Self-Confessed Narcissist Con-Artist “HG Tudor” ( Gives Further Bogus Analysis On Trash BBC Hit-Piece About Street Attraction & Addy Agame (Proven Innocent) In Legally Fraudulent Scam Article Titled ‘Narc Alert Pick-Up Artists’

That’s right folks butt-hurt scammer HG Tudor is at it again. The sad old fart re-posted his inaccurate article on Street Attraction and Addy Agame and changed the title from ‘The Game Is Always Being Played’ to ‘Narc Alert Pick-Up Artists’ because the butt-hurt baby discovered our article totally debunking his dumb claims. HG Retard aka HG Tudor, knowingly re-posted the article containing false legal information as Adnan Ahmed was officially legally cleared of all wrongdoing in the High Court Of Appeal!

The immaturity of HG Manchild is ridiculous; instead of apologising for lying the scumbag doubled down on his lies and re-posted an article full of legal inaccuracies, HG Tudor is a con-man liar and his site is a scam, if you want to learn about narcissism and how to deal with it check out Ross Rosenberg not HG Tudor as Tudor is selling a snake oil scheme and is a childish grifter and unqualified moron!

HG Bozo even went as far as setting up several fake accounts and attempted to leave comments on our article exposing him in his own defence by grovelling and qualifying to us in a pitiful attempt at sarcasm and weak rebuttals. our moderators didn’t allow the comments to become public or to respond to the sad-sack because they refuse to allow fat toad Tudor’s pathetic cowardice to be rewarded. This socially awkward idiot’s tactics are so weak and transparent, it’s like dealing with the intellectual capabilities of a 6 year old!

We also dug some more dirt on HG Creep by contacting his limited amount of readers from his scam site which he falsely claims is the no.1 site on narcissism, it’s not – it’s actually the no.1 scam site on mumbo jumbo pseudo-science by a weirdo pretender trying to make a fool of his idiot readers. Several sources confirmed to us that the reason pervy Tudor keeps his identity secret is due to his deviant sexual behaviour. They also confirmed that he is obese, balding and has various moles on his face. These sources also told us the reason he stays anonymous is that he has a history of criminal sexual offences against underage boys and is not allowed on the internet, they also said that he continues to offend in such ways! We cannot confirm these rumours ourselves but can confirm these statements came from various sources that claim to know him.

Anyway, back to our second debunking of HG Pervert


  • 2 Year Sentence Is Reversed And His Lawyers Seek Compensation For His Wrongful Imprisonment

  • Taken Off The Offenders Register Due To; No Crime Taking Place, Incompetent Brainwashed Judge And Jury, And Press Corruption!

  • Whistle-Blower Exposed For Creating Witch-Hunt Because She Sexually Assaulted And Racially Abused Him!

  • Judge Who “Hit Out” (At Addy Agame) Is Disciplined, Punished And Rebuked By His Superiors As Addy Wins Appeal To Have Wrongful Conviction Overturned Due To Miscarriage Of Justice Resulting From Media-Puppet Judge’s Conduct

  • Fake News Hack Creep HG Tudor Humiliated And Exposed As Dishonest Liar And Incapable Con-Artist Scammer Moron

HG Tudor‘s constructed identity as a narcissist that identifies other narcissists sees him on a crusade to prove every masculine man alive is somehow a narcissist. Tudor twists facts and rams square peg theories into round hole realities in a laughable attempt to give his identify justification.

Tudor has a super-ego. He is sinister, calculated, manipulative and a liar. He boldly admits he is a narcissist, then dedicates his life to accusing others of having the same mental illness he has all the while displaying insanely delusional narcissistic tendencies and grandeur via his awful “name and shame” sham advice website,

Basically con-man Tudor has divided the topic of narcissism into many geeky sub-divisions in order to appear intellectually superior to the idiots that fall for his sinister tricks. He then charges money for various over-priced books, programs and consultations designed to bamboozle people into believing they are narcissists. HG Tudor is a vicious predator that fools vulnerable people into believing they are mentally unstable and charges them through the arse to “fix” them through his scam business.

