Sleazy Unemployed Reporter Mark Hendry, Writes Predatory Freelance Article For Vile Newspaper The Scottish Sun, About Innocent Man Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame

Journo Creep Mark Hendry Writes Yet Another Fake News Article Lying About Innocent Dating Coach Addy AGame, Who Was Set-Up!

Unemployed Hendry stated; “Ahmed runs a vile You Tube channel, chatting to girls and attempting to take them home.” OK Mark, you need to be educated. Ahmed’s channel provided dating advice for men, much like the countless women’s magazines out there providing dating advice for women. Hendry finds it “vile” because he does not have a clue about the opposite sex. There’s nothing wrong with “chatting to girls and attempting to take them home” Mark, that’s how men and women meet, you would know that if you would leave those cats alone and live in the real world. Hendry also wrongly refers to Addy Adnan Ahmed as a “pick-up artist.”

Come on Mark, you sleazy hack nitwit, can’t you see the ladies faces are blurred out, protecting their identity. Furthermore, you failed to mention it is a dating business, not a day out with friends. And what are they “unsuspecting” of? A fun conversation, ooohhh, the controversy. Additionally, the foolish journo failed to report that the majority of videos on Ahmed’s dating site are from cities around the world, not Glasgow!

Creepy Mark Hendry labels Adnan Ahmed as a “so-called pick-up artist.” Again misinformation, as Adnan Ahmed has said on many occasions, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating and life coach, we help people using scientific self-help not tricks, techniques, lines and tactics.”

Let us explain the concept of click bait video titles to you Mark; AGame’s videos did have click bait titles, this was to attract more clientele as daytime dating videos are filmed and uploaded on an almost daily basis all across the UK and this industry is very competitive, having shock value titles is a marketing strategy to trigger more interest from customers.

Ignorant Hendry again continues on the defamation route via video titles by stating; ” the You Tuber speaks about how to pick up a girl who already has a partner, how to get girls to have threesomes with you and how to find yes girls that are down to f***.” OK Mark, we’re not going to explain the meaning of click bait to you again, but we will address other aspects of your stupidity. AGame did made a video about sleeping with “a girl who already had a partner,” but the buffoon reporter Mark Hendry showed his weasel tendencies yet again by failing to explain the context. We also watched this video and it is clear to see Addy is referring to girls in bad relationship, that are coming to an end or who have casual partners they are not committed to. This is totally fine between 2 consenting adults.

And Mark your frigid judgemental jealous little girly man, what’s wrong with having “threesomes” or meeting “yes” girls who are just “down to f***.” Mark Hendry is a two-faced spineless reporter that on the one hand uses religious reformer type of biblical judgement shame tactics and on the other hand lies, fabricates and makes false accusations to sell his garbage articles. It’s 2019, if people want to have “threesomes” or “no strings attached causal sex” they have the choice to do so Mark. Your attempt to control other men’s sexual choices reeks of envy and is a classic beta male shame tactic Mark.

Sad Mark Hendry name calls Ahmed, labelling him, “seedy chancer, sleazy, creepy and vile.” At the same time, pervert Hendry said, “woman claims she was left shaking with fear.” Mark Hendry is a sex -starved beta male who thinks hating confident men who have no problems with meeting and bedding attractive women will win Mark some sex. Wrong Mark your tactics are the epitome of being a “sleazy, vile, creepy, seedy chancer and a sex-pest!” And Mark, why write down “fake claims” of a social media fool, that clearly wasn’t “shaking with fear,” fear of what Mark, a conversation that didn’t happen!

Idiot Mark Hendry prattled on stating; “during one video, he shockingly tells how last-minute resistance (LMR) is different to a woman saying no.” This is because it is Mark you fool, it’s only shocking to you because your sick mind thinks about “rape,” no one else does! This is an absolute lie. The video Hendry refers to shows Addy saying, “we do not condone rape culture or forcing anyone sexually or otherwise.” Ahmed actually refers to “last minute resistance” as “making women comfortable and creating the right mood for adult relations because too many guys either don’t know what to do or are too thirsty to get laid and forget to have fun.”

Sickening sex-pest Hendry continued “plan to combat LMR would be to get your d*** out, get naked first and make sure you’re excited before this happens.” Hendry lies compulsively once again by misquoting Ahmed out of context further; “…get your d*** out…. naked first….excited before this happens.” What the vile reporter failed to mention is that this was circumstances between a couple already in a sexual situation and there was absolute consent. The context again was Keith Lemon style male locker room humour. Lighten up Mark, you’re uptight and delusional, it’s not healthy living in a world of denial and hatred for others.

