Paul Gambaccini and Sir Cliff Richard Campaign To Stop The Media From Destroying The Lives of Men Falsely Accused of Sex Crimes

Sign The Petition To Stop The Mainstream Media Slander and Defamation of Innocent People Like Sir Cliff Richard Just to Sell a Story


Sir Cliff Richard has called for a “re-balancing of the legal system.” He has launched a petition along with Paul Gambaccini calling for anonymity for sexual offence suspects before they are charged. However group Rape Crisis have stated that false allegations are rare and there are “no grounds” to change the law.

Back in 2014 Sir Cliff’s home was raided by police during an investigation into a sexual assault claim however he was never arrested. The media coverage that followed left his reputation in pieces. Sir Cliff is one of several well-known figures backing the campaign group Falsely Accused Individuals for Reform (Fair). The groups parliamentary petition calls for a change in law so those suspected of sexual offences have anonymity until they are charged. So far the petition has reached over 10,000 signatures which means the government must now respond.

Currently, alleged victims of sexual offences receive lifelong anonymity under UK law but there is no law against naming a suspect. BBC radio DJ Paul Gambaccini is also backing the reform as he to was falsely accused of such crimes.

Sir Cliff Richard stated; “People can be evil enough to tell a lie about an innocent person… no smoke without fire….was a stupid saying.” He successfully sued the BBC for breach of privacy over its coverage of the police raid on his house, which it filmed from a helicopter.

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