May 29, 2021


by: dexter


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Sick Child Killer Nurse Deirdre Morley Drugged & Suffocated Her 3 Kids To Death, Yet The Evil Femstream Media And Gynocentric Legal System Paint Her As The Victim

Sick child killer nurse Deirdre Morley could be released from the Central Mental Hospital(CMH) within a year after being found not guilty by reason of insanity of killing her three young children by a corrupt gynocentric court system.

The 44-year-old scumbag woman drugged, suffocated and murdered Conor McGinley (9), Darragh McGinley (7), and Carla McGinley (3).

Most murder accused found not guilty by reason of insanity spend many years in the hospital, the State’s only forensic psychiatric facility, before being judged well enough for release. A small number are unlikely to ever be released. So why is this evil pig being let off the hook.

Remand in the hospital is not a prison sentence. Its purpose is to rehabilitate and treat the patient rather than to punish. If a review board finds a patient is well enough to re-enter society, it is obliged to release. This is insane – she killed 3 children, she should be given the death penalty!

CMH patients are assessed by the Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board every six months following a not guilty by reason of insanity verdict.

Having been found not guilty by reason of insanity, Morley was remanded to the hospital for a 14-day assessment.

The dirty pigs in the mainstream media painted the killer monster mother as a victim despite her murdering 3 children and mainly ignored father heart broken father Andrew McGinley. If the genders were reversed it would be a damning narrative for the male and rightly so. This horrid woman literally got away with murder because of her gender!

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