Snitch Incel Myles Bonnar vs Street Attraction (Eddie Hitchens / Richard Hood / George Massey)

Sexually Jealous Male-Feminist BBC Panorama/ Disclosure Flop Documentary (Lying, Stalking, Harassing And Secretly Filming Unsuspecting Men – Then Misquoting Them Out Of Context)

Minger Myles writes his self-obsessed article about his Disclosure/Panorama flop-umentary in a similar way to how it was broadcasted, minus his slurred nervous camp voice. Bonnar talks like he was castrated, pumped full of soy and drained of all testosterone. He starts his crap article by stating; “standing in front of Savoy hotel in London, I wait with a group of students as they hand over £600 to head coach of Street Attraction.” Moronic Myles sounds like a country bumpkin Scotsman star struck by London, he fails to mention he also hands over £600 of the BBC’s money (swindled from the public via TV licences) just to get to be around the good folks at Street Attraction.

Beta Bonnar continued; “Eddie Hitchens moves centre-stage for introduction – Hi I’m Eddie, I’m a heterosexual sex addict…I’ve been doing game since 2005, been coaching since 2011.” Firstly, Eddie’s intro is a joke, it’s funny humour, locker room chat between the guys, which is clear to anyone who is not socially retarded like Myles. Secondly, Eddie’s CV speaks for itself, Eddie’s credentials and knowledge of game is evident. It would therefore make sense to listen to Eddie about the subject rather than some soy boy estrogen ridden mangina like Myles Bonnar – who found out about it less than a year ago from an old fat ginger addict hag (Rita Bruce – who also knows nothing about it).

Mangina Myles continued; “game is a multi-million pound business where men teach other men how to pick-up women. There’s nothing new about men picking up women. Seduction coaches are selling courses online on how to bed as many women as possible, as quickly as possible. Part of a growing global industry linked through internet video channels with hundred of thousands of subscribers.” Myles you got this info from us, you plagiarising little simp. You got some clout via your lie/ fake video about Addy, then decided to repeat the formula with Street Attraction down south to get more clout, except in England they don’t give a fuck about your backwards Scottish hick social justice ethics – hence why your piss-poor documentary failed. It’s a legit business Myles. It’s freedom of speech Myles, you little Hitler! Also Myles, it’s not just “men teaching men,” there are plenty of women dating coaches teaching the exact same thing as Addy Agame to other men.

Boy child pollution Myles Bonnar attempts to be dramatic with his next quote; “in these videos and boot camps, only men are taught the rules. Women aren’t even aware they are part of a game.” Shut your fake lying mouth Myles – you mean like the countless women’s magazines and channels that exist and have existed for decades that teach women how to date/ seduce/ keep men – when men are none the wiser. Neither ethos is wrong, it’s just how it is Myles you fool. Men and women think about dating differently because biologically our brains work differently, that’s an evolutionary fact. Women are naturally better at dating/ romantic situations as they are more emotionally and intuitively in touch with themselves, whereas men are not as clued up due to their logical thinking and because of modern day radical feminism being used as a shaming, marketing and control tool.

Scumbag Bonnar continued; “A game that can lead to persistent harassment on the street and dangerously blur the lines of consent.” You mean the way you (Myles) harassed Addy Agame and Street Attraction with countless emails, made inaccurate videos about their legitimate dating business’ (to advance your career) and ran up on them like a fake-ass magnum P.I. with a camera and a microphone after lying about your identity (you wannabe Ronan Farrow weirdo) – without their consent?! Nah Myles, it’s nothing like that you twisted, two faced, hypocritical little she-male! If anything there was no “harassment” or “lack of consent” ever involved. Both Addy and Street Attraction are on record saying things like; “if the girl isn’t into it move on to someone else/ don’t get stuck on one girl/ we don’t condone rape/ you never have to force a women to do anything, she will want to do it” we could go on, the list is endless. These guys helped men be better, better than beta-male like bitter Myles Bonnar!

Minger Myles continued; “Hitchens signals the group to introduce themselves, including me: an undercover journalist posing as a new recruit. It’s an international mix – chef from Amsterdam, former US Navy officer, a software engineer from Brazil, computer programmer from Dublin, a doctor from Manchester.” Firstly don’t flatter yourself Myles you’re still an up and coming 31 year old bum reporter. Secondly look at the credentials of the men learning from Street Attraction, could it be that this wide variety of respected professionals are right and a bummy journalist is wrong? I would trust a doctor or navy seal before trusting a low-life reporter desperately looking for his big break, who would sell his own mother for a story!

Glasgow Dating Coach Addy Agame Helps Marketing Expert in Glasgow:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Video Editor in Spain:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps IT Specialist in London:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Joiner In Edinburgh:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Personal Trainer in London With His Dating Life:

Glasgow Dating Coach Adnan Ahmed a.k.a Addy Agame Helps Football Referee in Australia With His Dating Life:

Lying coward Bonnar continued; “then it’s my turn – Hi I’m Micheal Gibson, I say while fighting the psychological battle to remember my undercover name. I am a daygame beginner who has recently broken up with my girlfriend of 6 years.” Wow, the level of bullsh*t Bonnar is willing to talk to justify his transparent lying is insane! Myles you are the definition of creepy, you have a fake name, a fake identity and lie about having a “girlfriend of 6 years.” Myles admit it, you’ve never had a girlfriend have you? Let alone for the last 6 years? You’ve not even slept with more than 6 girls in your whole sad 31 years of life have you Myles, you hermaphrodite gender neutral soy-boy! And there’s that cognitive dissonance again, “psychological battle” stop being a drama queen, you’re just a low IQ fool – who can’t remember 2 words. Making up a fake name, well maybe it’s because you are constantly lying so much that you can’t fit anymore lies into your tiny brain without forgetting some.

