Scammers At Rape Crisis Scotland Slammed By Politicians For Turning False Accusations Into Media Circus As Tory MSP Clears His Name

An SNP worker who helped clear the name of a Tory MSP accused of a sexual misdeed has said a scam charity purposely turned the case into a “media circus” and that she was outraged by its conduct.

The woman, gave evidence on behalf of Miles Briggs before the party’s disciplinary panel, which found no wrongdoing on his part. She said that the actions of Rape Crisis Scotland would deter people from coming forward over rape allegations and that she was convinced that anonymity should be granted to both parties in sexual harassment cases.

She said; “It has been really upsetting, knowing for a fact that someone has made a false allegation. The press leak was the worst part as it really undermines every single genuine case. Had I read about this having had nothing to do with it, I would have assumed him to be guilty, which is a horrible thing to say. It has convinced me that anonymity for both sides should be honoured until there had been an investigation, a hearing and a decision.”

On the date of the hearing, a newspaper published the accusations made against Mr Briggs as well as details of email conversations between glory-hunting charlatan Sandy Brindley, chief executive of the sham charity and the complainer’s representative, and the Scottish Conservatives.

On the night of the alleged incident, Tory and SNP politicians had been mixing socially. The woman who falsely accused Mr Briggs said he had “draped himself” over her at a reception, pushed her against a wall and made lewd comments.

He said, however, that she had vigorously disagreed with him over welfare reform, prompting him to call her a “crazy bitch” and leave.

According to the witness, the complainer was “aggressive and confrontational” towards Mr Briggs, who later apologised for his comment.

The dirt-bags at Rape Crisis Scotland cast doubt on the process used by the panel, despite it being led by a respected advocate and the fact it had been agreed Mr Briggs would not be in the room.

“Rape Crisis and [the complainer] have turned this into a huge, big media circus and a political thing,” the witness said.

“How is that going to encourage women to come forward? They’re sending a message that women aren’t going to be believed. I don’t understand why they’ve done this.

“Other people in the SNP have told me I’ve done the right thing, my boss told me I’ve done the right thing. That all I could do was stand up and tell the truth. This should not be about party politics.”

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