Sexual deviant Mark Hendry also stated; “Addy AGame is the subject of a cop probe after his predatory behaviour was blasted online.” Mark you lying little witch! Hungry desperado Hendry stated Ahmed “has been labelled a predator,” By who Amber – you, your hack buddies and some sad weirdo online trolls. Addy is not a predator. He is an exemplary human being, a good father, he worked in the Criminal Justice field helping others and did daily community work (with NA, CA and AA) for free. He has a fiancé, a mother and all his ex-partners testify there has never ever been any “predatory” behaviour on his part, ever!

In regards to outrage, Mark was totally off the mark as usual. We see a pattern of incompetency emerging here with these reporters. In fact, Addy received massive support from major political figures across the UK, along with people from London, Europe and all the way to the United States. Even Scottish You Tubers made videos protesting Ahmed’s innocence.

Mark no one cares what a bunch of mentally ill triggered feminazi brats and social justice warriors say online. They’re just cowards sitting in dark rooms living their lives on screen, they don’t live in reality. Plus there were hundreds of thousands of people who supported Addy AGame that were conveniently not mentioned by the lying deceitful The Sun reporter.

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame has always maintained he is not a pick-up artist, he has always said he is a dating/ life coach. It is a sad state of affairs when people are unable to talk to each other face to face, confining society further into dating apps and social media. In this era it is more normal to troll pictures and profiles online, messaging desperately and projecting a false persona to lure others in; whereas starting a random conversation with someone you find attractive face to face during the day is considered not only abnormal, but also criminal. There is more danger involved in meeting someone online than there is in meeting them in person. Plus face to face dating is a much more human and much less time consuming process, that is if police Scotland don’t arrest you first.

The police didn’t act because of online videos, they were aware of them for years, they crumbled because of media pressure because Police Scotland is a Micky Mouse force of hick villagers. BBC The Social hounded Glasgow dating coach for months, he reacted out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man.

Mark Hendry then goes onto say “Addy defended his behaviour in the BBC report.” Another lie Mark, this is not healthy for you, it’s pathological, and he misquoted him yet again about, “client base, results, game not going mainstream, political correctness, blah, blah, blah.” Addy didn’t defend his words or behaviour, here is the full quote Mark, read it! Addy actually said; “I don’t feel the need to defend myself to anyone, other people have the right to their opinions, I’m not concerned with that, there’s no need to present a defence. I’m not trying to change minds or the world or society. If people are not into this or fail to understand it, then that’s up to them. Everyone has the right to believe and do what they want. I’m not battling or fighting an invisible war with feminism or anyone else for that matter.”

Addy continued “Society promotes excessive alcohol consumption, drug intake, unhealthy foods and shaming masculinity – we promote the opposite. Again, if someone wants to do that then cool, but we don’t, and it’s considered ‘out of the box.’ The same goes for relations with the opposite sex. Manners, kindness and femininity are attractive values in females, if a man wants to be with women like this, he should improve himself to that standard, he should also have the right to avoid women that don’t meet that criteria. We teach respect for people, men and women. No-one should have an agenda pushed upon them or have to live up to an agenda imposed by others with a bias. We all have to respect each other’s rights to the lives we want, as long as it’s legal and no one is being hurt. If someone is offensive or tries to control the way you think, you should have boundaries and standards to not deal with those people.”

Adnan Ahmed further said, “When you try to tell guys they need to better themselves through self-development, healthy lifestyle, mental health and addressing their issues – they don’t want to listen. Most guys just want the sex, so you give them proof it works to hook them in, then start the internal work so they can realise that sex or women will not bring them sustained happiness. Infield footage is an old ‘game’ cultural thing that I did not create, but I have complied with it at times. The client base wants evidence of results as there are a lot of con men in the community, this is an ethical debate and I can understand where opinions will clash on this. The seduction community can be a controversial place. I see it like gangster rap in its early days, however I don’t feel game will ever go mainstream, it’s not for the politically correct.”

Mark Hendry is a liar. The rat bag creep Hendry calls himself a “freelance journalist” which basically means that he is unemployed, no one wants to hire a loser that lies to sell stories! The small-town backwards hick Mark Hendry comes from Greenock and claims to be a “sports journalist” and takes pictures of cats in his spare time. We’ve heard of crazy cat ladies, but a crazy cat man?! I guess you have misunderstood the meaning of pussy magnet Markey boy.  And Mark, what does Addy AGame have to do with sports.

Manky Mark Hendry runs a bummy website which has received a massive – wait for it – 1 review! Hendry states on his amateur site – “looking for the next opportunity,” you mean you need a job Mark! Here’s a tip, stop lying about people and insinuating forced coercion you compulsive cat wierdo. Morbid Mark Hendry childishly hates Glasgow Rangers because he supports Glasgow Celtic, it’s immature and he is a sectarian separatist. Another tip Mark, if you want to find employment, try to report on sports impartially, rather than being a religious separatist.