Bullsh*tter Bonnar continued; “just like that, I’m deep into the weirdest experience of my life: a journey into the seduction industry.” Is it weirder than lying about your identity, secretly filming men while they work without their consent, then making fake news videos about them Myles? Is it weirder than stalking men via email and being a virtue-signalling male feminist sicko that thinks women will like him and sleep with him because he front’s being a white knight lady-saver Myles? Is it weirder than trying to destroy another man’s life, income and family (including women and children) to get your rotten failed journalist career out of the gutter Myles? There’s nothing weird about it; what’s weird is you -Myles Bonnar; your fake perspective, your weasel demeanour, your insecurity/ inferiority complex to heterosexual men, your little man syndrome, you fake-ass wanna-be watchdog flop-umentary, your weedy little frame, your beady eyes, your seedy beard, your sweaty palms, your lack of masculinity, your lack of balls and backbone, your hypocrisy and your actual existence as a whole is weird Myles!

eta-male Myles Bonnar stated; “when I first began investigating Ahmed, I did not know he was part of a wider seduction industry. I discovered he is one of dozen’s online. They share seduction techniques and cross-promote each other’s channels.” This explains why your BBC Social video in January 2019 about Addy was so inaccurate and way off the mark Myles, you hadn’t done any research and didn’t know what you were talking about, yet still you made it; this exposes everything about you. You’re a phoney, a liar and incompetent. And there aren’t “dozens” of coaches, there are thousands – including females as well as males!

Bonnar continued; “promising quick results, one group stood out: Street Attraction …offered boot camps that have men attracting women within 2 days. Students promised tutorials, follow-up guidance and one-to-one lessons on how to master their masculinity. Street Attraction had more than 110,000 YouTube subscribers.” This is the resume of a legit and successful business Myles you scumbag. Did your unsuccessful life bug you so much that you took it upon yourself to use BBC propaganda to destroy other men’s livelihoods, who are self-made successes?!

Weasel-troll Bonnar continued; “founder Eddie Hitchens even charged for viewing one of his secretly recorded sexual exploits.” This is a lie. There was nothing pornographic, there was no nudity or anything vulgar. Myles words this as if Eddie was charging clients to view sex. In reality Eddies program was an example of how to meet a woman that leads to a dating scenario which can lead to consensual sex.

Bonnar continued, quoting Eddie; “recording intimate stuff in general isn’t easy, if a girl knows that she is being filmed she won’t act in a natural way and won’t allow herself to be seduced for fear of her reputation being ruined. We wanted to capture real reactions it had to be filmed covertly. Guerrilla-style – Hitchens explained in one video.” The context Eddie stated this was educational. Social outcast Myles interprets “intimate” as sex, if Myles had actual experience with women he would know intimacy takes place in many ways – conversation, eye contact, shared experiences, etc.

Anyone featuring in Eddie’s videos had their identities and faces hidden. Which is the opposite of weirdo journalists (like Myles) who secretly film people without their consent, reveal their identities and lie about them unashamedly. Eddie protected women’s reputations, Myles profits from ruining them. Myles revealed Eddie and Richard’s full names in his flop-umentary because they had Eastern European roots. Bonnar has been accused of racism previously, his hate of ethic minorities is also a motive for his attack on Street Attraction.

Feminist mangina Myles continued his lies; “Street Attraction trained Agame. The boot camp he attended was filmed and uploaded on his channel.” This is utter nonsense! Ahmed was teaching dating 2 years before meeting the guys from Street Attraction. Street Attraction did not “train” him. They collaborated on a couple of YouTube videos, met on one occasion in London and talked here and there over Whatsapp. This is a lie made-up out of thin air.

Gender Neutral Bonnar continued; “that is why I ended up outside Savoy Hotel in London at a training course.” Shut your mouth Myles, the reason you went there was to advance your failed career – you made a vile video defaming Addy Agame that got you some fame as a slimy snitch in Scotland so you decided to repeat the formula to get UK-wide recognition. But you failed, the documentary flopped and you’ve faded back to nothingness; you lonely little dwarf!

Small-time snitch Bonnar spewed on; “it was a sweltering day, I was wearing a thick quilted coat to hide a camera and microphone. There were 6 students, my coach was Hitchens.” This is the epitome of Myles, it’s seedy – Eddie was helping those men better their lives and you were there secretly filming men for you gratification. Plus your dress sense sucks in general, throughout the flop-umentary Myles can be seen dressed as an out of touch geek with no masculine swagger.

Boy-girl Bonnar continued; “the first task was to approach a women within 30 seconds. I dispersed across London bridge awash with police and protesters taking part in an extinction rebellion event.” Firstly you failed because of your social awkwardness Myles, secondly there were thousands of witnesses including police (during a sunny day) – there’s nothing untoward about the boot camp, it was out in the open with nothing to hide.

