Sep 07, 2019


by: RPR


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Sleazy Predator Reporter Jack Aitchison Sends Creepy Messages To Vulnerable Young Women On Social Media

The Daily Record’s Low-Life Scumbag Journo Jack Aitchison Preys On and Attempts to Lure in Chloe Clemenson, After Her Autistic Brother is Beaten Up and Her Other Brother Commits Suicide


Let’s talk about low-life journalist Jack Aitchison. A slimy rat of a reporter who sinks lower than dog dirt to get a scoop to smear on the pages of The Daily Record. In 2019 predator Jack Aitchison stooped to sexually harassing a young woman on Instagram, to “DM” him, after her 9 year old autistic brother was beaten by bullies.

Stalker Aitchison preyed on young Chloe Clemenson attempting to lure her in after her devastating experience, while she was in extremely vulnerable state. The poor girl’s older brother had also recently committed suicide. Aitchison saw this as his opportunity to groom the young girl by using coercion tactics by privately messaging her on Instagram. Aitchison is a well known liar, reporting sexually explicit falsehoods about innocent men. Luckily the young girl did not fall prey to his seedy advances.

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