Jul 20, 2019


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Russia Won the Second World War Not Britain or America

The UK and USA Use the Same Propaganda Tactics To Push Radical Feminism Down the Throats of The Public

Russia are confident that they could have won the Second World War without any aid from Britain and America. It has been reported by RT News that the role of the US, Britain and France in defeating fascism was considerably insignificant. However they continually claim to have been the hero’s of the Second World War.

Read the full article here: https://www.rt.com/usa/ussr-didnt-need-allies/

Britain and America are known for demonising groups such as Muslims, Russians and Africans throughout history right up until the present day – in order to rob their countries of resources. Look at the very recent massacres they created in Iraq and Afghanistan? Still to this day innocent people are being killed because of Britain and America invading countries they have no business invading.

Currently in today’s climate both Britain and America use feminism as a fear tactic to blind the masses and divide people in their home nations to cause distraction from how they are unjustly invading other nations. The general public are hypnotised by this and live in ignorance.

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