Nov 16, 2019


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Radical Feminism Severely Threaten The Natural Development of Young Boys In Western Societies

Radical aggressive feminism, pushes softness and harmlessness in men as the only consciously acceptable virtues. Naturally, any boy’s built-in masculine hardness and dominance will start to exert an unconscious fascination. If men are pushed too hard to feminise, they will become more and more interested in harsh political ideology. The populist support for Donald Trump in the US is part of the same process. Men have to toughen up. Men demand it and women want it, even though they may not approve of the harsh attitude that the process fosters and enforces. However, some women don’t like men and would rather have a submissive mate, even if he is useless. This provides them with plenty of self-pity and passive-aggression to champion a feminist cause.

Men toughen up by pushing themselves and pushing each other, hence the need for coaches and mentors. Boys are much more likely to get into car accidents, to fight physically, to quit school because they’re tired of asking for permission – than girls are. This anti-social behaviour is far more prevalent genetically in males than in females, but that does not mean that every manifestation of daring and courage is criminal. Men instinctively push against authority, control situations in a crisis and look within for meaning more so than women. This applies to dating also, which women are again naturally good at, more so than men.

The truth is most men in western society are spineless friend-zoned lap dogs again because of feminist cultural conditioning. If you’re not the leading man in your own movie, you’re a bit player in someone else’s and you might as well be assigned to play a dismal, lonely and tragic part. If you think tough masculine men are dangerous, wait until you see what the weak men feminism is breeding are capable of. If they are healthy, women don’t want boys. They want men. They want someone to contend with; someone to grapple with. If they’re tough, they want someone tougher. If they’re smart, they want someone smarter. They desire someone who brings to the table something they can’t provide. Aggressive feminist conditioning makes it hard for attractive women to find mates, there just aren’t many men around (in western society) who can outclass them enough to be considered desirable. Feminism today is antisocial, anti human, jealous, desirous or failure, resentful and destructive. No one on the side of humanity or aiming at moving upwards should ally him or herself with such a thing.

Male and female sexual strategies are different, there are evolutionary biological distinctions between them when it comes to sexual selection. Feminism chooses to ignore the existence of overwhelming, multi-disciplinary scientific literature indicating that sex differences are powerfully influenced by biological factors. Modern men are suffering genuine declines in mental health by being philosophically berated by feminazis for their existence as members of the human species. They are labelled as privileged beneficiaries of the patriarchy with their accomplishments considered unearned, as well as being accused of being adherents of rape culture. Male privilege is a myth, are black or Arab males more privileged than white women, are Chinese or Latino males more privileged than white women – No! It’s the opposite! White privilege always prevails, it has layers, privilege in the west is more race than gender based. White males are not to blame presently, it’s white women in the west who are pushing the feminist agenda the hardest! These very women acting out such a visible stance against prejudice feel justified and obligated to denounce men in a quest for supremacy disguised as equality.

The insane and in-comprehensive post modern insistence that all gender differences are socially constructed becomes understandable when it’s moral imperative is grasped – justification for force to alter society, eliminate bias and all outcomes to be equal. Inequality being at the heart of the cause, gender differences are regarded as socially constructed. This lie is sold so emphatically by feminists; if it wasn’t for the drive for equality this would be considered too radical and too blatantly propagandist. Thus, the order of logic is reversed, so that feminist ideology can be camouflaged. The internal inconsistencies within the ideology are never addressed, for example; an individual who desires gender re-assignment surgery is to be arguably considered  a man trapped in a women’s body (or vice versa) – the fact that this cannot logically be true, simultaneously is just ignored or rationalised away with another post-modern claim – that logic itself along with scientific proof are merely part of the oppressive male patriarchal system. This is one example, feminism uses this lack of logic in many areas to influence public opinion.

It is wrong to teach our young people that culture is a result of male oppression! Blinded by this central assumption; disciplines as diverse as education, social work, history, gender studies, literature, sociology – and increasingly law actively treat men as oppressors and men’s activity as inherently evil. They also as a result often promote radical political and legal action against men. Universities in the United States have even began to encourage activism as part of their (man-hate) mandate, university education should not foster political engagement of any kind. This is radicalism, we do not teach our youth the world is flat, neither should we teach them unsupported ideological feminist theories about the nature of men and women.

