Scots People To Stand Up To Sleazy Predator Jack Aitchison For Racially Targeting Dating Coach Addy AGame

The Daily Record Is a Racist Newspaper That Hired Jack Aitchison, To Target People On The Basis Of Their Race, Ethnicity and Religion – Just To Sell a Story!

Bummy reporter Jack Aitchison felt compelled to write a second article about Addy AGame, to attach himself to the media manufactured hype surrounding the star dating coach. Jack Aitchison writes for sectarian racist news rag The Daily Record, unworthy of having even toilet paper status. Aitchison’s career is in need of a push as he takes up a wretched space amongst countless piranha journalists in seedy dishonest infested pro verbal waters.

Red Pill Rights feel a responsibility to inform people around the world about the truth and the injustice in our society. In this case the people of Scotland have to be made aware of the poisonous propaganda that is being drummed into them by disgusting tabloids like “The Daily Record,” through fake news designed to invade their minds and negatively influence their collective sub conscience.

Jack Aitchison doesn’t speak of any other dating coaches or “pick-up artists” as he wrongly refers to them. Is it because the majority of them have white skin?! There is nothing wrong with having white skin or any other shade of skin for that matter. However Aitchison seems hell bent on falsely accusing and defaming a brown skinned man with an Arabic name. His fabricated reporting on Addy AGame seems racially motivated and The Daily Record’s prejudiced reputation further points in this direction.

Aitchison is a lazy journalist. He regurgitates falsehoods from other rotten publications as well as his previous inaccurate trash article. We decided to do the same in order to report the full truth, except we quoted reliable sources. But before we do so, we have to address the three new sentences worth of false allegations made by pathetic Jack Aitchison.

The cowardly reporter Jack ends his article the same way he starts it, with a complete lie, by stating; “The Daily Record have approached Addy AGame for comment.” This is impossible as the article is dated 11th January 2019, whereas Addy AGame was taken into police custody on 10th January 2019 for questioning and was then wrongfully remanded in custody until the present day and has remained there untried for the last 8 months. Scottish journalists and newspapers blatantly lie about facts to suit their stories, the press in Scotland is dishonest and a source of misinformation.

Jack Aitchison falsely published, “The YouTuber was met with fierce backlash on social media – with women coming together to tell Addy that he’s got no game.” None of the many women Addy has dated complained about him. None of them resorted to laughable childish attempts at low-intellect playground taunts such as “he’s got no game.” Those are the women that count in this instance. These other online women have no guts, we mean in terms of courage, not in terms of their over-inflated bloated bellies. Addy AGame is the epitome of “game,” the pinnacle of honest communication and a tower of courageous masculinity. No one values the opinion of losers who waste their lives and spend all their time stroking their paper thin egos on social media.

Jack Aitchison continues his false naive generalisation of all women in Glasgow by writing; “Glasgow women outraged at a pick up artist who secretly films people he is trying to lure into having sex are staging a rally.” More about Aitchison’s sexist generalisation of all “Glasgow women” and about the clowns that were said to be “staging a rally,” later. First we must address Jack’s silly comment in which he refers to “films people he is trying to lure into having sex.” No Jack, Addy AGame talked to women not “people” of both genders for purposes of teaching men how to date women, not to “lure into having sex.”

Hypocrite Jack Aitchison throws false accusations at Addy AGame, when it was Jack himself who tried to lure and groom young women online. Let’s talk about low-life journalist Jack Aitchison. A slimy rat of a reporter who sinks lower than dog dirt to get a scoop to smear on the pages of The Daily Record. In 2019 sleazy Jack Aitchison stooped to sexually harassing a young woman on Instagram, to “DM” him, after her 9 year old autistic brother was beaten by bullies.

Creepy stalker Aitchison preyed on young Chloe Clemenson attempting to lure her in after her devastating experience, while she was in extremely vulnerable state. The poor girl’s older brother had also recently committed suicide. Jack Aitchison saw this as his opportunity to groom the young girl by using coercion tactics by privately messaging her on Instagram. Aitchison is a well known liar, reporting sexually explicit falsehoods about innocent men. Luckily the young girl did not fall prey to his advances.

