Nov 22, 2019


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Oxford University Cancels Feminist Speaker; Rachel Ara, For Being Transphobic

Rachel Ara, a feminist artist, was asked to speak at Oxford University in November 2019. Her speech was cancelled at the last minute after there were many accusations from students that she was transphobic.

Transphobic Rachel Ara announced on Twitter that her event had been cancelled after complaints were made. She also stated that she felt her art was “too challenging for today’s youth.”

The students at the university stressed that “Rachel Ara is a trans exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) who frequently shares transphobic discourse on her social media. She has openly showed support for the “LGB Alliance” which is openly transphobic and seeks to isolate trans people within the LGBTQ+ movement.”

In today’s society LGBTQ and Feminism are attempting to rule society. Each human being is allowed freedom of speech and to have their own opinions. However feminazis today don’t seem to care for human rights or humanity.

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