Aug 07, 2019


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Scumbags At The BBC Con Pensioners Out of Money

Up to 3.7 Million Over-75s To Pay Licence Fee Due to The BBC

The BBC have announced that free TV licences for around 3.7m pensioners are being scrapped. The government in 2015 had originally said the BBC would take over the cost of providing free licences to pensioners by 2020. But surprise surprise in 2019 they have backed out of this agreement and are robbing vulnerable pensioners from their hard earned cash.

They made this decision as they didn’t have enough of their budget in 2021/22 to cover the original ask. The new scheme will cost them around £250 million by 2021/22 saving the BBC around £500 million.

They originally said that “fairness” was at the heart of the ruling however today they have stated that funding free licences would have resulted in “unprecedented closures.”

Their Chairman Sir David Clementi said it had been a “very difficult decision” but this was “the fairest and best outcome.” Although the Prime Minster Theresa May voiced her disappointment with the BBC’s decision.

The government stated that “we’ve been clear that we want to and expect the BBC to continue this concession.” Labour deputy leader also voiced his disappointment stating that “millions of elderly and isolated people will lose because of this announcement.”

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