexually assaulting him! What is disappointing is idiot hacks like Sophia Dourou disgrace her already untrustworthy profession further by quoting a woman who is a self-confessed alcoholic / drug-addict and that is actually accused of committing sexual offences!

Dirt-bag Sophia continued to quote rat Rita Bruce, stating; “woman who reported him says she’s disappointed the sexual aspect to his behaviour was not acknowledged in the charges.” This further proves Ahmed’s innocence (which was officially proven in the high court) – his miscarriage of justice case didn’t even have any sexual convictions, we repeat “no sexual convictions,” so drug-addict benefit-fraud Rita can be disappointed about no acknowledgement about a sexual aspect all she wants – the fact is something that didn’t happen can’t be acknowledged, this further exposes the corruption in Addy’s case! It doesn’t matter though, he beat the bogus charges and emerged victorious – plus he exposed moron Rita Bruce as a racist sex criminal!

Sleazy scumbag Sophia Dourou stated; “Ahmed found guilty of acting in threatening and abusive manner which he denied.” In reality Ahmed was wrongfully convicted by a biased jury who were influenced by an online social media campaign and horrible selective press reporting during every turn of his trial (by Scottish media scum). Even though it was clearly stated in court; “this is not a crime; being confident is not a crime, having a conversation is not a crime, witness is unreliable, asking someone out is not a crime, if you have any inclination of reasonable doubt – he’s innocent, people’s perspectives were skewed by how Ahmed was portrayed in a online/ media hate campaign.” Ahmed was actually wrongfully convicted of section 38 breach of the peace which is equivalent to raising one’s voice too loud outdoors, complete madness! Here’s how the jury process works in Scotland, there is no screening for racist, feminist, prejudice or psychiatric deficiencies (unlike the USA). 15 members of the public are selected at random and simply told, “don’t go on social media or media” without any enforcement or checks conducted during the trial. Ahmed’s jury was made up of 9 females and 6 males (some of which were programmed by the media to hate him, some pudgy beta males and some angry overweight feminists), the wrongful non-majority “guilty” verdict was appealed and overturned in September 2020 as no crime was actually committed! Ahmed maintained his innocence, all 18 of the fake charges were dropped due to all allegations being false! Adnan Ahmed did not receive a fair trial and is not guilty of any criminal conduct – that is the official legal outcome of this bizarre Metro witch-hunt! Addy won; the media, the trolls and his false accusers were defeated by him!

The jury and accusers are asked to take an “oath to God” to ensure an unbiased testimony, without individuals even being screened to see if they even believe in God (in an age of rampant atheist beliefs). It’s a ridiculous board-game style set-up, the initial Sheriff court case was not justice, it was a farce! It was the aim of the clowns in the Scottish press to dehumanise Adnan Ahmed, objectify him, troll him and discredit his reputation in order to write scandalised, sensationalised lies as news stories. They did not write about his girlfriend and his mother being present to support him during the trial, as well as various male and female well-wishers and supporters dropping in and out during the proceedings. They did not report whole testimonials, only select words to demonise Ahmed further. The press even reported incidents Ahmed was found “not guilty” of after the kangaroo-court show-trial finished. This is further grounds for him to sue for defamation, which he is in the process of doing!

These creeps have the cheek to accuse Addy Agame (an innocent man, proven not guilty and totally vindicated in the highest court in the country) of “posting or harassing” – really! This is an absolute lie, Addy was not found guilty of “posting or harassing” anyone, there were no charges of “posting or harassing” even lodged against him.

How does it feel to the scumbags at The Metro to know they were disgustingly wrong and that Ahmed fought them all they way and embarrassed them by winning; maybe that’s why they’re so desperate to still demonise him, well cry a river you reptiles because you were well and truly defeated!

Addy gave a statement at the trial also telling the court; “no one involved (the women) thought anything untoward was going on until their perception was changed by how I was portrayed in the online and media smear campaign in January 2019 (referring to BBC Social’s cyber-hate video). All of a sudden, a few warped people said I spoke to them like it was not just a quick chat. I could have asked someone the time and they would have reported it as being uncomfortable or intimidating.” Many legal experts also agreed and re-iterated this throughout the trial.

Following are links to Addy’s actual statement to the press in January 2019 and the actual details of his appeal victory.

BBC Social Reporter Myles Bonnar Set Up Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame –

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame Wins Appeal To Overturn Wrongful Conviction / Sentence Due To Miscarriage Of Justice And No Actual Crime To Answer To –

Bitter bum Sophia continued; ” convicted of 5 charges, incidents between 2016 and 2018.” Well it turns out they were lying because Ahmed was acquitted of all charges due to no crime to answer to, he should have them imprisoned for perjury! The Metro are just butt-hurt because Ahmed proved them wrong, exposed them as liars and is now suing them! The Metro are scumbags, that make a living from spreading lies, fake news and defaming innocent people.

The creeps at The Metro grasped at straws by stating, “was convicted and put on the sex offenders register for 10 years.” Well merely months later Ahmed appealed this corrupt judge’s wrong decision and reversed the wrongful verdict, proving his innocence fully, Ahmed was removed from the register because he committed no sexual offences or crimes at all!

