Self-Help Guru, Tony Robbins Falsely Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Tony Robbins Known To Help Millions of Individuals Has Been Attacked By The #MeToo Movement

Tony Robbins is known for helping people conquer their fears. However he has recently been slammed with multiple accusations of sexual misconduct. Five women have spoke out stating the 59 year old motivational speaker has made “inappropriate sexual advances.” Robbins called the report “ridiculous.”

According to BuzzFeed News two of the women provided the publication “with signed statements swearing under oath that they felt he had sexually harassed them by repeatedly pursuing them after they made clear they weren’t interested.” Tony Robbins legal team replied, stating the news outlet is pursuing a ‘predetermined’ narrative against him ‘as part of their Me Too Agenda.”

The events supposedly took place in the 1990s and early 2000s. Robbins himself addressed the allegations by sending out an open letter through social media. He said,

“We have evidence to prove that you reporters rejected and otherwise ignored factual accounts from several individuals you contacted,… In some cases, those individuals were even harassed and lied to when their accounts did not align with Buzzfeed’s predetermined thesis.”

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