Oct 20, 2019


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Sleazy Creep Reporter “Blair Meikle” (The Scottish Sun) Cowars After “Hounding” The Public Online

Here Is A Full Public Reaction To Vile Perv Coward Journalist “Blair Meikle”

Creepy coward sleaze “Blair Meikle” is a failed sports journalist and a warped weirdo liar. This is why the toilet-paper newspaper “The Scottish Sun” employed him, more about those scumbags later. Sleazy reporter Meikle will be sued for defamation as he even published charges Ahmed was found not guilty of after his trial finished! You stupid little man Blair, do your homework you failed hack!

Vile perv Meikle is hated by the general public. The ginger country-bumpkin from the Scottish Borders, has pages upon pages of online hate towards him because of Blair’s disgusting lies and twisted views. Football fans called manky Blair Meikle a “moron” because he targeted Rangers fans only in sectarian fashion, hounding them with his filthy prejudice. Monster Blair Meikle then blocked his creepy Twitter account like a cowardly weasel because of the backlash of hate he received!

People said of Blair’s bastardised fake news; “shocking what passes for journalism, embarrassing standard of sports journalist, he should be named and shamed.” We agree 100% and will name and shame the coward Blair. Dishonest swine Meikle was said (by the public) to “steal click bait stories from Twitter and report them as his own,” this is true, he did the same thing in regards to spreading lies about Addy Agame. People also said that snake-rat Blair Meikle “should have a background check done on him before he was allowed to report anything.” We agree once more, the background check would show Blair Meikle to be a desperate journalist predator and a sneaky liar!

Discriminatory pig Blair is also said to have spread hate towards people with disabilities. This links to how the despicable reptilian creature Meikle made offensive comments about disabled people online.  The general public did not take kindly to this either; two of the public’s top comments come to mind about sickening Blair; “Blair looks like the kind of arsehole you wouldn’t tire of slapping” and “ban him and his paper.” Here is a link to the rest, enjoy! https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/blair-meikle-scottish-sun.25407/page-2

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