Dirty Jack Aitchison continued to hype up a weak attempt at a protest by stating “the group is run by activist Mandy Jones. She tweeted; I’m hoping to meet Addy in person and tell him exactly how his exploits make people feel.” Another fan-girl by the sounds of it! Mandy Jones is hardly an “activist,” unless an activist is defined as a spoiled brat that eats kilos of Maltesers, washing them down with gallons of irn-bru (that’s just breakfast) whilst typing her bonkers views on Twitter, views which are not even her own.

Radical feminist Mandy Jones is an online troll who has been programmed by the countless hours of soap operas, reality shows and commercial adverts she watches into thinking she is making a difference. She’s not, she a skid mark on the name of woman kind.

Mandy is an idiot. She’s a glory hunter who pains for acceptance from a group of crazies in the world of social media. Jones went as far as creating a Facebook page regarding her pathetic childish attempt at a rally against Addy AGame. On her coat-trail riding farcical Facebook page, Mandy manipulated all comments left to only show negative comments, by only approving slanderous words to back-up her contribution to a witch-hunt by women who hate men. Hundreds of women actually complained that Mandy Jones deleted their comments of support for Addy AGame and opposition to the backwards sexist protest! Mandy your no real substance, redeeming qualities, valour, honour or integrity. Mandy Jones belongs to the group of idiots who think virtue signalling is virtuous, it’s not! In fact it’s the opposite it’s shallow, fake, transparent, predictable, people pleasing, lacks authenticity, embarrassingly unsophisticated and comes from severe low self-esteem.

The scary lack of intelligence Mandy Jones displays is ignorance at it’s most dangerous. Mandy tweeted, “I’m hoping to meet Addy in person and tell him exactly how his exploits make people feel.” Mandy if you met Addy you’d see the man for the human being he is, not the object the evil mainstream media created. Addy is a father to a daughter, a son to a mother and a partner to his fiancé, all women harmed by radical feminists. Mandy you don’t know what you’re talking about at all, “his exploits” as you called them are beyond you comprehension as you don’t know them, you’ve simply allowed the group’s psychology to not only influence you into having a warped opinion, but you went as far as acting out a pre-conceived programmed notion of the fake plight of overly entitled western white women caused by all men. In reality you did it to gain a sense of importance and in all honestly you’ve never faced true oppression by men ever!

Addy AGame doesn’t want to meet nut-jobs like Mandy Jones. Addy is quoted in the past as saying “I’m not interested in being around negative people, whether that be aggressive radical feminists or oppressive chauvinistic males – they’re both sexist pigs in my opinion and I have no time or respect for separatists like them.” Mandy Jones got her 15 seconds of fame, but what happened after that, her life is still empty and sad. She didn’t get her stalker wish of meeting Addy as he was on remand for his madness and was unaware any protest took place until many months later, it had no impact whatsoever, except to show how prejudiced, unstable and insane people like Mandy Jones are.

Feminazi’s like Mandy Jones don’t actually help any women, that would take real effort, genuine concern and massive action; especially in 3rd world countries where delusional white privilege doesn’t exist and women are actually fighting for their lives and freedom, rather than acting like aggressive clowns online with too much time on their hands and free hand-outs from the benefits system (money that is ironically stolen from the same third world countries, which has been historically in colonial debt to the UK and always will be). Addy AGame was teaching men to be better people, his methods were unconventional, but they helped men improve, this in turn had a positive effect on the women they were associated with and that they came in contact with.

Mandy Jones will probably never understand this as she will never bother actually researching Addy’s teachings properly and objectively. Instead she’s yet another boring robotic feminist sheep reading off the current social climate hyme sheet and not questioning the hatred that is the tune it follows. Anything that comes from anger and hate is selfish and destructive. But this is the blatant irresponsibility of modern feminists like Mandy Jones – shame men for being men, call masculinity toxic because it’s different (whilst faking diversity/ equality), blame men for all their non-existent troubles and for what? It’s simple; it’s easier to hide your flaws and insecurities through delusion and denial by demonising others than it is to take responsibility for yourself, face your demons and grow to be a better human being.