The moron Sheriff was wrong and is now viewed as a complete embarrassment to his profession as there was “no sexual aspect whatsoever,” look it up in the Scottish Law books, Lindsay Wood gets a grilling and is completely put in his place as being a dunce of a judge by his legal superiors!

So there were no offences as no convictions exist, no crime took place – are The Metro dumb or are they gas-lighting and defaming an innocent man?! One thing’s for sure, they are fake news dirt-bags making false accusations because Ahmed was proven innocent in a court of law and ”all 5 women” were proven to be lying perjurers, so no ”offences” took place apart from by the women who lied under oath!

Reasons For Appeal;

  • The trial judge caused a miscarriage of justice via his bias and discriminatory misconduct, especially when he elected to cross examine the accused at the end of the defence’s case
  • The judge erred in repelling the ‘no case (crime) to answer submissions‘ made under Scottish law for all the charges the accused was wrongfully convicted of, causing a miscarriage of justice
  • It was impossible for the accused to receive a fair trial based on the manner the police sought out complainers
  • It was impossible for the accused to receive a fair trial because the Scottish press influenced the jury / public negatively both before and during the trial, causing a miscarriage of justice
  • It was impossible for the accused to receive a fair trial because the social worker initially allocated, and the trial judge were influenced by press propaganda during the trial causing a miscarriage of justice
  • The social workers report was prejudicial and relied on opinion from the press rather than impartiality from a professional standpoint
  • There was NO sexual element / aggravation / motivation – the accused was running a dating business for a monetary purpose not for sexual gratification
  • There was NO actual sexual offense committed and NO actual sexual convictions, hence notification requirements were the wrong outcome, causing a miscarriage of justice

Creepy scumbag Dourou continued; “he was ordered to spend 10 years on the register but was not charged with sex crimes to the dismay of Rita Bruce.” Are you an idiot, do you see what you wrote there, we’ll simplify it for you – “a man who was not charged with any sex crimes was put on the sex offenders register?!” Really, how stupid are you – if anything your lame article should have been about the corruption in the Scottish justice system in regards to this madness, not quoting a scatter-brained valium addict, unemployed, alcoholic (Rita Bruce) in the name of SJW feminist nonsense! It’s like saying man convicted of murder, but didn’t kill anyone – the lame stream media really are scum!

Scotland is in an extremely regressive, backwards, violent and ugly era of criminal justice. Legal precedents and crazy laws are being made up on the spot without political clearance. How can a sheriff / judge justify wrongfully convicting a man of something that is not a crime by simply labelling it ‘breach of the peace’ or ‘threatening / abusive behaviour?’ Even so, none of the convictions were sexual offences, putting a person on the sex offenders register for 10 years despite that person not even being convicted of a sexual offence is a disgrace! Simply stating there may have been that motivation is a farcical miscarriage of justice and total lunacy – Sheriff Lindsay Wood was playing up to the press in order to be quoted so he could gain accolade and praise. He himself should face legal action for using a court of law in such a manner. Wood is a man who enabled the media’s prejudicial imperative by default in his legislative actions, judgement and ruling, reflexively and emotionally driven, without genuine judicial insight. Simply put the man is an incompetent imbecile.

If someone hasn’t committed any sexual offences at all, no register should be required. Ahmed’s wrongful conviction was “section 38 breach of the peace.” There was no sexual element, it was chatting! A Sheriff should not be influenced by other cases or the media, they have a duty to be impartial and to do the right thing by the law! The law should always overrule the media; however, it seems to be the opposite way around in Scotland. This insanity occurring meant any man chatting up any woman in Scotland (whether it be during the day or in a nightclub) will be at risk of being put on the sex offenders register, even if no sexual offence has occurred! Luckily Ahmed’s victory ensured that chatting up women in Scotland is now 100% legal!

3 of the highest judges in Scotland agreed with Ahmed and stated the evidence did not indicate Ahmed did anything wrong! Ahmed was totally correct, he also never called himself a “victim.” despite the sleazy media trying oh so hard to stop him; he beat the fake charges and the fake news media in one swift motion – wow, what a man!

And the public are not wise to anything but the facts, which are “Adnan Ahmed was totally acquitted, found innocent and given a not guilty verdict by 3 intelligent highly ranked judges because there was no crime to answer to and this idiot Sheriff who ran the trial caused a complete miscarriage of justice due to his SJW views and insane conduct.”

Here are some more legal facts that brilliant senior judge Lord Turnbull stated; “there was nothing in the appellant’s behaviour as spoken by complainers which was overly threatening or which could be construed as threatening. There was nothing in the appellant’s conduct spoken by complainers which constituted threatening behaviour, witness described a compliment. Accordingly, the Sheriff erred in failing to give affect to no case to answer submissions presented on the appellants behalf in respect to these charges also. The exercise the Sheriff was engaged in had already lacked any element of clarification, the Sheriff appeared to be in the process of arguing with the appellant. Since the appeal against conviction is upheld on both grounds in all charges, the appeal against sentence flies off.”

