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Sleazy Journo Connor Gordon Writes Article For Seedy “Daily Star” Newspaper Containing Selectively Negative Narrative Of Addy Agame Trial

Click Bait Hack’s Headline Reads “Accused Intimidated Schoolgirls In Lane” Without Detailing That No One Was Underage Or Actually Intimidated At All!

We at Red Pill Rights vow to keep the anonymity of the accusers intact and will only report on factual testimonies given in court as well as details on where The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon have left out facts. The court room is open to the public and to the media to hear all details for themselves.

Connor Gordon started his article by stating; “a man approached a school girl in a lane asked if she was married and suggested going for a coffee, a jury heard today. The witness who was 17 at the time, said Ahmed told her she looked pretty and it made her feel uncomfortable. Another teenager also told jurors that he approached her in the same lane.” The is selective bias reporting against Adnan Ahmed in order to paint him in a negative light, Connor Gordon deliberately left out the rest of the facts stated in Glasgow Sheriff Court in order to influence the public and jurors to convict an innocent man.

The man accused maintains he is not guilty. The series of alleged “offences” were alleged conversations with women during the day time in vastly populated streets. The accusations of “feeling uncomfortable and intimidated” were not proven. The “schoolgirls” were above the legal age of consent in the UK, 17 and 16. The alleged conversations were said by the two witnesses to have took place around 10am approximately, school had already started. The witnesses stated, “they were in the last year (6th year) of high school in 2016,” to the court. This is several months before a college or university course would begin should students at the late stage of high school wish to continue further education.

17 is above legal age of consent in the UK and this allegation was not proven. Additionally, to call someone pretty or ask their marital status, is not a criminal offence! The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon continued; “Adnan Ahmed denies 18 charges including sexual assault and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.” This is true, Mr Ahmed is adamant he is not guilty of any of the charges. Ahmed was cleared of all sexual assault charges as it was proven he was not guilty of this as he did not commit these offences. The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon also said; “alleged to have occurred in Glasgow and Uddingston,” however this specific allegation was not alleged to have occurred in Glasgow. The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon called the first witness an; “alleged victim now aged 20.” Reporter Connor Gordon stated “Addy grabbed her hand” and quoted this as if the witness said so. This is a lie, as the court heard from the witness that “Addy didn’t grab her hand” – this is a fact! The reporter is lying!

The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon also said; “the witness told jurors an Asian man named Addy approached her in a lane on her way to school.” What The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon conveniently left out was that the witness also said, “it was around 10am, not the usual time people go to school and the lane is attached to two main roads on either side, along with two small open grass fields at either side.” The witness also said that, “this is the common route to the train station that most people coming from that direction would take.”

The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon quoted the witness as saying; “he asked me if I was at school and what I was doing at school.” The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon left out the fact that before this quote the witness told the jury, “he introduced himself then I told him I was at school, he made general conversation, we spoke for under three minutes and parted ways.” This is vital information!

The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon quoted the witness alleging, “he was asking if I had a boyfriend and I said no.” This is not a crime and was not proven in court. The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon continued; “the woman said she got to the end of the lane before Addy grabbed her hand,” this is not accurate, it was paraphrased by The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon. The witness told the prosecutor, “he took my hand it was consensual,” when the prosecutor asked her about when consent ended, the witness said; “when I took my hand away.” Connor Gordon continued; “she said – he asked me if I was married, as I was wearing a ring, I said no and walked away.” This was not proven in court and is not an offence under Scottish Law.

The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon again quoted; “he then asked for my number and wanted to know if I wanted to go for a coffee,” the bias order of quoting is not accurate reporting as they quoted the witness as saying, “I walked away.” The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon then stated; “the woman then walked quickly towards school told friends and teachers about the incident.” However no “friends” or “teachers” came to court to confirm this. In the woman’s police statement, she said she saw Mr Ahmed several times after the 2016 incident in the same area, but they never spoke again! The 2016 incident was reported to police in January 2019 after the BBC made a video defaming Ahmed’s dating business.

