Street Attraction – Eddie Hitchens & Richard Hood Statement Regarding Weasel Reporter Myles Bonnar Framing Them To Advance His Lacklustre Career

Legendary Street Attraction Respond To BBC Panorama’s Prejudicial Sham Documentary Spreading Fake News Lies About Masculine Men

Street Attraction stated the following:

The BBC got YouTube to delete our channel, to silence us so that we wouldn’t be able to respond to their sham ‘documentary’, so we’ve had to do a written response on our website.

The BBC ‘documentary’ about Street Attraction is full of deliberate manipulation, conflation, misinterpretation and fake narratives. No wonder intelligent people don’t believe the mainstream media anymore.

The documentary contains no actual real reporting, it’s merely a paparazzi clickbait hit piece. It uses sneaky but obvious editing tricks to paint us in the worst possible light. The undercover reporter Myles Bonnar used a script and leading questions in order to get short quick audio/video snippets of us to paint us as villains. These snippets of us are used out of context, misrepresented, deliberately leaving out other things we said, omitting the full explanation of concepts and methods discussed. Such editing trickery can be employed to make anyone look and sound bad.

It goes without saying but just to clarify to the BBC liars out there: We have never advocated or taught any men to have sexual relations with minors.

If I was a grown man and went to a bootcamp specifically to meet women and they started teaching me to meet kids, I would sure as hell complain about it  and tell someone. We’ve always taught men to first find out a woman’s age before  proceeding any further with conversation. To first establish age, before flirting or sexualising the conversation. We have never advocated or taught any of our students to harm women in any way.

The BBC have absurd ideas on gender norms, sex and relations between men and women. A war against heterosexual men, a smear campaign against normal, natural consensual relations between men and women. A sick attempt to redefine consensual sex so that every man is on the hook for rape.

No matter how our words or suggestions may be misinterpreted by the BBC paparazzi, we’ve done our best to help people, to improve lives. The result of giving free advice over a period of years is that we’ve been contacted for help by doctors, surgeons, university professors, police officers, police detectives, airline pilots, lawyers, people with physical and mental disabilities, even top scientists have contacted us for help in the dating field. For the most part these are just men looking to no longer be lonely, they want to actively cultivate relationships.

If we’ve ever said anything inappropriate or out of turn to a man seeking support, noone has ever told us; instead we get letters of thanks, words of gratitude and success stories from men once lonely, or even suicidal  who are now in healthy relationships or are even married.

Some of these men are more than twice our age, and we’d trust them to at least verbally challenge us if we were being inappropriate. If the public need to judge us, we’ve put out many hours and over a hundred thousand written words on the subject of dating and relationships already.

Man in 21st Britain century is soft. We don’t have to fight for our lives or hunt for our food. So soft in fact that most men cannot even speak to members of the fairer sex they are attracted to without downing their own body weight in tequila first!

Learning ‘Daygame’ (being able to meet and interact with women in daytime situations in a polite and calibrated manner) is about reclaiming one’s own masculinity first and foremost by admitting one’s social and emotional intelligence skills need work and then going out and cultivating said attributes by speaking to people in real life, rather than sitting at home crafting disingenuous profiles on Tinder or Plenty of Fish.

In a world of fake Tinder profiles and amongst a sea of unhappy internet daters spread across all genders the ability to meet women face-to-face in spontaneous daytime scenarios remains the most authentic and genuine way there is to date… and I’m sure most women when asked about their preferred way of meeting a guy they like would also say during the daytime, face to face and sober…

Daygame ultimately from the male perspective is about striving to be a better man by developing understanding and empathy for how women think and act which in turn leads to happier relationships on both sides of the gender spectrum.

The BBC has become an unreliable media organisation that relies on a compulsory tax disguised as a TV licence. They can afford a legal department and rely on bullying tactics to intimidate anyone that is able to provide entertainment or a point of view that is inconsistent with their increasingly unpopular and declining viewership and medium.
In this respect, we reserve the right to instruct solicitors and consider pursuing legal actions against the BBC and the journalist in question for libel, slander, harassment and loss of earnings.

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