Firstly there were no victims because there was no crime, they were proven to be liars and Ahmed was found not guilty. Secondly, the lack of mental intellect of the Sheriff’s statement will not leave – ever, because no one was “mentally scarred” by a passing conversation / remarks, as all false accusers were proven to be lying perjurers because Ahmed was acquitted and found innocent in the high court! Thirdly, the false accusing witches were “fortified” as full-blown lying, racist, #MeToo, Karen, white women that made false allegations whilst giving evidence against a brown man because of his skin colour and to get pathetic attention via a media induced scandal!

Lastly, if you mean Adnan Ahmed would emerge victorious and defeat everyone involved in his attempted demise by “held to account” then ok, but the ironic fact is Sheriff Wood was the one “held to account” by higher legal authorities for being a useless judge that is unable to do his job or serve justice via the actual law! Addy won, you lost, hope your idiotic press rant was worth your career being ended pal!

That’s because Ahmed did nothing wrong and proved it in a high court in front of 3 real judges, not a donkey Sheriff who was trying to be a hero for the slimy Scottish press in a kangaroo-court show-trial! There were no “victims” as no crime was committed (that’s official now in the Scottish law books and legal records). Secondly, Ahmed “gave evidence” the accusers were “lying or mistaken” and was proven to be telling the truth in the high court (another L for you Sheriff Wood). Thirdly, the jury could think what they want – Ahmed got a “not guilty” verdict for all charges in the high court (plus the jury were not impartial as they were brain-washed by the scumbags in the Scottish media). Lastly, it wasn’t “obvious how they were affected” as this was a witch-hunt created by the media, there was no crime in the first place – what’s next the media will hype eating vegetables as misogynistic and a trial will be held hosting a bunch of idiots saying a man eating a carrot made them feel uncomfortable?! Get a grip on reality!

Addy has gained positive notoriety in men’s rights political circles in which he is working and helping other men in similar circumstances who have been wronged by biased criminal and family courts. Ahmed is speaking at many public men’s rights events as well as suing the state and media for compensation. Turns out his behaviour wasn’t “inappropriate” and that is now official under Scottish law!

This dirty geek’s writing is almost as bad as her crap dress sense. Her choice of words to sensationalise lie is “victims,” there were no victims, there were no actual crimes recognised under UK Law, there has to be a crime to be a “victim.” Fake “victims” who are glory-hungry idiots, jump on a fake #metoo bandwagon (saying they were simply chatted up) actually take away from real victims who actually have to face the reality of real crimes. The only “victims” in connection to the Metro are the people they victimise through their vile trash hate articles.

Slime ball Sophia continued to quote rancid Rita, stating; “she perceived Ahmed’s propositioning of women to be a hate crime.” No, officially under Scottish Law Ahmed is totally innocent! The only hate crime that took place is a drugged-out wacko (Rita Bruce) calling Ahmed the “n-word” while sexually touching him without his consent and a toxic lizard journalist (Sophia Dourou) condoning it by co-signing the disgusting behaviour in a poisonous article agreeing with racism and sex crimes against men (because they are committed by a woman).

Scummy feminist Dourou went onto quote drug-addicted racist sex-pest Rita Bruce stating; “outside court Rita Bruce, who brought Ahmed’s behaviour to light, said she was relieved it was acknowledged Ahmed was still a risk to women.” Well actually, “Ahmed’s behaviour” has officially been described as “totally legal” by 3 respected top judges in the highest court in Scotland thus Ahmed is officially “not a risk to women”, the Scottish legal system and law books say so. As for self-confessed alcoholic and benefit-cheat Rita Bruce; here is what men and women think of her white-Karen racist mission to demonise an innocent brown man because he rejected her sexual advances (so she created a witch-hunt to cover up her sex attacks and racist abuse!)

Alcoholic Racist ‘Rita Bruce’ Exposed For Setting Up Addy Agame Because He Rejected Her Creepy Advances –

Creepy Sophia continued to quote rotter Rita, stating ;”she had become alarmed at his YouTube videos when they met while studying for a BA degree.” And now Ahmed’s innocence has been proven and Rita’s disgusting scam has been exposed. No crimes took place, which is officially recorded in the Scottish law books – 3 high court judges acquitted Adnan Ahmed and vindicated him with a “not guilty” verdict. Ahmed is now suing the education, employment and government bodies who fell for Rita’s dirty scam; as well as pursuing further police action against her!

Rita was “alarmed” because Ahmed dated young, beautiful, slim women with feminine traits; not old unattractive, overweight feminists that hate-men whilst desperately trying to emulate them at the same time (like crazed hound Rita Bruce acts).

Your only unreliable source for pursuing this stupidity was an elderly drug abuser (Rita Bruce), everyone else in the media ignored the chubby addicts BS, as did the police. But mud-slinging coward Sophia had the motivation of revenge (again angry feminists with failed careers) to find a target to burn in the public sphere to make a name for herself. She reeks of desperation and creepiness; yucky, sickening and disgusting woman.