Tudor demonises people who are already being demonised by the media i.e. the Royal Family, black women, Street Attraction, Addy Agame, and absolves journalists and #MeToo wolf criers from any form of narcissism (to avoid backlash). The fact of the matter is that journalists are the biggest narcissists out there, as well as women who make false allegations to gain attention/ popularity/ significance/ supremacy and revenge! Also, every human being has aspects of ego, narcissism, delusion, power, anxiety, etc, etc – unless they have balanced these natural human instincts out via psychological/spiritual self-development. Tudor isn’t teaching anything new, he’s a snake-oil salesman. Basically, he admits to his own narcissism and reforms from it to gain the trust of his potential clients/ victims – then sells them on falsely that they are dysfunctional in order to rinse them of their cash!

HG Tudor isn’t even this (balding, overweight) English-man’s real name, it’s a pseudonym! He’s not even brave enough to tell his clients/ victims his real name. Most likely so they can’t find him after he hood winks them out of their money. When Tudor isn’t demonising black women, he’s demonising straight heterosexual men for being masculine and independent in their choice of the women they seduce. In all reality how can anyone trust the opinion of a man who calls himself a psychopath and that is still currently receiving on-going treatment for his mental failings. His twisted sales-man self-awareness is just ramblings of a mentally ill mad-man; his opinion and perspective has no validity at all!

Tudor was forced into treatment by his family. He only agreed in order to receive his inheritance and to avoid criminal prosecution for seedy allegations. We are going to address Tudor‘s breakdown of rat-bag reporter Myles Bonnar’s fake news (seduction game/ expose of bootcamp) article regarding Street Attraction/ Addy Agame. We’re not going to break down mangina Myles trash hit-piece as we’ve already done so here;

The Deception Game: By Simp-Boy Myles Bonnar: The Man-Child Who Made A BBC Flop-unmentary Defaming Dating Coaches In Order To Kick-Start His Failed Career As A Reporter –

Emotional terrorist Tudor starts his trash article with the heading “The Game Is Always Being Played; The Narcissists Seduces.” This sounds like another confession from the self-confessed psychopath and a description of his business model rather than of the dating coaches he attempts to demonise for clout and attention.

Tubby Tudor continued; “BBC journalist, Myles Bonnar undertook investigative journalism into concept known as game…useful demonstration of behaviour of narcissists and impact on normal people and empaths who are unwittingly manipulated to behave like narcissists and are unwelcome recipients of the behaviour.” Firstly, the most narcissistic element about this BBC flop documentary was the scumbag journalist twisting the reality of what the dating coaches taught in order to advance his failed career. It was a click-bait hit-piece by a beta male (loser with women) via his lack of understanding, skewed mainstream Disney perspective, ambitions of career advancement and motive to create a negative narrative.

The documentary was not useful to anyone at all. It was a pack of lies designed to create hysteria. It created social media outcry from feminist groups, which in turn gave fuel to actual #MeToo narcissists to come forward and sensationalise that “being chatted up was uncomfortable.” The men Tudor refers to as being “unwittingly manipulated” willingly paid to be coached, they are not idiots – they are high-level professionals!

The men who “enthusiastically participated” include a doctor, a navy seal, a chef, computer programmer and software engineer. These are respected professionals, a lot more respected than a slimy weasel failed BBC Scotland reporter bum. What you’re saying is this group of respected professional men, who want to meet attractive females had the courage to strike up conversations with them in extremely busy, well-populated public areas with CCTV cameras. We see how you twisted that Tudor. Now untangle your knickers.

  1. Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Football Referee In Australia With His Dating Life –
  2. Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Personal Trainer In London With His Dating Life –
  3. Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Joiner In Edinburgh –
  4. Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps IT Specialist In London –
  5. Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Video Editor In Spain –
  6. Glasgow Dating Coach Addy Agame Helps Marketing Expert In Glasgow –

Master manipulator Tudor stated; “my observations are to highlight the narcissism dynamic.” Tudor is obsessed with proving his identity/ theory is valid, he sets out to push this narrative rather than being objective – his psychopathy is glaringly obvious!