Police Scotland are quoted as saying Ahmed’s behaviour was “predatory and would cause fear and alarm”, after succumbing to media pressure from aggressive online feminists and blood thirsty journalists. Initially when BBC The Social’s video degrading Adnan Ahmed went viral, Police Scotland are quoted as saying “we cannot follow up on this as there is no actual crime to investigate, no crime has been committed.” They were quick to change their tune after BBC The Social’s video gained millions of views and began a witch-hunt amongst the public because of how it was edited and how it portrayed Adnan Ahmed as a demonic sexual caricature, rather than the responsible understanding life coach that he is.

It’s totally bizarre and shockingly worrying that a country’s police force can’t withstand pressure from online trolls and can be manipulated so easily by faceless crazies on the internet. Yes, Scotland is a very small country, but that does not excuse the stupid backward policing tactics used for this matter. There should never have been an arrest in the first place. The police were aware of Ahmed’s dating business 3 years prior to BBC The Social’s hate fuelled video falsely demonising him. They spoke to Mr Ahmed about it on a number of occasions in casual conversation. Both male and female officers approved of it. There are phone calls and written police reports to confirm this.

AdnanAhmed worked in conjunction with the police, as his job as a Criminal Justice Practitioner made this inevitable. Ahmed’s behaviour was never “predatory”. He ran an online dating business on YouTube for all to see; his clients, video demonstrations and spontaneous conversations with any women were all during the day on well populated busy city centre streets. He wasn’t hiding anything, so how can his actions be described as predatory, shameful or dangerous?

Police Scotland are supposed to investigate matters neutrally and without prejudice. Instead they contributed to the media mayhem by making comments defaming a man who is not guilty of an actual crime, but was charged, indicted and remanded regardless. The police are now tying to fish for a conviction to cover their mistakes and to not face legal action themselves. At the time of writing this, Ahmed has been on remand for the past 6 months, he has been held in custody, untried and without the option of bail since January 2019.

The Sheriff Court indictment has been designed in such a way to convict Adnan Ahmed on a technicality of Scottish Law (Moorov/ corroboration) rather than using substantial hard evidence, because there is none. Ahmed is not permitted to present vital evidence that proves his innocence because of Scottish court laws that protect prosecution witnesses, even if they are lying.

The hypocrites at The Scottish Sun advocate for “women’s rights” to sell copies of their toilet paper publication. Until recently, the newspapers page 3 features young women with their naked breasts on display on a daily basis.

Insecure radical feminist and Glasgow councillor, Rhianon Spear saw a moment to gain accolade by involving herself in the media scandal, making ludacris claims that rape and coercion were being made into a game. Her outright stupidity was evident through her mention of rape culture, which holds no foundation of truth.

Adnan Ahmed, though falsely accused of ridiculous charges of breach of the peace is NOT accused of rape, he is NOT accused of coercion. How irresponsible of an SNP councillor to even bring those two disgusting words into this situation and destroy an innocent man’s reputation and character.

Despite the false allegations against Mr Ahmed, no one – let me repeat, no one has accused him of rape, no one has accused him of coercion. Rhianon Spear should be fired from her job. She has lived up to the stereotype of being an politician making insane outlandish remarks to gain popularity. Look at how she slandered an innocent man, look at her discriminatory stance against justice, look at her hatred of men for just existing – this is not a person that should be in a political position in any way shape or form.

Rhianon Spear is an absolute joke of a politician, who should never have been hired in the first place and should never be taken  seriously again. Her views are dangerous, fascist, separatist and derogatory. She did no background research into Adnan Ahmed’s dating business, yet mouthed off without any prior investigation.

Rhianon Spear does not know Ahmed’s views on women, on consent and about sex. We do; Click on the link to hear Adnan “Addy A-Game” Ahmed talk about his love for women, freedom of sexual expression and to always make sure there is consent as well as his condemnation of rape culture. This debunks Rhianon Spear’s disgusting claims, unfortunately for Mr Ahmed and his family the struggle continues and the stigma from his horrible ordeal may be a life long battle for him and his family, which consist mostly of women. Well done Rhianon, Girl Power! Spear is yet another example of a phony misusing feminism as a weapon to push her own personal agenda, hiding behind the veil of equality, whilst actually hurting more women than she helps. Luckily, not many people believe what politicians say anyway.

Nicola Sturgeon on the other hand helped Mr Ahmed and the concerned women in his family by offering valuable legal advice through her team as well as kind words of support. Evidence of which can be found online.

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