If anyone should change their behaviour, it ought to be those doing the shaming for popularity (or other gain) ie. racist feminists like Sophia Dourou and Rita Bruce. Twitter / media shaming allows fake people who complacently pretend to be “nice” or stand for “justice” to darkly take part in twisted yet somewhat hidden bullying, in the name of a “cause,” but in reality it’s just to indulge their shallow egos and to gain popularity of some sort (money, power, acceptance). Look at the facts and their track records – who has miserable dog Sophia and cowardly benefit-cheat Rita Bruce actually every helped? However it’s evident who they have hurt – a man who did nothing to either of them, ever; not to mention the women, children and men that are attached to him and depend on him! Some people grow-up and aspire to be what their hero’s are, what will our next generation be raised to aspire to be in a society fooled by and run by cheats and liars!

Seedy Dourou continued; “Rita from Maryhill said; I’m actually really pleased the judge recognised that Ahmed would potentially be a further danger to women. I think it’s important that the judge commended the women, his victims that stood in court. It must have been horrendous for them….” Victims of what you druggy – a chat in the daytime in front of thousands of people and hundreds of security cameras!

There were no “victims” because Ahmed was proven innocent in 2020 as there was “no crime to answer to” which is the legal ruling of 3 esteemed high court judges! And Ahmed “was never and will never potentially be a danger to women,” danger of what – a conversation you alcy feminist moron! Adnan Ahmed was acquitted, thus found “not guilty” which means “he never was a danger to women,” however Rita Bruce has been accused of sexual assault and racial abuse; meaning she is a danger to young men and ethnic minorities!

The judge Rita lorded after her momentary scam success was humiliated by his senior legal officials for being corrupt via his conduct at Ahmed’s show-trial, which was dubbed a miscarriage of justice by 3 major law chiefs! Rita’s bogus judge will be lucky if he ever finds work again in a Scottish court, serves him right for being a male-feminist simp that tries to impose nonsense social justice feminist lies in a court of law, another fail for you Rita!

Benefit-thief con-woman Rita Bruce trying to cover up her own racism and sexual assault by saying “commended women that stood in court, must have been horrible for them.” Yeah it must take a totally disgusting amount of dishonesty to lie on the stand and to pretend having a chat was a crime (if it even happened at all, some women never even met Ahmed ever). We commend Ahmed for clearing his name in the high court via his appeal victory, for proving his innocence and in turn proving the white-privilege feminist-Karens to be lying perjurers. It must have been horrendous for Addy, but he is a true champion, he fought all of you all the way and won, wow!

Check out the following video for the full story from Addy Agame himself;

EPISODE 5 – Street Attraction & Addy Agame vs The BBC & Myles Bonnar / Part 5 of 5; ”Addy Agame Proven Innocent And Acquitted Of All Charges” –

Coward Sophia continued to quote rancid Rita, stating; “all people in authority whether colleges, police must take women seriously when they come forward.” Yeah if there is an actual crime, not for a social media created witch-hunt by a drug-addict, racist, benefit-fraudster. She continued to quote rotten Rita, stating; “justice has been done – especially that he has been put on the sex offenders register for 10 years.” No you druggy, racist, sex-pest; justice has been done because he was proven innocent, you were proven a liar he was “taken off the register, he wasn’t even on it but for mere days.” In reality “Rita Bruce should be put on the sex offenders register indefinitely for numerous sexual assaults,” which she committed on Adnan Ahmed in 2018. Rita Bruce should be put in jail for racially abusing Ahmed by calling him the n-word!

Red Pill Rights can reveal the hidden truth behind the controversy of BBC The Social’s disgusting fake news video defaming innocent man Adnan Ahmed. We have researched various sources and have an exclusive interview with Mr Ahmed that reveals the truth about him being set-up by “radical feminist, drug-addicted alcoholic” Rita Bruce, because he rejected her sexual advances.

Rita Bruce is a portly, unemployed ginger woman in her late 50’s. She is a self-confessed alcoholic who openly admits she had to attend Alcoholics Anonymous to stop her destructive, erratic, alcoholic problem drinking, she then abandoned the AA program to pursue drugs and radical feminism.  Bruce also openly admits to taking Diazepam everyday, along with a host of mental health medication, over the last 5 years. Rita Bruce has no children, is not in a relationship, leeches from the benefits system and from student loans, is in debt to the government and lives with numerous cats that she never lets out.

Rita Bruce studied with Adnan Ahmed at Fife College in the 2018/2019 semester and was the person who reported his YouTube Channel to BBC The Social’s reportedly racist journalist Myles Bonnar. Bonnar openly stated that Bruce informed him of Ahmed’s dating business and together they planned his set-up. A feminist racist and a reporter racist is a match made in hell for any sane person.

