Sep 19, 2019


by: dexter


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Predator MSP Bob Doris vs Framed Glasgow Life Coach Adnan Ahmed

“Maryhill and Springburn MSP Bob Doris said the videos were an unsavoury reminder of some views that are still held in society.” Old Bob needed the publicity! Dirty perv predator Bob Doris should know better than to talk to the corrupt swine’s in the Scottish media. Bob, Adnan Ahmed is innocent, unlike Bob Doris’s pal and fellow MSP Mark McDonald who was found guilty of sexual harassment.

Bob Doris was involved with Mark McDonald, which The Scottish Media did a report on, but were forced to take the article down, probably due to falsified information (just like all the articles about Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame.) Bob Doris doesn’t know Addy, in fact Bob has nothing to do with Addy AGame, but blundering Bob had to comment on views (that were not even Ahmed’s) just to become visible as a creep that kisses feminist ass to gain popularity. Dirty Doris is 46 and was elected to his post in 2007 and due to his lack of ambition is still in the same dusty position. Addy’s girlfriend contacted bummy Bob Doris, after Ahmed’s wrongful remand to show evidence of Addy’s innocence.

However Bob Doris and his staff ignored the information and hid from the truth because he had already gained the publicity he needed from jumping on the bandwagon of Addy’s media scandal. Bob Doris does not care about the people of Glasgow, he is not fit to hold the position of an MSP, he doesn’t help the public and does not stand for the truth. Ahmed’s people went over Bob’s head and gained political support from the First Minister who made an effort to help Addy without desperately hunting for publicity like a predatory vulture!

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