Sep 26, 2020


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Radical Feminist Nicola Sturgeon’s Catastrophic Policy Branded “Dumb and Regressive”

Due to the coronavirus, Scottish students like many across the UK were unable to sit their exams this summer. Nicola Sturgeon introduced a policy to moderate grades – the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) downgraded 124,000 recommended awards – nearly a quarter of the total – after using computer models to decide results following the cancellation of all exams during lockdown. But the disastrous policy was immediately criticised for being unfair – as statistics showed the SQA had downgraded awards recommended by teachers for pupils from the poorest 20 percent of areas by more than 15 points, while recommendations for the best-off pupils were downgraded by just under 10 points.

This sparked outrage in Scotland, with protests taking place in Glasgow and elsewhere. Having defended the policy, radical feminist Nicola Sturgeon U-turned in the hope of salvaging the situation. She said: “that burden has not fallen equally across society. Despite our best intentions, I do acknowledge that we did not get this right.” Proving further SJW feminist idiots are incapable of leadership roles!

Dr Azeem Ibrahim wrote a damning column hitting out at the First Minister’s “dumb and regressive policy”. He said on the criteria used by the SQA: “No matter how you slice it, that is objectively a dumb criterion, and obviously a socially regressive one. We are no longer judging the individual achievements of students on their own merit, but we judge them by what school they went to. Pupils from wealthier postcodes with better performing schools will be favoured. But pupils who outperform their poorer local schools will be put back in their place.”

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