Feminazi’s are a chronic disease, Mandy Jones is  just another copy-cat symptom and Addy AGame and people like him are the only cure! “The Empowered Women Project” organised a badly organised protest consisting of radical feminists and insecure beta males, supposedly took place in Glasgow city centre against innocent man; Adnan Ahmed, who simply taught his clients about chatting up women.

Adnan ‘AGame’ Ahmed – who contributed to the DWLF YouTube page and website, had been posting videos online helping men become successful with women. Many of his clients have found successful loving girlfriends or at the very least have learned how to overcome their mental health issues and become more confident well-rounded people.

The flimsy protest was an absolute flop and did not affect Ahmed at all. Instead, it highlighted the hate culture towards any positive male movement in Glasgow and the insecurity of so-called feminist groups, that only exist to allow head cases to come together to address issues that don’t exist. These demonstrations are pointless and do not help further equality. They do the opposite – they are designed to be a bullying and shaming tactic by angry hypocrites that come together in Nazi-esque fashion, to cover up their own insecurities by blaming a boogie-man, rather than facing up to their own addictions, mental health issues and excessive weight gain.

Organised by negative, sexist and laughable hate-mongers as ‘The Empowered Women Project,’ the demo was disguised to show that the women of Glasgow were against Addy AGame. Funnily enough, the irony is that the majority of women in Glasgow didn’t even turn up to the idiotic gathering; seeing through the dishonest organisation’s attempt to show they actually have a function in society. Whereas in reality they do these phoney events in order to con the Scottish government out of funding.

Ahmed didn’t approach any of the women that turned up to make up the low numbers at the protest of sad people with empty lives looking for a cheap thrill. We at Red Pill Rights, recently managed to get a statement from Mr Ahmed, he said;

“I didn’t talk to elderly, overweight, aggressive or unattractive women with romantic intentions. I only casually chatted to women aged 17-25 with slim figures and pretty faces, that were mostly foreign, in broad daylight on busy streets with hundreds of people around, for the purpose of coaching and demonstrating for clients. I have been with my girlfriend for over 2 years now and she was aware of my business from day 1 of us meeting. We met the same way as I was teaching my clients to meet women. I love my girlfriend, she has supported me 100% through all this media nonsense.”

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame ran a professional dating business teaching men success with women. The description of the women he approached represents approximately around 10% of Scottish women. Reporters claimed he displayed “predatory behaviour” towards all women in Glasgow. Fake News!

This is a prime example of incompetent journalists sensationalising and twisting the truth to state it was all women in Glasgow as a whole. Again, 10% of women in Scotland are of the demographic Ahmed describes; these idiot reporters have proved to be bitter unreliable liars with lacklustre journalism skills.

The deeper reason for this maybe that the reporters as well as the online keyboard feminist hate mongers involved in Ahmed’s defamation fall into the category of unattractive females (both internally and externally), rather than Ahmed’s precisely described preferences. Hence why his defamation of character was exaggerated to all women. Everyone wants to be the belle of the ball, especially low self-esteem attention seeking toxic feminazi’s.

An unreliable Facebook post referred to lacklustre reporters stating Addy AGame called himself “a professional pick-up artist” is a lie. Ahmed has never said this, he has always referred to himself as a “dating life coach.” The supposed post from a nameless source is then said to state it wanted to show Ahmed “out opinion does matter and won’t stand for his behaviour towards women.”

Firstly, Ahmed didn’t even see the protest or hear about anyone’s opinion, as he was being questioned by Police Scotland at the time and then was wrongfully remanded because of the corrupt media scandal – your protest was in vein troll people! Secondly, AGame’s behaviour towards women is exceptional. In his online videos every woman is seen laughing and enjoying the interaction. Any woman Ahmed has ever dated speak highly of him, that’s the women who’s opinion really matters as they have first hand experience of him, unlike a delusional online troll protester’s twisted views.

The Empowered Women Project should change it’s name to “The Coward Women Project,” as it does more damage to women that helps them, for example; the numerous upstanding women associated with Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame and that is only the one’s we know about so far, the organisation has irresponsibly hurt many more women by smearing countless innocent men associated with them. The Empowered Women Project isn’t interested in helping women, it’s interested in what most businesses are – money, expansion and influence. They trample on male and female victims alike to forward their cause of survival and to have a reason for existing. If they really wanted to help women, why don’t they help women in third world countries that are truly facing cruelty and oppression. We’ll tell you why, because it would mean they would actually have to do some real work rather than sitting idly on social media filling their big bellies with sugars and carbs whilst selfishly and ignorantly moaning to serve their own insecure ego’s.