Bumbling coward Bonnar stated; “eventually, I bumped into a couple of women watching spray painted bandstands and musicians.” Myles “eventually” talked to a couple of females and you didn’t “bump into” them, you approached them, again with witnesses around. Awkward Bonnar continued; “I had no idea what to say. It was the first test of the day. I was already struggling. I asked whether this was some sort of gig.” This coming from a guy who describes Addy’s encounters as “uncomfortable,” Myles yours sound absolutely pitiful. The reason you “had no idea what to say” and described it as a “test” and “struggle” is for the same reason why all men seek coaching with their dating life; that and because you’re a seedy creep lacking experience with women. Bonnar shouldn’t be making videos defaming dating coaches he feels interior to as a man, he should be hiring them to help him become less creepy and awkward!

Sexually inexperienced Myles continued; “no, one smiled, this is a protest. My question was so naive it actually worked. I was chatting away and eventually the other woman offered me a flyer.” So basically what your saying is, women welcome men who talk to them face to face you hypocrite. Look at the language Myles uses, “it actually worked,” this shows the beta male’s mind-set, he sees it as trickery, he even describes himself as “naive.” Myles, the women offered you a “flyer” to get rid of you because you have no charm, no seductive style and no game. Addy’s interactions that you publicised in your documentary actually ended in number exchanges (even though the chicks were ambulance chasing truth twisters).

Creep Myles continued; “the conversation ended politely. I said my goodbyes, returned to the pack.” Myles it ended “politely” because you’re a lap-dog, male-feminist that puts himself in the friend-zone; there was no flirting, shared humour or sexual energy because you don’t know what you’re doing. Also “returned to the pack” is predatory language, you’re not a “pack” of wolves. Hypocrite Myles paints his awkward creepy actions in a good light and demonised Addy and Street Attraction’s smooth interactions!

Baby-nuts Bonnar then stated; “that is what pick-up coaches call a cold approach. I was told it does not matter if I fancied the woman or not.” OK Firstly “cold approach” is a sales terms you fool and initially you were told to approach any girls because you are a petrified coward who is terrified to speak to females – this was to help you overcome your social anxiety. Afterwards, students are told to only approach women they are attracted to. Myles you are not qualified to cover the seduction community; you’re coming from a place of lack of understanding, lack of communication skills and a dark beta-male mind-set. You need help Myles!

What dating coaches like Addy, Eddie and Richard, etc, taught clumsy social misfits like Myles is that they can learn to perceive things differently, to cut through illusions of the mind/ PC society that they believe or fear, to stop seeing imaginary problems and to learn to focus on the reality of male-female dynamics. Too often clients who think like Bonnar react emotionally, get despondent and lose perspective. Their negative perceptions invade their minds and throw off their emotional compass, resulting in social anxiety. Dating is taught as a science and an art. Human brains evolved for an environment very different from the one we currently inhabit, resulting in people carrying biological baggage (as social justice ideologies clash with basic human instincts). Humans are still primed to detect threats/ dangers that no longer exist ie. stress of  rejection or the fight-or-flight response Myles experienced when talking to a female. Addy and Street Attraction taught that men have a choice in how they respond to this situation; to not be led by primal feelings, to understand them and learn how to filer them in order to be attractive to the opposite sex (its not trickery, it’s science and art). Bonnar truly doesn’t get it and this, along with his bitterness led to his hate-campaign and sexually jealous lies about men who he perceives as superior to him.

Bitter Bonnar hates men who have honed the ability to control, channel and understand primal signals because he can’t access that part of himself; Myles you are a slave to your impulses, instincts, social justice conditioning and need for approval- you’ve never even questioned why you are the way you are! If your BBC Social video or Panorama/Disclosure flop-umentary were even slightly accurate; they would have shown how Addy and Street Attraction turn seduction into an education, skill-set and success with women. Many men from all backgrounds testify online on how they learned to control emotions, to have a positive outlook, to overcome anxiety/ depression, to enjoy the present moment and to handle situations that disturb/ limit others. Women benefit from this also, they can have healthy relationships (whether short-term or long-term) with men you have their sh*t together! Instead Myles – you showed what your dark sordid agenda and limited mind made-up and twisted!

Social justice fool Myles gives away his “no-penis” mentality when at the start of his flop-umentary he films girl’s bums on Oxford Street. Dirt-bag Bonnar continued; “Hitchens pointed out a target and we were sent to approach by blocking their path.” Wimpy Myles uses “target” to make Eddie look seedy, when Myles himself used words like “it worked” and “pack.” Eddie used “target” to appeal to the logical male brain that can learn most things like building blocks and equations, there is nothing seedy about it. And no one was “blocked,” all of Street Attraction’s infield videos showed them temporarily stopping girls in a positive/ friendly manner, leaving enough space for them to stay or leave at their leisure. Mostly the women involved welcome and enjoy the interactions and again, there are thousands of people around! Myles – how do you suggest men meet women?! You don’t have a clue you creep – but you seem to think you know better than guys who actually know from experience. You’re full of sh*t Myles.

