Jan 11, 2020


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Samira Ahmed – TV Host Claimed The BBC Underpaid Her By £700k Wins Her Case

Samira Ahmed filed a law suit against The BBC claiming that she was underpaid for presenting the Newswatch programme compared with what slime-bag presenter Jeremy Vine received for hosting Points of View, a similar show. Samira won her sex discrimination, equal pay claim against The BBC in January 2020.

An employment judge and two panel members ruled unanimously that the BBC had failed to prove the difference in their pay was “because of a material factor which did not involve subjecting the claimant to sex discrimination.” The difference between Samira’s pay and Jeremy Vine’s pay was substantial. Samira received £465 per episode for hosting Newswatch, whereas Vine was paid £3,000 for Points of View.

The BBC did respond to Samira’s win stating they were; “committed to equality and equal pay,”  yeah right! They further went on to say, “we have always believed that the pay of Samira and Jeremy Vine was not determined by their gender. Presenters – female as well as male – had always been paid more on Points of View than Newswatch.”

OK BBC, we’ve all stopped listening to what you have to say. People are now starting to see through the cracks at the BBC and the falsehoods that surround it.

Read more here: https://news.sky.com/story/samira-ahmed-tv-presenter-wins-sex-discrimination-equal-pay-claim-against-the-bbc-11905304

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