The sleazy dirt bag journalist continued “in one video, titled how to f*** girls in alleyways and public toilets, the sleazy website host approaches on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street while an accomplice secretly films the interaction.” Look at the criminal words this journalist uses to describe a camera man, “accomplice,” his vocabulary betrays Aitchison secret perversions it’s a disgusting use of language. Jack did you see the video, was there any sex in “alleyways” or “public toilets”? No there wasn’t Jack. And what was the result of the 3 “interactions” on Buchanan Street and Sauchiehall Street? Well they all resulted in all 3 women giving Addy AGame their number! Jack Aitchison fails to mention this fact because he is either a liar or stupid or trying to sell a story, it’s actually all 3. Let us explain the concept of click bait video titles to you Jack; AGame’s videos did have click bait titles, this was to attract more clientele as daytime dating videos are filmed and uploaded on an almost daily basis all across the UK and this industry is very competitive, having shock value titles is a marketing strategy to trigger more interest from customers.

Scam artist Aitchison lies more, stating “during one of the incidents, Addy asks a young woman is she’s getting pissed tonight before urging her to meet him in the city’s Kokomo nightclub'” Jack Aitchison is foolish yet again with his word choice. “Incident?” According to Jack a short conversation with a woman is an “incident.” In Scotland “getting pissed” is slang for “drinking alcohol” and again we watched the video and again the woman gives Addy her number by choice, Addy does no such thing as “urging” anyone. So Jack what’s the issue with getting drinks with a woman in a nightclub? This is not controversial at all, men and women meet for drinks in nightclubs all over the world. It could be controversial for Jack because Jack prefers stalk young girls online when they’re emotionally vulnerable hence why he finds Addy having the balls to talk to an intelligent woman in person and making plans controversial.

BBC The Social hounded Glasgow dating coach for months, he reacted out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man, who was working in the criminal justice field helping ex-offenders re-rehabilitate and integrate back into their communities.

Police Scotland are quoted as saying Ahmed’s behaviour was “predatory and would cause fear and alarm”, after succumbing to media pressure from aggressive online feminists and blood thirsty journalists. Initially when BBC The Social’s video degrading Adnan Ahmed went viral, Police Scotland are quoted as saying “we cannot follow up on this as there is no actual crime to investigate, no crime has been committed.” They were quick to change their tune after BBC The Social’s video gained millions of views and began a witch-hunt amongst the public because of how it was edited and how it portrayed Adnan Ahmed as a demonic sexual caricature, rather than the responsible understanding life coach that he is.

It’s totally bizarre and shockingly worrying that a country’s police force can’t withstand pressure from online trolls and can be manipulated so easily by faceless crazies on the internet. Yes, Scotland is a very small country, but that does not excuse the stupid backward policing tactics used for this matter. There should never have been an arrest in the first place. The police were aware of Ahmed’s dating business 3 years prior to BBC The Social’s hate fuelled video falsely demonising him. They spoke to Mr Ahmed about it on a number of occasions in casual conversation. Both male and female officers approved of it. There are phone calls and written police reports to confirm this.

Adnan Ahmed worked in conjunction with the police, as his job as a Criminal Justice Practitioner made this inevitable. Ahmed’s behaviour was never “predatory”. He ran an online dating business on YouTube for all to see; his clients, video demonstrations and spontaneous conversations with any women were all during the day on well populated busy city centre streets. He wasn’t hiding anything, so how can his actions be described as predatory, shameful or dangerous?

Police Scotland are supposed to investigate matters neutrally and without prejudice. Instead they contributed to the media mayhem by making comments defaming a man who is not guilty of an actual crime, but was charged, indicted and remanded regardless. The police are now tying to fish for a conviction to cover their mistakes and to not face legal action themselves. At the time of writing this, Ahmed has been on remand for the past 6 months, he has been held in custody, untried and without the option of bail since January 2019.