Bonnar continued; “boot camps students were now mic’d up so Hitchens could listen in and critique their performance.” Your stupidity is astounding Myles, in any coaching/ student scenario – the perceiving eye is weak and the observing eye is strong. Eddie’s observing eye seen events from experience (clear of distraction, exaggerations and mis-perceptions); in contrast to Myles’ inexperienced perceiving eye that seen obstacles and issues. Hence the need for mics and ear pieces. Eddie taught how to focus the animal brain within milliseconds by questioning impulses and overriding them and to examine perceived threats that are not real. This is mental and physical training and requires practice by taking consistent action.

White Knight friend zone coward Bonnar virtue-signalled through his mangina, stating; “not that the women knew that,” just like Eddie didn’t know you were abusing his trust by secretly filming him and lying to him – while he was trying to help you. Myles, women benefit from this also, it’s win-win you childish idiot. Dating is difficult for females also to an extent, they want to meet a man, they want the right man to approach them – ask some women without your BBC rubbish hat on. Day-time dating is a solution for both men and women. Why be someone grovelling online, why not have something special to offer – daygame allowed men to be the answers to women’s prayers, not the other way around!

Mentally challenged Myles continued to project his insecurities; “the approaches made me feel uncomfortable. I kept on thinking about my sisters and cousins and what they would think if they were on the receiving end of the students advances.” You weird man Myles, who would think of sisters/ cousins during a dating scenario! Myles is fake virtue-signalling yet again. Myles your sisters and cousins would most likely welcome it, they’ve probably each had more sexual partners than you’ll ever have in your whole sad lifetime Myles! This is true sexism (from beta males like Myles) framing women as special snowflakes who don’t like sex, then shaming them for being sexual like all humans are. Your sisters and cousins shouldn’t be shamed for having sex with confident men who have the courage to approach and connect with them Myles, but they should be ashamed of you, you toxic man. Bonnar’s social anxiety and sexual inexperience is why he describes himself as feeling “uncomfortable” around women he approached.

When people like Myles panic, they make social mistakes, become shaken and stop thinking clearly. They react to primal survival hormones coursing through their veins – this is the source of your women problems Myles. Bonnar blames his emotional freak-outs on external sources, ie. dating coaches/ PUA’s, because it’s easier than dealing with his glaring flaws. This panic has to be trained out and doesn’t go easily – especially for beta male losers like Myles living in denial. Addy and Street Attraction helped men who were honest enough with themselves to get help, to solve this.

Girly-Boy Bonnar continued; “Dr Rachel O’Neill an academic at London school of Economics, has studied the seduction industry for 10 years.” This so-called “doctor” isn’t qualified to give an opinion because she’s looking from the outside in. Eddie Hitchens on the other hand has over 14 years actual experience, his opinion is that of fact, not outside observation. Within the seduction industry there are numerous armchair coaches who watch every video on the subject of seduction but never actually put any theory into practice by actually talking to women. These men are ridiculed as pretenders, this “Rachel O’Neill” is on par with them. Researchers are not experts, practitioners are. Your use of O’Neill’s opinion is asinine Myles, she doesn’t fully comprehend the industry – book smarts don’t equate to social skills and theory certainly is no match for experience!

Cringe worthy Myles continued; “Dr O’Neill told me; there’s an idea that seduction essentially provides a blueprint that men can follow as a way of interacting with women. So you’ll be given a more or less scripted set of lines, routines that you can follow.” This is not accurate. Some men who hire dating coaches have extreme social problems, mental health issues and emotional blocks. To start with these particular clients will be given lines/ routines.” However after repeated exposure to human interactions they are told to drop the training wheels and become free-flowing spontaneous and naturally witty in their interactions, reacting on a spur of the moment basis. Again a “blueprint” is taught to start with due to the biologically logical nature of male brains in order for them to understand on a methodical level. After that a transition to an emotional/ intuitive level is taught in order to internalise seduction as part of who they are.

Desperate Bonnar continued to quote the unqualified quack, stating; “most training camps spend the majority of time out on streets, bars, cafes, museums, any public place, actually practising techniques putting them into practice. That means often unwillingly drawing women into these interactions.” This coming from someone who has never attended or taught a boot camp, it’s a shoddy evaluation from personal bias, not experience. O’Neill’s recognition of game being taught in “public places” inadvertently highlights the fact that it is done in the open in a safe way with witnesses around.

As far as “unwillingly drawing women in,” she’s way off the mark again. Addy met his girlfriend via daytime dating, Eddie met his girlfriend in this way also, as have hundreds of thousands of other clients and coaches. Many women have also testified online as welcoming this type of dating, no women are ever forced to do anything – some stay and talk, others walk away, it really is that simple!

Dating coaches like Street Attraction and Addy taught their clients a series of exposure therapy exercises in varying levels of difficulty; from simple daunting approaches, until they did it so many times that it became as second nature as breathing. Making it natural and familiar, removing uncertainty, leading to confidence through experience. Fear is relieved by authority. Training is authority, it’s a release valve. With enough exposure, ordinary and innate fears are ironed out. Unfamiliarity is eliminated, which in turn increases tolerance to stress/anxiety/ uncertainty. O’Neill should apply this to areas of her life, she might learn something more valuable than her egoistic armchair analysing!