Tudor continued (in reference to Eddie Hitchens from Street Attraction’s introductory joke, “Hi, I’m a sex addict”); “there is no such thing as a sex addict. This narcissist does not know what he is, he believes he is addicted to sex when he is addicted to control and fuel…belief in being a sex addict caused by narcissism.” HG Tudor is an idiot on a quest to prove something that isn’t true – this just shows how unqualified he is to advise anyone. Firstly, even if you watch the BBC’s negatively framed hit-piece it is clear that Eddie is joking, Tudor is twisting reality to fulfil the imperative he set out to prove! Secondly Tudor is not an authority on “addiction,” addicts do exist – look at communities like alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous and sex addicts anonymous – they are legitimate organisations that clearly define addiction; HG Tudor is a con-man denouncing facts to sell his transparent angle to idiots!

Charlatan Tudor continued; “it is basis for justifying entitlement to manipulate people into behaving like him and manipulate victims into giving him control.” This is not what Eddie was doing, he was meeting new clients, also there was no one that complained, let alone any victims! This instead sounds like what Tudor does consistently, he even states; “identifying my kind” (his kind is in reference to narcissist psychopaths) – you’re doing that mentally ill thing again HG, time to take your meds to calm down the demons and delusions!

Moron salesman Tudor over-eggs the pudding (Eddie’s introductory joke) further by stating; “this belief is also blame shifting…..narcissism causes him to believe actions driven by being sex addict….no accountability or culpability…blames addiction.” It was a f**king joke you absolute fool, get a grip on reality! Eddie isn’t a sex addict, that is a fact!

Simpleton Tudor continued; “subtle blame shifting of mid-range narcissist…exhibits sense of entitlement, lack of emotional empathy for victims, grandiosity in being founder of Street Attraction and lack of accountability.” Tudor is doing that geeky know-it-all self-invented titles and terminology thing again where he attempts to complicate something simple information in order to sell his fake intelligence as real – he’s a geek! Again, there were no victims and people should be entitled to expect the best in life. The only thing that is displayed is Tudor‘s lack of social intelligence – he can’t even see a joke when it slaps him in his fat face! You need social coaching Tudor – Eddie should be proud of the hundreds of thousands of men he helped through Street Attraction! Tudor also repeats himself a lot in this article with his made-up psycho-babble terms as he has no real substance to base his bogus ego-driven identity-justification analysis on, brace yourselves!

Tudor stated (in reference to Bonnar saying “game is multi-million-pound business”); “It is actually narcissists exerting control over people, includes teaching other narcissists, teaching normals and victimising empathic people.” No, it’s not Tudor you imbecile – you may use game in that way, but others don’t. Again, there are no victims, women are in on the seduction, it’s a two-way path of consent. The clients are vulnerable men who love women, not narcissists! And what is a “normal” person – there is no such thing, every individual is unique, there may be similarities, but we’re all different. Tudor suggesting “normal” as a trait in people is a vastly discriminatory and oppressive narrative – but he is a psychopath remember, he can’t be taken seriously.

Psycho Tudor continued; “it is not about picking up women, it is about control over people viewed as appliances.” Again, opinionated gobblety-gook from a mental patient who has no first-hand experience. It is about picking up women, it may be shallow, even considered selfish but it is what game is primarily about.

Tudor continued (in reference to digital courses on sale online); “the technology of the narcissist in action.” Shut up Tudor, you are clutching at straws making random nonsense comments. You do say you’re looking for “your kind,” is this how you sell your products?! Don’t tar others with the dishonest brush that you paint with!

Tudor continued (in relation to quote from bonehead Bonnar; “Game can lead to harassment and blur lines of consent”); “substitute this for hoovering, no boundary recognition and unconscious viewing individuals as objects.” OK this is more psycho-babble rubbish. “Hoovering” means to suck someone back under a narcissists control – that did not happen with any of the dating coaches, they knew none of the females and met them once for the first time! Hence the term is not applicable. Boundaries are firmly in place, it’s a male-female flirtatious dynamic, either side can walk away and interactions last minutes (or more if the female consents), so wrong again Tudor! And yes, men and women objectify each other Tudor, it’s a fact of life; you may not experience it because you are a fat old man obsessed with narcissism and being a psychopath – but men and women objectify each other, it’s natural, it’s instinct! In reference to mangina Myles Bonnar’s original statement; there was no harassment and no lack of consent; apart from what rapey Myles did to the dating coaches.

