RSD Jeffy, ‘Pick-up Artist’ Banned From Australia

RSD Jeffy Was Stitched Up by The Media and Was Demonised

Jeff Allen aka RSD Jeffy, a ‘pick-up artist’ was involved in a media scandal stating he bragged about having a “rape van” in Australia while visiting there. The immigration department took action and forced him out of the country for good.

RSD Jeffy has states that the trolling on his Twitter account has been very heavy and hateful. He was teaching men how to meet women through self-help techniques. The hateful comments and media storm that followed his after he made a joke, ok not a very nice one, about having a ‘rape van’ in Australia.

Not arguing that Jeffy’s poor choice of words didn’t help him there is such a thing as freedom of speech. Donal Trump states his views daily regarding women and ethnic minority groups. Is he banned from countries?

In the current climate a masculine man such as RSD Jeffy is slammed and shamed and branded as a pick-up artist. They are forced to back down and hide in a corner because of the influence of mainstream media. Social media has taken over the world and forces hate to win.

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