Jul 21, 2019


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Overweight Scottish Feminists Push to Ban Strip Clubs in Glasgow Because They Don’t Want to Change Their Disgusting Bodies

Jealous Women Use Feminism As a Disguise to Shut Strip Clubs In The Name of Modern Society

Glasgow may be the first city in Scotland to ban strip clubs as the council start consultation on licensing the venues.

The local authorities now have the power to licence these venues as Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEV). This means tighter regulations on how they are run and promoted.

The public have been asked their views on the appropriate number of clubs that should be allowed. The new legislation allows local councils to set the cap to zero which would effectively ban all clubs from operating.

A spokeswoman for lap dancing clubs stressed that she didn’t have a problem with the licensing part, however she did have an issue with clubs being banned and shut down.

Megara Furie stated her worry for the employees that work in the clubs. These employees are paid and choose to work in the clubs. There are not exploited, in fact she stresses that if all clubs are banned it puts these employees in dangerous situations.

Megara said “the job isn’t going to go away, all you’re going to do is remove all the safe guards that are already in place”

Marie Penman, a former councillor and women’s activist believes there is no place in society for lap dancing clubs. Penman’s thoughts shows that women’s activists have run out of things to do. They have become useless in their roles and are not fighting for women that actually need protection and are in vulnerable positions.

The full story is right here: https://stv.tv/news/west-central/1438458-glasgow-lap-dancing-clubs-face-ban-under-new-legislation/

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