Metro sexual Myles continued his A-sexual ramblings; “some of the women we were told to approach looked like teenagers and I told Hitchens I thought they were too young. I am 31 and I did not want to approach someone half my age. Myles you sound like a borderline paedophile; half of 31 is 15 ½, that’s illegal and disgusting. No one told you to do that, that horrible claim came from you. The legal age of consensual sex is 16 Myles, do a documentary on that if it bothers you, it’s the law. 17, 18, 19 are “teenagers,” but they are still adults, your wording implies otherwise. It’s funny how social justice warriors like Myles suspiciously employ almost biblical moral high-grounds when judging others, but act hypocritically in secret. Myles hidden-penis ethics are to push his desperate agenda not because of any actual value system (instead to kick-start his career). If 2 adults of any consensual sexual age decide to get together that’s up to them Myles. 31 year olds are not limited to date those of a similar age, funny thing is though Myles, you can’t even attract women your own age.

Involuntary celibate Bonnar continued; “Hitchens, who was 34 at the time, took me aside to explain why I needed to be less selective. He told me; doesn’t matter even if she’s underage, it’s not illegal to stop someone. That was a good target.” Firstly, this is totally out of context, at no point in this quote did Eddie say to approach anyone underage as was implied by Bonnar! Myles was chickening out of doing approaches, hence why Eddie took him aside and told him to be less “selective,” your excuses and social anxiety were the cause Myles, not Eddie! Hitchens didn’t tell you to approach kids ever – that’s in your head Myles, you seem to protest a little too much here. Eddie has never been linked to anything to do with anyone “underage,” this is a disgusting allegation; made by a beady-eyed coward in the feminised form of Myles Bonnar.

Social misfit Myles stated; “Day two of boot camp. We listened to coach George Massey’s lesson on LMR, stands for last minute resistance to sex. Regarded as a women’s token attempt to reject sex – an obstacle to be overcome.” In reality no coach ever used terms “reject sex” or “obstacle to overcome,” these just further highlight Bonnar’s incompetency in actually understanding the context, as well as expose him flat out lying to sell his flop-umentary and Bonnar’s own seemingly subliminal stupid tendencies. The context “LMR” is explained in is when a women is playfully playing cat and mouse for the thrill after giving full consent, it’s a role play situation, nothing is ever forced!

Bonnar continued; “Massey explained: you have to be the one to take the lead. The whole vibe is you take responsibility for it. Yeah, I know, I am just an animal I couldn’t resist.” Myles doesn’t get it and leaves out the role play aspect of it (both parties are in on it – not just the guy). Massey is a published author in the field of seduction, we’ve read his book – it’s probably the most “politically correct” seduction book from the community, that benefits both men and women. Nowhere in George’s book is there any forced sex or connotations of rape, in fact it is a deep reflective account that includes women just as much as men, it is a good read for both genders. Massey explains “LMR” in a context of not making females feel cheap, guilty, slutty or undermined in any way!

Devious Bonnar continued; “In one of his videos Hitchens stated you should carry on escalating if a girl says you are going too fast. Hitchens goes onto say: if she says we’ll have sex next time you can reply with: why waste time? It’s arrogant to assume there will be a next time.” Bonnar twists Eddie’s words out of context again. We’ve seen the video Myles is referring to and Eddie stated in a “consensual situation,” also that “you should let the girl explore your home and always give her the option to leave, she should come to you willingly.” Also Eddie is being selective, he has options, he is being 100% truthful – it is actually arrogant to assume there will be a “next time.” It may be a one time situation or both parties may decide to move on. He’s letting the girl decide. There is nothing sinister about this.

Bonnar continued; “Dr Rachael O’Neill explained: idea with LMR that women put up certain amount of token resistance prior to sex, this is under seduction logic what women to do safeguard reputation…really worrying that this creates a situation in which a no can never be heard as no.” This is absolute rubbish, again from an under-qualified quack with no real substance to her argument. Addy and Street Attraction have both said in videos “no means no, we don’t advocate rape.”

We have a quote from Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame’s video about LMR on YouTube, Addy said “we do not condone rape, never force yourself on anyone, hold yourself in high regard and allow space for women to come to you. If she leaves so be it, no means no, move onto someone who’s into you, don’t waste your time on time wasters.” The video shows Ahmed saying, “we do not condone rape culture or forcing anyone sexually or otherwise.” Ahmed actually refers to “last minute resistance” as “making women comfortable and creating the right mood for adult relations because too many guys either don’t know what to do or are too thirsty to get laid and forget to have fun.”

Bonnar continued; “Richard Hood. Massey called him the king of LMR, Hood sounded more like a high-pressure salesman than someone genuinely interested in what women might want.” This again is opinionated rubbish from Bonnar. Massey introduced Richard as the “king of LMR,” to highlight his skills at role play and high level of charisma. It is documented on video that Richard knows what women want and they react to him accordingly, at times even pursuing him! Richard exudes the kind of calm equanimity that comes from the absence of irrational or extreme emotions. This is not the loss of feelings, just the loss of the harmful, unhelpful kind, This is a skill Richard has cultivated – freedom from disturbance and perturbation – to focus energy exclusively on solving problems rather than reacting to them. Bonnar is the complete opposite of this, he doesn’t get it, so labels Richard “high-pressure salesman.” This is evident at the end of sexual/social reject Myles flop-umentary, when Richard charms the cretin with open arms and warm smiles and Myles shuffles away like an awkward, sexually frustrated incel.

