Mar 16, 2020


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Police Officer Sues Feminist MP Priti Patel Over Gender Pay Gap Discrimination On Grounds That He Is A White Male

A police officer is suing the Home Secretary Priti Patel in a race discrimination row over claims he is paid less than a black female colleague because he is white.

Matt Parr, who oversees some of the UK’s police forces says his £140,000 a year pay packet is too low compared to his fellow colleague who earns £185,000.  Matt Parr is suing the Home Secretary on race and gender grounds as he is unhappy with his wage.

Lawyers for Patel had attempted to have a hearing held in private, claiming details of the pay negotiation were private, however the entire case has been ordered to be heard in public and the final judgement published in full so all can understand the arguments in the case.

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