Online Feminist Troll Mandy Jones Attempts To Organise Protest Against Innocent Dating Coach Addy AGame

Feminism Is a Disease User For Supremacy Not Equality. Addy AGame Is Not Guilty of Any Crimes, Instead He Has Been Set-Up By This Evil Regime

Dirty Reporters hyped up a weak attempt at a protest against Addy AGame by stating “the group is run by activist Mandy Jones. She tweeted; I’m hoping to meet Addy in person and tell him exactly how his exploits make people feel.” Another fan-girl by the sounds of it! Mandy Jones is hardly an “activist,” unless an activist is defined as a spoiled brat that eats kilos of Maltesers, washing them down with gallons of irn-bru (that’s just breakfast) whilst typing her bonkers views on Twitter, views which are not even her own.

Radical feminist Mandy Jones is an online troll who has been programmed by the countless hours of soap operas, reality shows and commercial adverts she watches into thinking she is making a difference. She’s not, she a skid mark on the name of woman kind.

Mandy is a glory hunter who pains for acceptance from a group of crazies in the world of social media. Jones went as far as creating a Facebook page regarding her pathetic childish attempt at a rally against Addy AGame. On her coat-trail riding farcical Facebook page, Mandy manipulated all comments left to only show negative comments, by only approving slanderous words to back-up her contribution to a witch-hunt by women who hate men. Hundreds of women actually complained that Mandy Jones deleted their comments of support for Addy AGame and opposition to the backwards sexist protest! Mandy your no real substance, redeeming qualities, valour, honour or integrity. Mandy Jones belongs to the group of incompetents who think virtue signalling is virtuous, it’s not! In fact it’s the opposite it’s shallow, fake, transparent, predictable, people pleasing, lacks authenticity, embarrassingly unsophisticated and comes from severe low self-esteem.

The scary lack of intelligence Mandy Jones displays is ignorance at it’s most dangerous. Mandy tweeted, “I’m hoping to meet Addy in person and tell him exactly how his exploits make people feel.” Mandy if you met Addy you’d see the man for the human being he is, not the object the evil mainstream media created. Addy is a father to a daughter, a son to a mother and a partner to his fiancé, all women harmed by radical feminists. Mandy you don’t know what you’re talking about at all, “his exploits” as you called them are beyond you comprehension as you don’t know them, you’ve simply allowed the group’s psychology to not only influence you into having a warped opinion, but you went as far as acting out a pre-conceived programmed notion of the fake plight of overly entitled western white women caused by all men. In reality you did it to gain a sense of importance and in all honestly you’ve never faced true oppression by men ever!

Addy AGame doesn’t want to meet a bully like Mandy Jones. Addy is quoted in the past as saying “I’m not interested in being around negative people, whether that be aggressive radical feminists or oppressive chauvinistic males – they’re both sexist pigs in my opinion and I have no time or respect for separatists like them.” Mandy Jones got her 15 seconds of fame, but what happened after that, her life is still empty and sad. She didn’t get her stalker wish of meeting Addy as he was on remand for his madness and was unaware any protest took place until many months later, it had no impact whatsoever, except to show how prejudiced, unstable and false people like Mandy Jones are.

Feminazi’s like Mandy Jones don’t actually help any women, that would take real effort, genuine concern and massive action; especially in 3rd world countries where delusional white privilege doesn’t exist and women are actually fighting for their lives and freedom, rather than acting like aggressive clowns online with too much time on their hands and free hand-outs from the benefits system (money that is ironically stolen from the same third world countries, which has been historically in colonial debt to the UK and always will be). Addy AGame was teaching men to be better people, his methods were unconventional, but they helped men improve, this in turn had a positive effect on the women they were associated with and that they came in contact with.

Mandy Jones will probably never understand this as she will never bother actually researching Addy’s teachings properly and objectively. Instead she’s yet another boring robotic feminist sheep reading off the current social climate hyme sheet and not questioning the hatred that is the tune it follows. Anything that comes from anger and hate is selfish and destructive. But this is the blatant irresponsibility of modern feminists like Mandy Jones – shame men for being men, call masculinity toxic because it’s different (whilst faking diversity/ equality), blame men for all their non-existent troubles and for what? It’s simple; it’s easier to hide your flaws and insecurities through delusion and denial by demonising others than it is to take responsibility for yourself, face your demons and grow to be a better human being.

Feminazi’s are a chronic disease, Mandy Jones is  just another copy-cat symptom and Addy AGame and people like him are the only cure!

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