Reject Myles went onto misquote Hood out of context; “when you get to the apartment tell her to take off her shoes as soon as you walk through your front door – you start taking your shoes off, it’s basically the first part of the escalation. Some girls can be annoying. If they are in their shoes and jacket they’ll be like that’s enough for tonight…leave the rest for next time…that’s frustrating.” OK Myles, firstly – the man has high standards in hygiene and takes pride in his home. If you go to someone’s home and don’t want to take your shoes off, you leave – that’s their first opportunity to leave! Secondly in a seductive setting where both parties have agreed to be there, comfort is required. No one wants to get intimate with heavy coats and shoes on, the females wouldn’t be comfortable so of course they would want to “leave” (hence if they want to stay they would get comfortable). Thirdly Richard says it’s “frustrating” when sex doesn’t happen, meaning he doesn’t force anyone, if the female leaves she is free to do so. What’s the issue here Myles?! Again your article/ documentary does not offer an alternative, because you don’t have one, you friend-zone sexless loser!

Bonnar continued;” he told us men can be too preoccupied with consent: sometimes guys are a bit too shy or scared to keep pushing forward because they want so much consent…like a written permission slip, it’s okay that we go all the way. It’s nuance, you have to feel out the right moment and sometimes it’s your job to push things forward and lead.” Myles little tinker must have been pulsating while insinuating the horrible fake accusation of forced sex towards Richard. It was edited so out of context it’s ridiculous! We’ve seen Richard’s videos on LMR and can tell you the full context. Richard saying “so much consent” refers to killing the mood, in the context that you have consent (both parties are willing) and you don’t have to ask at every stroke during sex, a simple “no” from the female is enough. One “No” and everything stops, Richard is on record saying this! Ask a girl for a “written permission slip” Myles, see what happens, she can still change her mind. Richard said, “feel out the right moment,” referring to the moment of full consent! Then, only then, does he say to “push forward and lead,” Myles your accusations are disgusting.

This whole flop-umentary was an excuse for Myles to hang-out with females, as he doesn’t know how to; from psychologists, to fake wolf-criers, to even a lawyer and furthermore a female PUA – Myles you desperado. Bonnar interviewed Kezia Noble, a female PUA – who teaches similar and at times identical things as Street Attraction and Addy Agame – she is also in direct competition for business. However Myles didn’t throw any negativity towards her, simply because she is female (he doesn’t want to be disliked by any girls as he must remain in the friend zone to remain with a chance to maybe have sex with them – which he denies). Kezia Noble explains she teaches the same thing as Eddie, Richard and Addy about LMR! When asked about “infield footage,” Kezia side-steps the questions by stating “I don’t do infields, I wouldn’t want to be filmed.” What Kezia failed to mention is she employs pick-up coaches Sam Overton and James Tusk – both of whom film tons of infield footage, both teach the same things as Street Attraction and Agame – and both Sam and James have collaborated/ cross-promoted with Addy Agame and Street Attraction on YouTube. There is nothing wrong with what James Tusk and Sam Overton teach, it’s good advice – however it was sneaky and hypocritical of Kezia Noble not to give the full picture – or maybe girly-boy Bonnar left it out?!

Stalker Myles involved yet another woman (just to get some more female company), he stated: “I asked criminal barrister Kate Parker for her professional opinion on teaching men LMR and showed some of the coaches videos. She told me: I think it’s troubling, it’s encouraging men to bypass red flags that are put up by women that they should be sensitive, alert and responding to.” This is nonsense. Street Attraction promoted fully consensual sex and actually taught men to be “sensitive, alert and responding” to all red flags, both verbally and non-verbally! They stressed “no means no” and additionally taught “nuance non-verbal sub-communication” ie. facial expressions, body language, voice tonality, eye contact, etc. Following is a link to what Addy Agame’s criminal advocate Donna Armstrong stated about what the coaches did not being recognised as a crime under UK Law:

Additionally there has never been a “PUA” related sexual assault or rape conviction, ever! Also Myles did approach women off camera, he admits it in his flop-umentary. Technically he himself should be charged with “breach of the peace” in Scotland, the sneaky little midget.

Bonnar continued to quote Kate Parker; “from what I’ve seen, there doesn’t seem to be any sexual offences there, yet. But the more they teach these young men LMR, to ignore signs of consent, it’s closer to sexual offence territory.” This is bullsh*t, the only real thing in this statement is “no sexual offences,” there haven’t been any ever (in the 20-30 years the seduction community has been active!) There aren’t just “young men” being taught Kate, there are men of all ages who choose to learn including professionals in the medical and legal fields (to name a few). No one is being radicalised and no UK laws are being broken!

“Street Attraction had insisted they had done nothing wrong.” That’s because they haven’t, and that was the end of it – no police investigation, no court cases, no more media, no hate campaign – because in England people don’t care, their media are actually concerned with real issues. However in Scotland, the small minded backward inbred media made a circus of a non issue and are trying to influence a court of law to convict and what to convict for – this is madness and a disgrace to Scotland. It just shows how far behind England Scotland’s media actually are, the difference is astonishing! Street Attraction’s videos were more “controversial” than Addy Agame’s (both are innocent of any wrongdoing), yet Addy was remanded in custody and faced going to court, whereas globally no one else faces any legal action. This shouldn’t even be entered into a court of law, it’s a waste of tax payers money!