Tudor continued (in reference to Bonnar stating; “journey into seduction industry”); “a journey into the dynamic of narcissism and fuel matrices.” Speak English Tudor you nerdy drama-queen and stick to the truth! If we want to go on a journey into what Tudor is implying, just visit his trash site full of psycho-babble designed to confuse you out of your cash. Does Tudor have a curfew of when to return to the mental health ward? Someone find out, quickly!

Social reject Tudor then moves onto Addy Agame, stating (in reference to Bonnar calling Addy a pick-up artist with wing man filming infields); “a narcissist acting in tandem with other narcissists or normals..secret filming demonstrates entitlement, lack of empathy for those approached…” OK so Tudor is repeating himself again – we’ve already explained his concepts of “normal” and “entitlement” as far as a “lack of empathy,” rather than believing a con-artist outsider with an agenda like Tudor, read the testimonials from females who know Addy personally below;

  1. Chloe From Lenzie Discuses Her Rendezvous With Addy Agame –
  2. Tia From Glasgow Talks About Dating Addy Agame –
  3. Aisha From Saudi Arabia Describes Her Holiday Romance With Adnan Ahmed (aka Addy Agame) –
  4. Jill From Sheffield Gives Honest Feedback On Her Positive Experience With Addy Agame –
  5. Christine From China Discusses Meeting And Dating Addy Agame Truthfully-
  6. Canadian Karen Describes Her “Lovely” Chance Meeting With Addy Agame In Uddingston –

Tubby Tudor continued; “being filmed without knowledge…lack of accountability.” Well you’ll have to take that up with UK legislation HG, as it is not illegal to film in public; especially for the purposes of reporting/ education as Addy did. Addy actually hid identities, keeping people anonymous, however the media who also do this (more so than Addy) don’t, but Tudor wouldn’t dare call them narcissists in the fear of a bad review.

Tudor stated further; “evidence of grandiosity labelling oneself “pick-up artist” obscures what Ahmed is – a narcissist.” You clearly have done zero research apart from sitting on your fat arse reading newspapers HG! Creepy Tudor labels Adnan Ahmed as a “so-called pick-up artist.” Again misinformation, as Adnan Ahmed has said on many occasions, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating and life coach, we help people using scientific self-help not tricks, techniques, lines and tactics.”

Tudor continued in regards to Ahmed; “sense of entitlement, grandiosity, lack of empathy, lack of accountability, provocation.” Looks like HG ran out of ideas – we won’t repeat ourselves as we’ve already explained his limited terminology. He did manage to come up with one new label “provocation.” If people feel angry because Ahmed exercised his freedom of speech by telling his truth that is their issue – that would make them narcissists, not him!

Tudor repeated further (in reference to Addy’s video titles); “objectification, entitlement, lack empathy, blame shifting, provocation.” Yep, same boring BS! Let us explain the concept of click bait video titles to you Tudor; Agame’s videos did have click bait titles, this was to attract more clientele as daytime dating videos are filmed and uploaded on an almost daily basis all across the UK and this industry is very competitive, having shock value titles is a marketing strategy to trigger more interest from customers.

Tudor spewed further (in reference to Addy being quoted, “only the brave get laid”; “conscious belief is it is done to have sex, solely narcissist seeking fuel.” Addy was an expert at communicating through sub-communication and on unravelling his sub-conscious mind via his various spiritual practices (including meditation). Tudor unconsciously states Addy was unaware of his internal dialogue when he wasn’t, it is in fact Tudor that is running in reaction to his conditioned asleep mind.

