Police Scotland Kill Innocent Black Man; Sheku Bayoh, The Racist Scottish Justice System State They Will Not Be Prosecuted

The Family of Sheku Bayoh Feel Betrayed Over The Decision Not To Prosecute Officers

The 31 year old man, Sheku Bayoh from Fife was killed in police custody in 2015. Sheku was found to have suffered 23 separate injuries and never regained consciousness after being restrained by officers.

His family state that CCTV and phone footage cast doubt on claims made by officers about the events leading up to his death. Originally in October 2018 the family of Sheku were told that no criminal charges would be brought over his death.

However, two months after this new evidence brought to light raised more questions about the way he had been treated by police Scotland officers before he died in their custody.

CCTV Footage and documents which share some of the officers accounts of the events show that officers escalated the situation instead of diffusing it and that Mr Bayoh’s actions were exaggerated greatly in the official police documents.

The decision was made in 2019 that prosecutors would not be pursuing criminal charges in the case.

His family stated; “it made me lose faith in the police and in the justice system as a whole.”  They feel totally betrayed by the court and this will not stop them for continuing to fight for justice.

The Scottish legal system is extremely flawed and biased.

Read the full story here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-50365383

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