Jul 08, 2021


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Scammer Feminist Jennifer Pendley & Her Simp Boyfriend Falsely Accused A Basketball Coach Of Sexual Assault In Order To Blackmail And Extort Him Out Of Money

Georgia Tech basketball coach Josh Pastner settled a blackmail lawsuit against a scamming Oro Valley couple, with no money changing hands.

Pastner filed the lawsuit against Ron Bell and Jennifer Pendley, accusing the couple of unsuccessfully trying to blackmail him. Bell and Pendley falsely accused Pastner of sexually assaulting Pendley in a Houston hotel room and groping her on several subsequent occasions. Pastner denied the claims, and an independent investigator hired by Georgia Tech cleared him.

Bell’s attorney, Justin Niedzialek, said Bell and Pendley will not be paying Pastner as part of the settlement, adding that the terms are still being finalized.

“All parties agreed to execute full releases, and all parties are responsible for their own costs and attorney’s fees,” Pastner’s lawyer, Scott Tompsett, said in a news release.

“Mr. Pastner brought the suit to clear and exonerate his name and reputation from the false and malicious lies Bell and Pendley were making against him in an effort to extort money from Mr. Pastner. This has been accomplished.”

Bell and Pendley are still faced several local charges in connection with the case. Bell and Pendley were charged with 15 counts of combined of crimes including providing false information to law enforcement, facilitation of a fraud scheme practice, and attempted tampering with a witness.