Reptilian swine Myles Bonnar then goes on to quote puppet face weirdo Sandy Brindley from Rape Crises Scotland. Why does this meddling nobody Sandy Brindley have to get involved?! There were no accusations of any incidents involving rape, why doesn’t this stupid publicity starved muppet go and help actual rape victims?! What does Sandy Brindley actually do?! She isn’t qualified to speak about this case, it is out with her pointless role – she would do anything to back her feminist man hating agenda.

Cowardly Myles spewed more quotes from Sandy Brindley; “wants the videos to be made illegal, she said: there’s questions about legality, about criminal behaviour, harassment, using images or audio without consent.” There is no questions about “legality” Sandy you cretin – it’s 100% legal under UK Law, hence why there is no “criminal behaviour,” you can moan from your fake moral high-ground all you like, but you cannot pass legislation, despite what your over-inflated ego tells you – you have no power, you’re a useless fool who’s life is ridiculously dedicated to destroying straight men because no one wants you! Slimy Sandy Brindley has viewed “pick-up” videos, none display any “harassment,” we urge readers to watch them on YouTube and see for yourself and no “images or audio” is pornographic or against the law, all participants are fully clothed Brindley you idiot!

Seedy Bonnar continued quoting hound-dog Sandy Brindley; “I have grave concerns about whether there is consent, to come across one of those videos and hear that audio – I think is an infringement on somebody’s human rights.” Well, Sandy, it’s not, it’s totally legal, all identities are concealed, the rancid news publications you speak to employ filming anyone and everyone without their consent and editing it out of context to fit their narrative of spinning a story any which way they like (with complete disregard for those people); if it is made “illegal,” it should be against the law for the wretched media also, it should apply to everyone! These shady media tactics are the real infringement coupled with the fanatical demonisation of men in general by idle feminazi fools like Sandy Brindley.

Punk Myles continued quoting Sandy Brindley; “I think some of these techniques come very, very close to rape, pick-up artists are doing men no favours recommending these.” Sandy you promote rape, pick-up artists don’t. You promote rape because it gives your pointless job purpose – let’s get one thing clear, rape is rape! Sex is sex! Rape and sex are 2 different things, they do not come close, rape is a disgusting crime Sandy, sex is a consensual experience between 2 adults, there are no blurred lines.

Well-respected London dating coach Eddie Hitchens from Street Attraction stated; “everything was completely consensual, we actually help men, we help prevent rape culture to help prevent them getting involved in anything illegal or non-consensual.” Despite this true and honourable statement from Mr Hitchens, the BBC Panorama program reporter and beta-male creep (Myles Bonnar) still selectively edited out of context quotes to demonise Hitchens and his colleague Richard Hood – in order to sway public opinion towards negativity.

Sandy what is “doing men no favours at all” is feminazi horror shows like you trying to feminise all men by cutting their balls off and making all women more masculine so that heifers like you have some sort of warped control over dating by attention-seeking, shaming and feeling more attractive. This is doing women no favours at all either!

Myles continued quoting mutant Sandy Brindley; “my advice would be this is not the approach to take you could end up facing serious consequences.” No one asked or wants your terrible crazy-person advice! Shut up Sandy, the only thing “truly repulsive” is your appearance, demeanour and existence! Addy Agame and Street Attraction didn’t humiliate, degrade or mistreat any women, they were set up like a play piece in the BBC’s game via one sided prejudicial videos by weasel rat Myles Bonnar and you joined in to get some of the tainted fame. Sandy do you actually help anyone or do you just chat nonsense in the press because you have an empty boring life?! There will be “consequences” for you Sandy, you and your organisation will be sued for the minute funding you have (if any at all). How about you change yourself Sandy instead of talking trash about men to mask your insecurities. Here’s more about Sandy:

Compulsive falsifier Bonnar continued his social justice act (disguising his motives of career advancement) by stating; “5 months after boot camp I was back in London – as a BBC journalist to challenge the coaches I had met.” You creepy little coward Myles – you stalked, secretly filmed, lied, misquoted (out of context) – then went to “challenge” Street Attraction. A challenge is one man against another; how about you pull your skirt up, put some gloves on and get in the ring with Eddie, Addy or Richard – if you really want a “confrontation or challenge.”

Manipulator Bonnar continued; “after weeks of refusing to engage with me, I found Eddie Hitchens coaching another group of men. I asked why he pressured women into having sex. He was outraged.” Wow Myles – you stalked a man who didn’t want to speak to a lying fool like you, then snuck up on him with a camera crew while he was working (helping other men). Eddie did look angry, but kept a dignified manner intact. Myles was only brave because it was being filmed, the little Scottish hick doesn’t have the backbone to step up by himself man to man. Eddie was right to be angry at Bonnar as he was making up accusations out of thin air. No females have ever accused Hitchens of ever “pressuring” them into anything.

Beta-male Bonnar continued to quote Eddie; “he said: that’s completely wrong. You have twisted it completely out of context…it’s an art. It’s completely consensual. We actually help men…if anything we help prevent rape culture and help prevent them getting involved in anything illegal or non-consensual.” This is 100% true – Eddie has never been linked to anything “non-consensual” or “rape” ever! There are thousands of clients and hundreds of women who can back up what he said.