Tudor mumbled on; “victims include normal individuals misled into thinking approach is acceptable and victims subjected to invasive techniques.” There were no victims, we’ve provided accounts from a dozen people (male and female) who testify to Addy being innocent versus Tudor‘s over-inflated egotistical, narcissistic, psychopath, corrupt agenda! We also quoted Addy on “not using techniques.” Tudor is just making up scenarios to support his narrative!

This dirty geek’s writing is almost as bad as his crap dress sense (think semi-bald, glasses, loud lumberjack check-shirts and buck teeth). Look at his choice of words “victims,” there were no victims, there were no actual crimes recognised under UK Law, there has to be a crime to be a “victim.” Fake “victims” who are glory-hungry idiots, jump on a fake #MeToo bandwagon (saying they were simply chatted up) actually takes away from real victims who actually have to face the reality of real crimes. The only “victims” in connection to the BBC are the people they victimise through their vile trash hate articles.

Tudor grunted on; “grandiosity declaring only the brave get laid.” Tudor is a beta male, handicapped with a fem-centric social perspective; he has no back bone or courage, thus he doesn’t understand bravery. Ahmed’s statement is 100% true; being brave enough to approach and seduce someone you are attracted to results in more positive outcomes than being scared and wishfully hoping.

Tudor blundered more so; “no boundary recognition, invasive behaviour, provocation, no empathy, entitlement, no facade.” Amongst that repetitive rubbish Tudor managed 2 new terms (this is in reference to a glory-hunting false accusation from a woman who gave Addy her number falsely saying he told her he uses prostitutes, which is totally false and will be addressed later in this article). Blobby Tudor states “no facade” in a negative manner towards Addy, in reality it should be said in a positive regard as Addy is open, honest and forthright. Tudor states “invasive behaviour,” this Beth gave her number to Addy consensually and willingly, nothing invasive took place.

Land-whale Tudor mentions; “no boundary recognition, sense of entitlement” 3 more times in regards to this girl. You have no sense of seduction or swagger Tudor – you don’t get it, not everyone is a narcissist nut job like you.

Denialist Tudor continued (in reference to Beth consensually giving her number to Addy); “understandable misplaced response.” No – you don’t understand Tudor, you deal with your narcissist madness and leave the game stuff to the real experts. You excuse a woman’s irresponsible narcissistic behaviour (giving her number consensually, then coming forward to get 15 minutes of fame), does your theory only apply to men HG – you are a novice, you are not qualified to advise anyone.

Tudor continued; “this action provided fuel, control and encouraged Ahmed.” This is ridiculous as Ahmed taught men to have many options because one has “no control” over others and also to stop “oneitis” over any one person. B.S. merchant Tudor continued; “Beth ought to have walked away from Ahmed to where there were other people who called the police.” HG – she did walk away after she gave Ahmed her number, so did Ahmed and she didn’t call the police – explain why through your psycho-babble?! We’ll save you the effort, it’s because nothing untoward happened!

Liar Tudor stated (in regard to Bonnar stating “Beth knew chat-up felt wrong”). “Correct Beth does not know what is actually happening and what this person is.” You are a sexist Tudor, assuming this girl is stupid. She knew what it was, that’s why she gave him her number – she was attracted to him. Tudor lied more (in reference to Beth stating she spent the whole night terrified); “adverse consequence of engagement.” Either Tudor is actually stupid or he things his readers are. Addy wasn’t there, she spent the night in her own home after giving him her number, she’s acting for the cameras!

Filth-monger Tudor continued; “behaviour is hoovering during seduction stage, is indeed harassment.” In actuality the “hoovering” or control during the seduction stage is with the female, the male is more in control during the commitment stage – if he is self-aware. The toilet paper site made up fake charges of “harassing girls.” Typical tabloid trash. Ahmed faced no charges of “harassing” anyone, he was wrongfully convicted of section 38 breach of the peace. He will appeal and sue the hounds in the media for hounding him with their lies and filth!

Tudor fumbled on (in regards to 2nd female Emily, that Bonnar recruited to back-up his hit-piece); “impact of emotional thinking taking Emily to an incorrect response.” Tudor tends to make up excuses for these females being special snowflakes that were tricked into giving Addy their number. Tudor your thinking needs fixed, your mind doesn’t comprehend reality for what it is!