We asked Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame to comment on this, he said, “I didn’t know this wretched swine of a woman had done this until April 2019 while I was on remand. I knew there was something wrong with Rita Bruce the moment I met her. She liked to talk non-stop about utter nonsense and liked the sound of her own voice. She struck me as an arrogant, scatter-brained and prejudiced person. I later discovered that she was a lifelong alcoholic and a daily diazepam user, she told me this. It made sense and explained why she acted so erratically. She also had a bitter hatred towards men in general and was always complaining and moaning about how all men were the reason why her life was such a mess. I think her drug addiction, alcoholism and her not being able to have relationship with a man for over a decade are the real reasons for her insecure radical feminist views, no normal guy would want to deal with that amount of baggage and madness.”

Ahmed continued, “I tried to avoid Rita as much as I could, she would leer at me in class, it made me feel uncomfortable, she is in her late 50’s, I would never even consider her as a romantic option. Rita and her two friends from my class offered me a lift to our educational establishment, which was based in Fife as we all stayed in the Glasgow area. I reluctantly agreed as it was convenient. I received a lift from them for 3 months from August 2018, it was absolute torture. I put up with it for a short time because I was trying to be tolerant of her severe mental health and emotional problems, again she discussed these issues and they were quite clear to see.”

Rita Bruce sexually harassed and sexually assaulted Adnan Ahmed numerous times over the period of 3 months, as well as making racist comments towards him. Addy reported this to the police, but it was ignored and brushed aside by a female officer because he is male. This is a complete double standard demonstrated by Police Scotland. We asked Adnan Ahmed about this, he recalled, “Rita touched me inappropriately many times, I had to tell her to stop, that we were just friends and sometimes I just walked away. The first time it happened we were all discussing fitness in the car ride to Fife – she told me to take my top off and show her my muscles. Another time she touched my buttock as I was getting out of the car, yet another time she put her hand on my chest and did some weird eye contact thing, she also squeezed my leg on a different occasion and would try to indecently brush against me. She must act like this with other men also, this behaviour seems practised and comes very naturally to her.”

We asked Mr Ahmed why he didn’t report this to the police or his educational establishment, he said, “as a guy you know if you say this to the police they don’t take you seriously, plus there is a total double standard when it comes to women touching men inappropriately, it’s considered OK when women do it. Additionally men are usually ridiculed or shamed if they speak up about this and no one believes men when it comes to them experiencing sexual or domestic abuse from women.”

Ahmed went onto say;I told this woman I had a girlfriend, but she felt justified in her actions and didn’t see anything wrong with her actions because of her gender and mine. She would bring me nuts and dried fruit to snack on and use creepy language packed with innuendo, she even asked me my penis size one time. I made up the excuse that I was unable to get my coursework done on the way in because of the noise and began getting the bus in. It was a longer journey but there was no more abuse, I did this in October 2018.”

Red Pill Rights discovered that Myles Bonnar stated online that Rita Bruce had got in touch with him in October 2018 to report Adnan Ahmed. Ahmed commented, “I know for a fact she felt rejected because I thwarted her predatory advances, she is a delusional drug addict, she would laugh and boast about living off benefits and her student loan, and she would say she had no intention of getting a job. She said she was using the course for financial support and social interaction.”

Addy continued, “I told my girlfriend about Rita’s sexual advances in August, my girlfriend was not happy about it. When I stopped the car journeys, Rita Bruce stalked me online, no one knew about my dating business in class. I just attended, did my work and left promptly, I’m a busy man. Rita stalked me online; found my Instagram and YouTube channel, reported me to BBC The Social with a rant about women’s rights and social justice. Her real reason was because I rejected her. I found out she did this in October 2018, the BBC Social video came out in January 2019. I attended classes during that time period, she didn’t even let on she had reported me or had any problems with me or my business, yet she knew about my channel and was watching me online. It’s so weird and creepy. We did group work together in November, we were assigned into groups of 4 at the start of the term, we even attended an exam in December 2018 – I had no inclination she had done this. She knew I had a 10 year old daughter, knew about my mother and that I had a girlfriend – who she was clearly jealous of. She doesn’t care about women’s rights, she hurt those women, she only cares about her selfish warped drug-induced desires!”

Ahmed expressed his disbelief saying, “I can’t believe BBC The Social took this alcoholic addict mad woman seriously. I imagine she contacted a lot of media people who just ignored it. The racist reporter Myles Bonnar saw his opportunity at a crack at fame and took it on board, he’s a slimy character with no backbone or integrity. Rita Bruce is a podgy two-faced horror show. She clearly has a void in her life as she doesn’t have children. She has numerous cats of whom she tried to show me pictures of, like they were her kids, again very weird. She reminded me of one of those sad, crazy, lonely, lunatic cat ladies people would joke about on television. She said her cats have never left her house, those poor animals, her house must stink and must be infested with cat urine and faeces.”

We asked Ahmed about Bruce racially abusing him, he said “we had a class project about the Tuskegee syphilis studies in regards to human behaviour. The experiments were carried out on black men in America. In class, during a group work session, she made horrible comments calling me ”nigg*r” twice. She though she was being funny, I was shocked, two other people witnessed this in the group. I didn’t find it funny, I told her it was racist and out of order, she stopped laughing and acted strange, saying – ‘I didn’t mean it like that’.