Men on the other hand enforce a clear code of behaviour on each other. Do your work, pull your weight, pay attention, don’t whine, stand-up for yourself, don’t suck up, don’t snitch and don’t be a slave to stupid rules. Don’t be weak or dependant. At all, ever, period! Weak men fall short of this, especially those men brainwashed by modern feminism. Weak men are embarrassed and self-conscious, as they should be. They get put down by other men and by desirable woman because of feminist conditioning. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t know any better. His ignorance drowns him in resentment leaving him lonely (or with a horrible partner) to play video games and eat junk food (or drugs/ alcohol) to escape. It is to women’s clear advantage that men do not happily put up with dependency among themselves. Society would fall apart! Wicked women may produce dependant sons or marry dependant men, but awake and conscious women want a awake and conscious man.

Power is a feminists’ fundamental motivational force, they are competing to rise to the top, they care about the dominance hierarchy, but we have to beware of their single-cause interpretations. Our animal minds are far older than what modern feminist rhetorical manipulates us into thinking. Darwinian evolutionary studies apply to our sexes (male/female), The primary hierarchical structure of human society is masculine as it is amongst most animals (including chimpanzees, our closest genetic and behavioural match). The fact it – it’s because men are and throughout history have been the builders of towns and cities, the engineers, brick layers, lumber jacks and operators of heavy machinery. Even in this modern era women don’t want to, they don’t have the natural urge to do so. Modern feminism want to reap the benefits of a society built by men but don’t want to do the same work to enhance it, using women who were actually oppressed decades ago as an excuse. Lazy feminazi’s are living off the sacrifice, blood sweat and tears of those inventor men and oppressed women; using their struggle to attempt to gain power for themselves without contributing to the bettering of society or of themselves. They fail to even acknowledge these facts and none of this is justification for abandoning women in real need in 3rd world countries who western feminists ignore in pursuit of their narrow blind cause.

There is no invisible war to fight, there is no competition or need for militant ideology. There isn’t a shred of hard evidence to support any of these crimes; that western society is pathologically patriarchal and that the primary source of female oppression  is men rather than nature. Men have been in most cases partners and supporters of women throughout history. Modern feminism poses serious problems; apart from the falseness of their theories and methods, they insist that collective political activism is morally obligatory. Not all hierarchies are based on power through exclusion, they exist for many reasons (some valid, somewhat), they are incredibly ancient evolutionary speaking. Do male crustaceans oppress female crustaceans, should their hierarchies be upended?!

Future generations will pay mercilessly for our current social climate. Even now, boys are suffering in the modern world of western societies where gender equality has been pushed the hardest. Boys challenge authority to establish their independence in their adolescence. Feminists aim to neuter such provocative and daring behaviour in males, in order to feminism them. This is to the determine of the future of youth and instrumental in the decline of boys. Girls will, for example, play boys games, but boys are much less reluctant to play girls games. This is in part because it is admirable for a girl to win when competing with a boy. It is also “OK” for her to lose to a boy. For a boy to beat a girl, however, it not “OK” – it is even less “OK” for him to lose. Imagine a boy and a girl (aged 9) get into a fight. Just for engaging, the boy is considered highly suspect. If he wins he’s pathetic. If he loses, well, his life might as well be over. Beat up by a girl.

Girls can win by winning in their own hierarchy – by being good at what girls value, as girls. They can add to this victory by winning in the boy’s hierarchy. They will lose status, among girls and boys, by being good at what girls value. It costs them in reputation among the boys, and in attractiveness among the girls. Girls aren’t attracted to boys who are their friends, even though they might like them, whatever that means. They are attracted to boys who win status contests with other boys. If you’re male, you just can’t hammer a female as hard as you would a male. Boys can’t (won’t) play truly competitive games with girls (think boxing, football, basketball, etc.) It isn’t clear how they can win. As the game turns into a girl’s game, therefore, the boys leave. Is western society about to become an all out girls game? Is that what we want? At this rate soon there will be very few masculine men left in the west. This is not good news for men. But it’s also catastrophic news for women!

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