The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon went onto to quote a second witness stating; “who was 16 at the time is now 19, said an Asian man approached her on the lane.” The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon left out that the incident is said by the witness to have taken place again around 10am after school had already began an hour previously, in the same lane attached to two main roads that is the main route to the train station which commuters take. Both these witnesses admit to being linked and both stated that they were good friends.

The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon continued; “the girl said she felt intimated by Addy and said she couldn’t reply to him.” This is inaccurate, the witness told the court she “openly spoke to Addy to be polite.” However, neither of these statements have been proven in court.  What The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon again conveniently left out was that the witness told the court; “the school is right next to the train station and that the pair parted ways in under 3 minutes in different directions towards their separate destinations!” Mr Ahmed’s defence team lodged an eye witness in his defence who can confirm there was no “intimidation” involved.

The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon reported another instance stating; “a student said a dark male followed her through a shopping mall in Glasgow.” The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon failed to say, the 21-year-old woman was a college student and was unable to confirm the identity of the male. However, The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon still went on to say; ” said man had also asked for her number the previous year, in 2016.” What The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon reported inaccurately was that the woman stated the two incidents happened with “similar” looking men and couldn’t confirm if it was the same man. It was also announced to the jury that this witness said the 2016 incident happened during the day on Buchanan Street, none of this was proven in court.

The woman told the court that she could not confirm if the male from the 2016 incident was the same as the male from the 2017 incident! The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon continued quoting the witness allegations from the 2017 incident; ”  went to Boots to lose him he was walking quickly and quite close to me.” The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon failed to state after this that the woman said in court, “the man went outside Boots and met with two men and they walked away.”

Note – Adnan Ahmed was found not guilty and acquitted of this charge due to the complainer being a lying perjurer.

The reality is Mr Ahmed maintains a position of not guilty and is seeking a fair trial without press influencing public perception and reporting with an unfair bias against him at every turn of events during his trial, and failing to report both sides of witness testimonies fairly and justly!

The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon is at it again, bias reporting about allegations against a man during his trial on a daily basis, The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon use a writing style that implies events took place without saying so explicitly. This is a media tactic used to name and shame accused individuals before they have been convicted of any crimes. Despite Adnan Ahmed adamantly saying he is not guilty, The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon decide to release an online article using selective quotes from court witness testimonies that were negative in nature, leaving out anything to the contrary to imply the man’s innocence. This is a common trick used by The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon in order to influence public/ jury perception which can result in a conviction even if the accused is innocent! Anonymity should be given to both the accused and the accusers until court proceedings are complete. The Daily Star/ Connor Gordon however have a vested interest in having Ahmed convicted as they can be sued for defamation if he isn’t.

Adnan Ahmed Found Innocent And Acquitted Of A Total of 13 Charges – http://redpillrights.com/adnan-ahmed-found-innocent-and-acquitted-of-a-total-of-13-charges/

Breaking News: Adnan Ahmed Found Not Guilty Of All Three Sexual Assault Charges (24/09/2019) – http://redpillrights.com/breaking-news-adnan-ahmed-found-not-guilty-of-all-three-sexual-assault-charges-24-09-2019/

Regarding the second incident, Addy told the court; “it was around the same time and place, again 10 am, on my way to the city, no school uniform, soon as she said she was 16 I left, this girl confirmed to the court I didn’t ask for a number, she confirmed I didn’t ask her out, it was less than a minute of chat. She also said in court she saw me many times after that in the area and we never spoke again. These incidents are said to have happened in 2016 and no one came forward then. Only in 2019 after how I was portrayed in the social media hate campaign (referring to BBC Social hate video against him) there was a sudden change in perspective by these girls to say passing comments were a crime that caused them discomfort. I could have asked someone for the time, after the January 2019 media uproar, they would have reported it. They both know each other well and colluded on social media. They are not being truthful! There was nothing sinister or rehearsed or pre-planned as is being suggested, it was spontaneous and quick.”