Rita Bruce is an arrogant nasty piece of work who attempted to ruin Adnan Ahmed’s life under the disguise of feminism. Addy told us, “when I discovered it was her that was behind all of this I was disgusted. I found out in April that there was some sort of failed and poorly attended protest about me in Buchanan Street, Glasgow. I didn’t even know it had happened until my lovely girlfriend told me there was a Facebook video about the protest with Rita Bruce on it, taking credit for how she set me up. The protest didn’t effect me, neither did the sad and hateful minority who attended it. I was on remand and like I said I didn’t even know it took place until months later. It doesn’t surprise me that these crazy individuals with empty lives would actually dedicate their time to such a stupid cause, their lives must suck. I’m grateful for my girlfriend, my mother, my brother, my friends and all the other good people who’ve visited me and wrote to me over the last 7 months. I have visits everyday and sometimes the amount of mail I receive is overwhelming, I’d like to thank these people for their love and support, they are the ones that really matter to me. I don’t care about some random angry person that I’ve never met before and will never meet, talking about me from behind a screen. I’m too solid to let that even enter into my head space.”

Rita Bruce continued to stalk Adnan Ahmed whilst he was on remand. During a court hearing in July 2019, Bruce retweeted the lame protest video she featured in, trying to stir up support for her only claim to fame to no avail. People don’t care anymore, it’s old news, it’s fake news and Adnan Ahmed is officially not guilty of any crimes!

We asked Ahmed about this, he said, “she is a major stalker, when I appeared in court for a hearing on 22nd July, my girlfriend was there, I was happy to see her beautiful face. At the other end of the room, Rita Bruce was there, she is a totally creepy predatory, but gets away with it because she’s female. She has too much spare time on her hands. It wasn’t my trial, it was adjournment proceedings, even the press had left, she had no business being there. I guess this is the only claim to fame she has, she disgusts me.”

Ahmed was set-up by the media and trolls on social media, a couple of women’s rights organisations got involved, who further involved the authorities, who then acted too hastily and set up a court date to cover up their mess. Drug-addicted feminazi Rita Bruce only attended the first day of Ahmed’s kangaroo-court show-trial during which the jury was selected. She was not there during the actual trial (10 days) to support anyone, she only turned up for Ahmed’s sentencing hearing.

Bum Sophia Dourou continued; “she was the woman who had blown the whistle on Ahmed. Rita had thought she knew Addy, she said I got to know his life.” Rita does not know Addy, she was infatuated with him and he rejected her drug-induced fantasy world advances! Addy told his beautiful girlfriend in October 2018; “I feel sorry for her, she’s a sad old lady with drug and alcohol problems, but she creeps me out and keeps touching me inappropriately, she even made racist comments towards me, she’s definitely got mental health issues.” Delusional creep Rita Bruce couldn’t stand that Ahmed had an active sex life and didn’t want her, so she went on a crusade to destroy him. The police and press ignored her, however like attracts like, and bum reporter Myles Bonnar ran with the bullsh*t. Here’s an idea, since Myles and Rita don’t have any luck with the opposite sex, they should get together – 2 sad sex-pest troll weirdos living miserably ever after. Rita Bonnar or Myles Bruce, either way it’s sickening, it’s the best either loser can ever do!

Incompetent journo idiot Sophia Dourou stupidly stated; “Rita got to know fellow BA student Ahmed as they commuted by train.” This is totally amateur journalism as there was never any train journey at all! This shows lazy Sophia just copied this fake news rubbish from another dumb misandrist reporters’ sham article – as all other articles said they “travelled by car,” again no train journey was ever mentioned. Idiot reporter Dourou couldn’t even steal a article properly, let alone fact check it, what an absolute amateur! This further proves her lack of intelligence and cements the case that she is an incapable journalist moron! Alcoholic lizard Rita Bruce has changed this story numerous times in the press.

Ahmed hadn’t “missed a day of college,” he told Rita and the other 2 ladies in the “car pool,” (not Rita’s car, the OAP doesn’t even have a licence) he no longer wanted to travel with them because he wasn’t comfortable travelling with them, this was in October 2018. Ahmed also told his girlfriend and mother about druggy hag Rita Bruce sexually assaulting him and racially abusing him – and that being the reason he stopped travelling with the “car-pool.” Addy’s girlfriend and mother both confirmed this. Addy saw Rita Bruce many times after this in class and at an exam in December 2018, nothing was said.

No “classmate” showed rancid Rita “what Ahmed got up to in his spare time,” (actually it was a business, college was a side thing/ 2 days per week), in fact Rita stalked Ahmed online, found his Instagram and YouTube in October 2018 after he stopped travelling with her because of her sexual offending against him – then she planned to get revenge on him for knocking back her perverted advances!

