Sexual-Failure Reporter Myles Bonnar vs George Massey From Street Attraction (BBC Disclosure Flopumentary)

Social misfit Myles reported; “Day two of boot camp. We listened to coach George Massey’s lesson on LMR, stands for last minute resistance to sex. Regarded as a women’s token attempt to reject sex – an obstacle to be overcome.” In reality no coach ever used terms “reject sex” or “obstacle to overcome,” these just further highlight Bonnar’s incompetency in actually understanding the context, as well as expose him flat out lying to sell his flop-umentary and Bonnar’s own seemingly subliminal stupid tendencies. The context “LMR” is explained in is when a women is playfully playing cat and mouse for the thrill after giving full consent, it’s a role play situation, nothing is ever forced!

Bonnar continued; “Massey explained: you have to be the one to take the lead. The whole vibe is you take responsibility for it. Yeah, I know, I am just an animal I couldn’t resist.” Myles doesn’t get it and leaves out the role play aspect of it (both parties are in on it – not just the guy). Massey is a published author in the field of seduction, we’ve read his book – it’s probably the most “politically correct” seduction book from the community, that benefits both men and women. Nowhere in George’s book is there any forced sex or connotations of rape, in fact it is a deep reflective account that includes women just as much as men, it is a good read for both genders. Massey explains “LMR” in a context of not making females feel cheap, guilty, slutty or undermined in any way!

Bonnar continued; “Richard Hood. Massey called him the king of LMR, Hood sounded more like a high-pressure salesman than someone genuinely interested in what women might want.” This again is opinionated rubbish from Bonnar. Massey introduced Richard as the “king of LMR,” to highlight his skills at role play and high level of charisma. It is documented on video that Richard knows what women want and they react to him accordingly, at times even pursuing him! Richard exudes the kind of calm equanimity that comes from the absence of irrational or extreme emotions. This is not the loss of feelings, just the loss of the harmful, unhelpful kind, This is a skill Richard has cultivated – freedom from disturbance and perturbation – to focus energy exclusively on solving problems rather than reacting to them. Bonnar is the complete opposite of this, he doesn’t get it, so labels Richard “high-pressure salesman.” This is evident at the end of sexual/social reject Myles flop-umentary, when Richard charms the cretin with open arms and warm smiles and Myles shuffles away like an awkward, sexually frustrated incel.

Gossip-queen Bonnar continued; “coach George Massey later told me he saw his role as helping people in the dating field. If he has ever said anything inappropriate to a man seeking support, he said, no one has ever told him. He said he gets letters of thanks from men who are now in healthy relationships.” This is a true statement from George that is backed up by his clients. The same applies to Eddie, Richard and Addy.

All 4 of these men taught other men to be self-confident, not in a delusional sense like Myles, instead for the purposes of accomplishing healthier relationships and sex-lives. They taught aiming low meant to accept mediocrity and aiming high meant a better life. Such confidence doesn’t come easy, they taught from experience and their truth. They taught that clients should not listen to what toxic creatures like Bonnar say (or what the negative mental conditioning they have unconsciously picked up says either) as it will result in them being beta-male losers like Myles.

They taught their clients to be open to possibilities/ opportunities, gain experiences and to live in reality. Eddie displayed charm, cool headedness and leadership. Richard oozed wit, charisma and positivity. George exuded humility, compassion and light-heartedness. Addy manifested magnetic confidence, self-discipline and a relentless drive to improve through action and practice. Bonnar has none of these traits, he has nothing to offer except hatred, negativity and lies – he’ll always be a loser! If you can’t beat them, smear them, eh Myles (pathetic!).

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