Idiotic Tudor continued (in reference to Emily quote “we don’t want to be called rude for closing interaction down”); “such responses ignition of heated fury to being wounded OF challenged.” Idiot Tudor wrote “of” instead of “or” – can’t you see the denial and lies Tudor! She acts like she’s too timid to walk away, but is bold enough to go on TV and rant about a “conversation.”

Amateur psychologist wanna-be Tudor continued; “hoovers lack of accountability, objectification, grandiosity, no boundary,” blah, blah, blah. He also spat; “compartmentalisation” as if having a mental capacity to categorise situations is bad, just because Tudor lacks the capacity to do so may be why he sees it as negative.

Tudor chuntered on; “his narcissism causes him to see women as targets…he sees no culpability, sees it as justified, it’s part of a game to him.” You are the only true narcissist here HG – you understand nothing about seduction but pretend to be an expert. “Targeting” is another saucy word in Tudor‘s limited vocabulary that we must define. “Targeting” for what Tudor? Conversations on the street in the middle of the day with thousands of people around. If someone was “targeting” people, we imagine they would do so with no witnesses around in a hidden manner.

Transparent Tudor continued; “individuals lack empathy, lack insight, engaging in ensnarement for purposes of fuel matrices and control…narcissism blinds them to believe legitimate practice of seducing women…skill set – like learning to play cricket.” And you Tudor are engaging in mumbo-jumbo talk to further your fake imperative, making insane (mentally ill) claims, using made-up terminology. If you want to play cricket, you train for it – just as you would with public speaking, dancing, talking, etc – the same applies to dating. Also, every coach you speak of is in a balanced relationship with beautiful and supporting women – you make no sense HG!

Woman Confesses The Truth About Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Being Innocent –

Beta-brain Tudor bumbled on (in regards to what was being taught); “hoovering gathering fuel… masked in language which sounds manly and masculine.” Your language sounds crazy and pathetic HG – or should men sound feminised and gynocentric like you’ve been brainwashed to believe! Rebuked once again HGTudor splutters the same robotic Tourette’s syndrome speech about Street Attraction’s teachings; “entitlement, boundary, empathy, objectification, narcissists, normals, victim.” All madness from the mind of a psychopath! Tudor states; “issue of consent sacrificed…not females putting up red flags… it is individuals engaging. She is correct about drift into criminality.” This is total bullshit! There was no mention of being forced by anyone, Tudor is agreeing with “she” (Bonnar’s barrister) without research or her “maybe” claims! Following is a statement from an actual lawyer who dealt with the case personally;

Ahmed’s brilliant advocate Donna Armstrong said of these incidents; “In our civilised society these girls are considered adults not children, you’ve seen my client talk to girls on video, it is consensual and the women involved gave positive responses, this is evidence of how his interactions are. All sides have said it was during the day. For talking sake, even if both these ladies had gone on a date with him, this would be perfectly legal, this is not a crime, I implore you to find him not guilty!”

Adnan Ahmed’s excellent lawyer Donna Armstrong described another witness to the court as “she is unreliable, on record she changed her story 3 times, you can’t trust the testimony she has given.” Ahmed’s lawyer told the court of a third witness; “This is not a crime; my client is giving an honest testimony. Being confident is not a crime. You the jury must have felt somewhat uncomfortable and intimidated when selected to be jurors for this case, that doesn’t equate to a crime either. This is not the fault of my client; these are emotions felt by all people. This is not a court of morality, it’s a court of law, you may not like my client but that doesn’t mean he’s guilty. He did not intimidate anyone.”

It was clearly stated in court; “this is not a crime; being confident is not a crime, having a conversation is not a crime, witness is unreliable, asking someone out is not a crime, if you have any inclination of reasonable doubt – he’s innocent, people’s perspective were skewed by how Ahmed was portrayed in a online/ media hate campaign.”