Weak mousy Connor then spat; “Ahmed a dating and lifestyle coach, said what he did was educational. However, women he had approached told his trial they had been upset and intimidated.” Addy gave a statement at the trial also telling the court; “no one involved (the women) thought anything untoward was going on until their perception was changed by how I was portrayed in the online and media smear campaign in January 2019 (referring to BBC Social’s cyber-hate video). All of a sudden, a few warped people said I spoke to them like it was not just a quick chat. I could have asked someone the time and they would have reported it as being uncomfortable or intimidating.” Many legal experts also agreed and re-iterated this throughout the trial.

In 2010 the Daily Star was forced to apologise for a false story about the creation of video game “Grand Theft Auto.” The paper also admitted that the publication of its article was due to its own journalistic failings.

Originally The Daily Star claimed that Rockstar Games who is the originator of the Grand Theft Auto games were about to release a version of the game based on incidents involving killer Raoul Moat. The full statement of their apology is below:

“On 21 July we published an article claiming that the video games company Rockstar Games were planning to release a version of their popular Grand Theft Auto video games series titled “Grand Theft Auto Rothbury”.

We also published what we claimed would be the cover of this game, solicited comments from a family member impacted by the recent tragedy and criticised Rockstar Games for their alleged plans.

We made no attempt to check the accuracy of the story before publication and did not contact Rockstar Games prior to publishing the story. We also did not question why a best-selling and critically acclaimed fictional games series would choose to base one of their most popular games on this horrifying real crime event.

It is now accepted that there were never any plans by Rockstar Games to publish such a game and that the story was false. We apologise for publishing the story using a mock-up of the game cover, our own comments on the matter and soliciting critical comments from a grieving family member.

We unreservedly apologise to Rockstar Games and we have undertaken not to repeat the claims again. We have also agreed to pay them a substantial amount in damages which they are donating to charity.”

This is but the latest example of the Star’s poor journalistic track record others can be found here and here and here and here and here and here. And that’s just in 2010.

Read the full article here: https://www.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2010/jul/24/dailystar-medialaw

Stinking coward Connor Gordon (aka Con-Man Gordon aka Connor Goblin) is a desperate Scottish media scumbag hanging around Scottish courts begging for crumbs and reporting lies. Weirdo sleazebag creep Connor Gordon is a disgusting lying rat with a sick warped mind that writes perverted sexualised fake news, earning minimum wage for his crap articles. Perv Connor is a awkward bum reporter, that scrounges around court rooms in Glasgow like a slimy stalker looking for scraps to turn into trash tabloid falsehoods.

Clown snake Connor Gordon is supposed to be a sports writer instead he slinks his toxic presence around trial proceedings and writes selective lies to poison the minds of the public. Camp Connor Gordon can be seen to walking on his tip-toes around court buildings like a clumsy ballerina. He has the demeanour of a mentally ill man-child confused about his sexuality. Predator Connor Gordon looks like gay singer Sam Smith and the Churchill dog had a love child with a hint of down syndrome. His flabby cheeks and wretched dress sense amplify the bitchy vultures already super-creepy look. Ghastly Gordon may claim to be a sports writer, but all his past work is along the lines of made-up sex scandals and boring sensationalised rubbish. Maybe he claims to be a sports writer because it gives Connor an excuse to watch sweaty men run around in shorts for his gratification.

Dirt-bag Connor is scum epitomised and cannot be taken seriously as a reporter. He is a disgusting manipulative journalist that should be banned from the press and is liable for being sued for his lazy fake news articles. If Connor Gordon has written lies about you, speak to him in person about it (he creepily hides and trolls others on social media without a trace of showing himself) by attending Glasgow courts and asking the staff to point him out.

Dead-beat creepy reporter snake Connor Gordon, writes for newspapers that are widely known for racism, sexism and false reporting in the recent past. Hypocritical Scottish tabloids like The Star advocate for “women’s rights” to sell copies of their toilet paper publications. Until recently, The Star’s page 3 featured young girls with their naked breasts on display on a daily basis. The Scottish press is a total sham. A bigger sham is dirty liar and desperate journo Connor Gordon.

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