Nov 28, 2019


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Prison Staff Restrain Frail Prisoner; Allan Marshall And Kill Him (Saughton Prison)

Prison Guards At Saughton Prison Kill Allan Marshall

Allan Marshall was dragged naked across a corridor in Saughton Prison by prison guards with a towel over his face. CCTV footage shows the final moments of the prisoner as well as prison guards laughing and smiling as the 30 year old is taken away by paramedics from the prison.

Allan Marshall then died in hospital days after in an induced coma. He was dragged feet-first and face down across a corridor floor and restrained by five prison guards, all holding him down.

CCTV footage showed Mr Marshall being taken from his cell by four prison guards wearing only track suit bottoms. He was taken to the shower room and around 30 minutes later, he is seen being dragged by the feet with his face on the ground out of the shower area. An officer was seen to place his knee on Allan Marshall’s back seven seconds after he was dragged out. Another was seen to put a foot on his back later for no apparent reason.

Mr Marshall’s family have stated that the treatment he received was a “form of torture” Allan Marshall was remanded in prison for a breach of the peace and unpaid fines charges.

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