Two faced swine Bonnar continued; “Hitchens denied telling students they should approach teenagers, he said; not true, the thing I teach is exactly this. Find out how old the girl is before you do anything sexual/ flirtatious…you are basically misrepresenting what we’re doing. It’s absolutely disgusting and we’ll see you in court.” Myles goes back to his seemingly sordid fantasies by using the word “teenagers” in an underage context. Eddie only told clients to pursue women over the age of consent, never anyone underage, again he has no history of this ever! Even in Myles’ flop-umentary Eddie said to find out age first. Eddie’s statement was again true. Street Attraction are responsible for helping hundreds of thousands of men. They taught self-development as well as dating, Bonnar chose to demonise them to advance his bummy no-go career. Bonnar and the BBC’s lawsuits are piling up as Ahmed’s appeal is in progress and he will also sue the dishonest organisation.

Fame-starved sex-weirdo Bonnar left out that Eddie also said; “I don’t pressure women into having sex, you’re trying to portray normal consensual sex as something else.” Bonnar filmed Street Attraction over a prolonged period of time and selectively edited certain quotes to fit his demonising narrative, just like he did to Addy in January 2019 in his vile BBC Social justice/ racial hate video! You should show all the footage Myles, so people can see the truth, not the lies you choose to show. Any conversation can be edited selectively with a narrative added to make any said person look bad, it’s basic school-boy crap – people see through it Myles!

Feminised Bonnar continued; “Richard Hood denied teaching men to pressurise women into sex and said all the women were recorded with their consent.” Richard is correct in what he said he taught, ask his clients Myles, they are the people taking the piss out of you online. Also prove otherwise Myles, Richard is to be taken at his word. And even if someone was filmed on public property without consent, it is not illegal – the media do so on a daily basis!

Wimp Myles continued to quote Hood; “he told me: we never film girls, ‘we’ve had actresses.’ So you’ve done nothing wrong? ‘Correct.’ And you don’t think you’re breaking the law? ‘Of course not.’ After I spoke to Richard Hood, Street Attraction deleted the video I asked about.” Myles you liar, no videos were deleted by Street Attraction, that’s a fact, your full of crap you little dwarf. And once again, nothing illegal took place you fool!

Reptilian Bonnar left out how Richard totally owned him and sent him reeling during the ambush. Richard had bright eyes, a warm smile and open arms whilst talking to the pouting drama-queen Myles. Richard said to Bonnar; “I haven’t given you consent to film this,” to which Myles stuttered and mumbled saying, “It’s not the uh, same thing.” Yes it is you fool, it’s actually worse. Street Attraction protected the identities of anyone they may have filmed, you on the other hand Myles lie and demonised them in order to advance your failed career. Hood then said to Bonnar; “I love the BBC, I love you Myles, give me a hug,” to which Myles walked away bitched out and beaten like a child having a tantrum, sensing he was being taunted, ridiculed and mocked. Myles took the piss out of himself via his sexually frustrated incel demeanour, Richard just played it cool and laughed at the little snitch!

Snitch Bonnar continued; “shortly before my documentary was to be broadcast, YouTube removed more than 100 videos posted by Street Attraction.” YouTube did so at yours and the BBC’s request you stink ball, this was not a random occurrence, it was due to BBC pressuring YouTube to do so. Bonnar said; “YouTube terminated the channels Addy Agame and Street Attraction,” there was no channel ever called “Addy Agame” this is the level of amateur journalism Bonnar displays!

Bonnar boasted; “BBC News’ investigation into global seduction industry was published and YouTube removed over a 100 videos for violating its rules on nudity and sexual conduct.” This so called investigation was a total prejudicial one sided propaganda attack – not an investigation, (by weasel reporter Myles Bonnar to advance his failed career).

YouTube removed videos because of pressure from the BBC, in order to avoid bad publicity, not because these videos violated any YouTube rules on nudity or sexual conduct. Thousands of these channels still exist and the dating businesses are still functioning. Ahmed’s DWLF channel had been down since January 2019 through his own direction, not because it was deleted. None of Addy Agame’s videos violated any YouTube policies! This is a tactical lie told by the BBC to try to defame Ahmed by associating him with Street Attraction and vice versa!

Gossip-queen Bonnar continued; “coach George Massey later told me he saw his role as helping people in the dating field. If he has ever said anything inappropriate to a man seeking support, he said, no one has ever told him. He said he gets letters of thanks from men who are now in healthy relationships.” This is a true statement from George that is backed up by his clients. The same applies to Eddie, Richard and Addy.

All 4 of these men taught other men to be self-confident, not in a delusional sense like Myles, instead for the purposes of accomplishing healthier relationships and sex-lives. They taught aiming low meant to accept mediocrity and aiming high meant a better life. Such confidence doesn’t come easy, they taught from experience and their truth. They taught that clients should not listen to what toxic creatures like Bonnar say (or what the negative mental conditioning they have unconsciously picked up says either) as it will result in them being beta-male losers like Myles.

They taught their clients to be open to possibilities/ opportunities, gain experiences and to live in reality. Eddie displayed charm, cool headedness and leadership. Richard oozed wit, charisma and positivity. George exuded humility, compassion and light-heartedness. Addy manifested magnetic confidence, self-discipline and a relentless drive to improve through action and practice. Bonnar has none of these traits, he has nothing to offer except hatred, negativity and lies – he’ll always be a loser! If you can’t beat them, smear them, eh Myles (pathetic!).

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