Cowardly Tudor continued (in reference to Bonnar stating Street Attraction refused to engage with him); “rejection of accountability, silent treatment provided threat to control.” Are you living in fairyland Tudor? If a corrupt reporter secretly filmed you without your consent then intended to demonise you to make a name for himself, would you want to engage with such a toxic rat – you wouldn’t! Tudor refers to “silent treatment” as if it’s a monogamous relationship, rather than a media set-up!

HG loser resorted to his usual B.S tactic of throwing buzzwords around in regards to Eddies natural and honest on the spot response to rancid Bonnar; Tudor wrote – “projection, grandiosity, deflection, delusion.” Wrong again HG, we urge readers to watch the response documentary to see the truth;

EPISODE 1-  ”Mainstream Media Demonisation Of Addy Agame” –

EPISODE 2 – ”The BBC’s Manipulation / Defamation Of Street Attraction” –

EPISODE 3 –  ”Infield Videos & False Allegations” –

EPISODE 4 – ”History, Society, Politics & Feminazis” –

EPISODE 5 –”Addy Agame Proven Innocent And Acquitted Of All Charges” –

Psychologist wanna-be clown Tudor stated (in regards to Eddies response); “journalist’s challenge fuel threatens Hitchen’s control.” This is rubbish, the statement should read – moron journalist lies and threatens Eddie’s wellbeing! HG psychopath continued in the same vain in regards to Richard Hood’s response that he did nothing wrong; Tudor used the exact same slogans and chant as above! However, this time Tudor upped the anti with his scat talk; “denial through first line of the twin lines of challenge fuel.” Well that’s just supercalifrajilisticexialidious wrapped in a champaign supernova spiral of bombaclot! You are a clown Tudor!

HG idiot even accuses Richard of a “revision of history.” Isn’t that what you are doing Tudor? Richard is a primary source, you’re just a bad actor on the side-line riding an attention-seeking bandwagon!

HG moron continued with his usual slander concerning the media hyped and twisted concept of LMR, he stated; “entitlement, empathy, belittlement reference to token.”) What Tudor fails to mentions is the media called it “token” not the coaches and Tudor‘s whole article belittles people in order for him to appear as a know-it-all superior (which he isn’t), Tudor is a hypocrite!

HG imbecile then has a go at George Massey for saying “take responsibility,” Tudor stated; “not taking responsibility, blame shifting, blaming it on the animal lack of accountability…..magical thinking.” Massey is probably the most chill guy in the industry, he is not narcissistic, but Tudor‘s on a mission here, lets humour him before the meds kick in. Are you stupid HG, he clearly said “take responsibility,” also he wasn’t shifting blame, he was being playful (which Tudor doesn’t get because of his low social intelligence). And if you are saying George has a quick wit by saying his thinking is “magical,” then you’re spot on HG!

HG beta-male moves back to objectifying Eddie, stating the usual; “boundary, empathy, entitlement” spiel. Tiresome Tudor kisses Dr Rachael O’Neill’s flabby ginger backside by co-signing her “no never means no” B.S statement, he stated; “word no never accepted it threatens narcissist’s control…spoken no must be actioned by imposing no contact.” Well HG, the girls choose to have contact so your theory fails yet again. And notice how it’s O’Neill and Tudor making all the creepy rapey comments – none of the dating coaches said anything like this!

HG pervert continued (in reference to Bonnar saying Hood isn’t interested in women’s desires); “he is not, he is interested in control and fuel, he does not know that.” Eh, I think he does, Richard loves women and is an expert in social skills – Tudor is a self-confessed psychopath, we think we’ll go with Richard on this one!

Tudor then does his usual dance of “entitlement, empathy, boundary, lack of accountability,” in regards to Ed and Rich talking to mangina Myles! It got boring pages ago HG!

HG fat-boy then shows his total lack of professionalism and why he is not qualified to write/ advise/ judge or comment on anything. He kisses up to an idiot journalist (simply because they share similar no-penis views). Every person ever has signs of ego/ narcissism, how can you deny that Tudor – to justify Bonnar’s credibility? It’s not even a solid effort at falsehood, it’s a lazy lie HG. Either you’re an under qualified liar or you naively believe everything in the media.