Self-confessed alcoholic and valium addict “Rita Bruce,” sexually assaulted Addy numerous times as well as racially abused him on an occasion. Ahmed reported this to the police and nothing was done about it, again this is on record! Sophia went onto quote her mentally ill, drug-addicted unreliable source Rita Bruce stating; “Bruce says seeing Ahmed’s Instagram led her to his videos.” Ahmed didn’t give swine Rita Bruce his Instagram, she stalked him online. Sophia continued to quote sad cat-lady Rita Bruce; “I felt physically sick, she says, he’s got guys in the background filming him approaching women, it’s seedy, it’s underhanded.” This is under a picture of 59-year-old sex-pest Rita Bruce, which would make anyone “physically sick,” Rita looks like Jo Brand’s ugly sister or Jo Brand after she’s been dead for a week.

The “filming” leather-faced druggy Rita Bruce describes is totally legal! What is “underhanded and seedy” is Rita Bruce sexually assaulting Addy, then setting him up after he rejected her creepy advances! Sophia continued to quote horror-show Rita Bruce; “this isn’t just picking up women, this is darker, I thought – I need to tell some authority, I phoned the police.” Shut your sad lonely spinster mouth Rita, you were jealous he had other women and it was “just picking up women!” You also called BBC Social and Fife college and various radio stations as well as numerous news outlets you horrible old hag!

Approval-seeking manipulator Sophia continued; “Rita was shown a series of images with half-naked women from his Instagram account and YouTube channel. She said: I was kind of in floods of tears and thinking, what is this, is he a pimp or is this a prostitution ring?” You crazy old hag, you were in “kind of floods of tears” because you’re a jealous old woman who realised you could never be with Addy because he had options of physically attractive younger women. In these pictures all these women are smiling, “half-naked” or not, they are in the pictures consensually and knowingly. It wasn’t enough that racist Rita Bruce called Ahmed a “nigg*r” in class, she further racially stereotypes a man (Addy) with dark skin as a “pimp” involved in a “prostitution ring” just because he has women hanging out with him taking pictures with him! The women in Addy’s pictures are his I.G followers also and they are tagged in these pictures, they even “liked” their pics with Addy on Instagram!

Scumbag Sophia continued to quote lying rat Rita, stating; “I was an absolute wreck, and I thought, how can I go back into a car with him.” This is another lie from a self-confessed alcoholic and drug-addict. Maybe you were a wreck because you didn’t have your vodka and valium that morning, but it certainly wasn’t because you had to get into a car with Addy because as previously stated by 3 people, Ahmed stopped travelling with you a month previous to your stalking of him. But hey, no one trusts a word of what a benefit-cheat like Rita Bruce says anyway.

Chunky Sophia continued to quote racist Rita stating; “Ahmed was a pick-up artist part of a sub-culture, taught others…. pick-up artists have their own language. I doubted myself because I couldn’t understand… found a dictionary, one of the terms LMR and how to overcome it.” The language is called English you alcy stalker liar. Rita is talking rubbish, Addy is on record saying he is not a pick-up artist, he said he was a dating and life coach and deliberately separated himself from the PUA label!

We have a quote from Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame’s video about LMR on YouTube, Addy said; “we do not condone rape, never force yourself on anyone, hold yourself in high regard and allow space for women to come to you. If she leaves so be it, no means no, move onto someone who’s into you, don’t waste your time on time-wasters.”

The video the slime balls refer to shows Ahmed saying; “we do not condone rape culture or forcing anyone sexually or otherwise, everything sexual is consented.” Ahmed actually refers to “last minute resistance” as “making women comfortable and creating the right mood for adult relations because too many guys either don’t know what to do or are too thirsty to get laid and forget to have fun.”

Misandrist clown Sophia continued; “Rita was first to report Ahmed to police Scotland but she didn’t feel they took her complaint seriously.” Well that’s because it’s not a crime to chat up young, attractive, slim, feminine women – rather that old, ugly, fat, feminist monsters! Ahmed also reported Rita Bruce for sexual assault and racist abuse, they also swept it under the carpet because of the media scandal – however now the investigation has been re-opened!

Creepy Dourou continued to quote sex-pest Rita, stating; “they weren’t helpful – they didn’t see that there was a crime. One of the officers was dismissive of the fact I was describing it as a hate crime.” That officer was 100% right, 2 high court judges agreed and said there was no crime! Ahmed was never charged with a “hate crime” so there were no facts in your stupid statement Rita! Calling out misandrist man-haters like you is not a crime, it’s freedom of speech, as is teaching men how to meet beautiful feminine women (unlike you, you feminist monster).

Disgusting Sophia continued to quote alcoholic Bruce, stating; “I said his videos went against our protected characteristics. I understood the law was grey around that area…” No you understood nothing you SJW idiot! The law is clear, it stated “Adnan Ahmed is innocent of any wrongdoing and is vindicated as a acquitted innocent man.” You can’t enforce your dumb social-justice, college-campus, drug-induced, white-privileged, feminist-Karen crap via the law Rita you absolute swamp creature. Now you look like the delusional moron that you are especially after Ahmed was proven innocent in the highest court in the country.

