May 16, 2021


by: dexter


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Murderous Dyke Latisha Bell Shoots Her Lesbian Lover Dead In The Finale Of Their Destructive Domestically Violent Queer Relationship

Latisha Bell, 38, of the Bronx, was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Officers identified the victim of the execution-style killing as Nichelle Thomas, 51. Bodega employees said Thomas was a regular at the deli.

Bell and Thomas had tumultuous, on-and-off lesbian relationship, stated the defendant’s sister.

“Domestic violence issues” plagued the couple, the relative said. She claimed that Thomas caused Bell to lose custody of her son.

The relative claimed Bell finally snapped: “she felt that she couldn’t take it no more and enough was enough.”

She alleged that the victim was using her sister “for her own advantage,” but she did not explain precisely how.

Neighbours also said that Thomas and Bell fought often. Prosecutors cited more than a dozen domestic violence reports between the two women.

Bell reportedly surrendered to police and confessed.

“I am turning myself in for the homicide,” she said, according to a criminal complaint. “The gun is inside the bag.”

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