The Sheriff Court indictment has been designed in such a way to convict Adnan Ahmed on a technicality of Scottish Law (Moorov/ corroboration) rather than using substantial hard evidence, because there is none. Ahmed is not permitted to present vital evidence that proves his innocence because of Scottish court laws that protect prosecution witnesses, even if they are lying.

Insecure feminist and Glasgow councillor, Rhianon Spear saw a moment to gain accolade by involving herself in the media scandal, making ludacris claims that rape and coercion were being made into a game. Her outright stupidity was evident through her mention of rape culture, which holds no foundation of truth.

Adnan Ahmed, though falsely accused of ridiculous charges of breach of the peace is NOT accused of rape, he is NOT accused of coercion. How irresponsible of an SNP councillor to even bring those two disgusting words into this situation and destroy an innocent man’s reputation and character.

Despite the false allegations against Mr Ahmed, no one – let me repeat, no one has accused him of rape, no one has accused him of coercion. Rhianon Spear should be fired from her job. She has lived up to the stereotype of being an lacklustre politician making insane outlandish remarks to gain popularity. Look at how she slandered an innocent man, look at her discriminatory stance against justice, look at her hatred of men for just existing – this is not a person that should be in a political position in any way shape or form.

Rhianon Spear is an absolute joke of a politician, who should never have been hired in the first place and should never be taken  seriously again. Her views are dangerous, fascist, separatist and derogatory. She did no background research into Adnan Ahmed’s dating business, yet mouthed off without any prior investigation.

Rhianon Spear does not know Ahmed’s views on women, on consent and about sex. We do; Click on the link to hear Adnan “Addy A-Game” Ahmed talk about his love for women, freedom of sexual expression and to always make sure there is consent as well as his condemnation of rape culture. This debunks Rhianon Spear’s disgusting claims, unfortunately for Mr Ahmed and his family the struggle continues and the stigma from his horrible ordeal may be a life long battle for him and his family, which consist mostly of women. Well done Rhianon, Girl Power! Spear is yet another example of a phoney misusing feminism as a weapon to push her own personal agenda, hiding behind the veil of equality, whilst actually hurting more women than she helps. Luckily, not many people believe what politicians say anyway.

Nicola Sturgeon on the other hand helped Mr Ahmed and the concerned women in his family by offering valuable legal advice through her team as well as kind words of support. Evidence of which can be found online.

The MSP wrote to St. Enoch Centre begging, “are you aware this group of men are using you shopping centre to make unsolicited approaches to women whilst filming them…could you make management aware?” Reptile Rhianon Spear trolled every member of DWLF’s social media and collected their pictures and sent them out. When was the last time this cowardly jealous MSP actually did something for the community? The answer is never. She is as useless as her job title and has a clear bias towards a radical feminism agenda, rather than looking at facts objectively.

This shows emotional instability on her part as well as a lack of professionalism. Childish bratty tantrums are unsettling behaviour. Has any man ever approached her – maybe, maybe not; her unstable behaviour and twisted perspective means more towards not than maybe.

The media lied further saying “a spokeswoman said – we will ensure security and the wider centre team are briefed on this matter. Kokomo nightclub have also reportedly been in touch to say the men are banned indefinitely from both their venues.” Red Pill Rights did our own investigating; and St. Enoch centre spokesperson told us “we had no reports of disturbances about the group, security never dealt with them, there were never any complaints of approaches or filming, we just reacted to the MSP making a request.” We also spoke to Kokomo nightclub who said, “we did not recognise the group, they are not regulars, we have never had any complaints about them regarding anything apart from the MSP.” Rhianon, it’s a nightclub, we know you’re an older lady, but men and women go there to meet each other. There is no need for the Hitler like hatred.

The media continued “councillor Spear added they are also sharing this information with the club manager and networks throughout Glasgow, they hold firm this behaviour will not be tolerated.” This is absolutely ridiculous, what behaviour?! Let’s look at the facts; none of Rihanon Spears blustering chuntering and brat dancing was looked at as an offence and the police did not bring up any charges in regards to the MSPs nincompoopery or pointless rat infested efforts.

Newspapers continued “Buchanan Galleries said – we have passed this to our security team and will make all other members of staff aware.” Buchanan Galleries took no action, there was no ban and nothing more came of this because nothing illegal even happened.