HG slime ball stated; “journalist exhibits empathy…would not engage in behaviour because natural aversion, lack of entitlement, boundary recognition and accountability for actions.” Wrong again Tudor; Bonnar did engage, many times, in one clip he bottled it because he’s a simping coward and you being of a similar nature tried to turn it into a heroic feat.

HG ass-kiss continued smooching Bonnar’s unwashed behind stating; “safe-guarding empathy, emotional empathy.” Get a room fun-boy! HG clown then takes an ignorant shot at the whole seduction community stating; “somebody studying seduction industry fails to identify what it involves.”

Bollocks HG, how about you study it for 6 months objectively and come back with a real analysis rather than just rambling buzzwords to sell your shoddy books and products at the expense of innocent people’s reputations!

Tudor then takes another pop at Eddie saying; “lack of awareness, failure to fit in,” why should he “fit in” to an ideal constructed by separatist idiots like you HG. Does he not have to right to think and speak freely?! Honestly you sound like a Nazi! Tudor continues his oppressive entitled rant by showing no empathy or accountability or boundary recognition (referring to Eddie’s filming guerrilla-style comment) stating; “grandiosity comparing to form of guerrilla warfare.” This is a lie, Eddie didn’t refer to war, he used metaphoric language to describe operating a camera you moron!

HG Tudor actually exposes Myles Bonnar’s lack of game, Myles stated in reference to a pick-up he did; “my question was so naive it worked.” Tudor retorted; “nothing actually worked, it was called having a conversation. Most people would reply when spoken to and protesters include higher number of empaths, thus it was a hunting ground.” You made a good point to start with HG, then mucked it up with the rapey “hunting ground” language. Plus, most protesters are fakers out to cause disruption, they tackle first-world self-imposed crises – not actual issues, it’s just mass virtue -signalling to be in the cool gang (total high school thinking).

HG fascist then attacks George Massey again; Massey is an actual empath, Massey humbly said; “I don’t claim to be impervious to error.” Horror show Tudor labelled this “delusional, denial, grandiosity, false contrition.” Sounds like Tudor is projecting his own faults on his new victims (he targets new people in every article). Massey isn’t displaying “false contrition” (repentance), he is being real! Tudor then calls Eddie and Richard liars; then after Eddie goes down the proper channel of saying he will take legal action, Tudor has the gall to label it; “denial, lie, revision of history, threat, projection, provocation.” If anything, this is what the journalist is guilty of, not anyone else!

HG hater then moves back to attempting emotional abuse towards Addy in regards to his court proceedings stating; “entitlement, provocation, boundary, empathy lie, denial.” Same song huh Tudor; you need to read more books on this narcissist farce you’re pushing, expand your vocabulary and knowledge – you sound like a robotic bafoon!

HG creep then laughably takes a shot at Addy having half-naked women on his Instagram, stating; “entitlement, objectification, grandiosity, boasting.” We’re gonna blow your mind HG – guess what, women like sex just like men do! And every female loved taking those pics with Addy, look at the joy on their faces Tudor, it’s the closest you’ll ever get.

Tudor then unknowingly exposes drug-addict snitch Rita Bruce as the fat ginger idiot she is (in regards to her brain-dead comments about Addy); Tudor stated – “she does not actually realise what it is…fails to realise what they are.” Tudor wasn’t being complimentary towards Addy, but can still see Bruce is a disgusting dunce!

Scumbag HG ends his awful article by concluding the previous bile in his article, calling the clients “normal men,” the females “victims,” kissing the sleazy journalist’s anus and throwing his boring buzzwords around for the millionth time! HG weirdo then tries to group the dating coaches in with him, stating; “my narration demonstrates how our kind behave.” Mate, you wish you were like the dating coaches you were hating on – you’d be a real man! They are not “your kind” you are a beta-male, psychopath, con-artist, hypocrite!

HG Tudor ends his article by stating; “not once in the article is the word narcissist used by the reporter or those interviewed.” That is because they are real f**king narcissists themselves, that are so deeply rooted in their delusion and culture conditioning that they don’t even realise it!

Following is our full analysis of sickening hack Myles Bonnar’s original hit-piece propaganda article;