Lets look at how numerous other people agree with us about Addy Agame’s innocence;

EPISODE 1-  ”Mainstream Media Demonisation Of Addy Agame” –

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Snake Dourou continued to quote reptile Rita stating; “Rita said Ahmed seemed, charming, quiet and intelligent… you would never has guessed what he was doing thing….” Firstly, Addy is all of those things and your description of him further proves you were infatuated with him and had a crush on him! And secondly you would have never guessed because Addy wouldn’t discuss his sex-life with a crazy feminist substance-abuser like Rita Bruce, they weren’t ever friends, just 2 people who happened to be in a class together! And all he was doing was teaching men to meet attractive women who are feminine – and not feminist dirt-bags!

Fake news charlatan Sophia continued to quote alcy, druggy, SJW fraud Rita – stating; “in retrospect conversations with Ahmed suggest something was off…I was disappointed initially charges were just harassment and assault, to me the sexual context is the important thing.” OK you absolute idiot, how can “conversations with Ahmed be off in retrospect” when you just described him as “charming and intelligent,” make your mind up you lying sociopath headcase and stop contradicting yourself (must be the Valium again!). Also there were no charges of “harassment or assault,” the fake charges were “section 38 breach of the peace” because they couldn’t actually pin an actual charge on Ahmed (he was cleared of this, all wrongful convictions were quashed and Ahmed was proven innocent). And what “sexual context” you idiot, asking someone out on a date or to exchange phone numbers? Shut up you feminist crazy! The fact is you have an empty life and are way past your prime and didn’t want the man you were obsessed and infatuated with dating other women – well he won and you lost, his girlfriend is smoking hot and you, well you’re still you. Yuck!

Misandrist animal Sophia continued to quote feminist swine Rita, stating; “I think if there are more victims, they should come forward – people are listening.” There were never any “victims,” there was never any “crime” – this is now official under Scottish law Rita; burn in rage, hate and jealousy – and no one is listening, they are ridiculing the false accusers as lying perjurers that cannot be trusted! You’re calling for women to come forward and lie to say they were “victims” of a fun chat with a masculine man who makes feminists like you look like absolute toxic clowns! Not gonna happen Rita – but we have testimonials of women who Ahmed dated who came forward to praise him, as well as his clients who benefited from what he taught;

  1. Chloe From Lenzie Discuses Her Rendezvous With Addy Agame –
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Idiot hack Sophia Dourou continued to quote SJW boozer Rita; “ultimately my main concern was to get him off the streets and expose him…I’m glad I’ve done that.” We’ll you didn’t, he was proven innocent and is now revered as the man who defeated the corrupt feminist agenda in Scotland! You in turn were exposed as a misandrist drug-addict alcoholic that sexually assaults young men and racially abuses ethnic minorities Rita! Wow, that’s a major loss, best to stock up on the Valium – you’re going to need it for your self-inflicted downfall and mind-f*ck!

It’s actually the era where bum journalists use false accusations with no substance to them to demonise innocent masculine heterosexual men. Rotter Rita was never “harassed” by any males – no one wants her, no one ever will. Addy even stopping riding in a car with her because of her toxicity. She harasses men and they run from her! As far as idiot women like Rita being “listened to,” yeah, mentally ill drug-abusers with sad lives, no talent / skills, no job, trolling online and hating men for being men being “listened to” is a societal problem that will destroy peace and harmony and only cause hatred and harm!

In Russia and China the #MeToo movement doesn’t exist, these are 2 of the most progressive liberal nations in the world, it also doesn’t exist in Asia, The Middle East and Africa – it’s not a “universal problem,” #MeToo is a problem created by prejudiced crazy western white women with bratty incentives for power and attention-seeking! And how would you know it’s “universal” Rita, you’ve never been outside the village-like city of Glasgow – you can’t afford it, you live off benefits and student loans and you’re nearly 60!

The only thing “predatory” is white privilege racist idiots like you who claim fame through complaining, moaning, lying, stalking, sexually assaulting, racially abusing, shaming, blaming and demonising men. Rita your actions resemble that of a sex offender and one day you will be caught. You don’t represent “women and young girls,” Rita you hound, you’re an old mentally ill spinster with no sex-life and you want everyone else to be sexless also. Don’t talk about “work places” Rita, you don’t work, you’re unemployed, you’re an online troll and a crazy cat lady, how about you get a job and actually contribute to society or go help women in actual need (in the third world), instead of complaining about men just because they don’t want you! The fact of the matter is; even through this insane ordeal Addy has had to endure, he is still in tact and solid as ever. He’s in a loving relationship, and his  girlfriend and the women in his corner back him 100%. And you Rita are still a lonely loser, crazy cat lady, drug addict that no man will ever approach – you’ll always be lonely, sad and angry!

It’s ironic that this creep hypocrite hack pretends to virtue signal in the name of wretched feminism, yet does the exact opposite via her twisted crimes just to get a story or to intimidate people! If there are more victims of Dourou, please come forward – we will help and support you to get justice against them!

The most important fact is justice was done and Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame won his appeal to overturn the wrongful convictions and sentence due to a miscarriage of justice and no actual crime to answer to in September 2020! 

Check out our next blog post here;