Sep 29, 2019


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Stuart Cook Was Charged For Farting At Police Scotland Officers

Stuart Cook Broke Wind Three Times During A Strip Search And Was Convicted By Scottish Courts For Doing So

Scot Stuart Cook supposedly deliberately farted at cops whilst bent over during a strip search. The Sun reported that the man broke wind three times while being searched after being hauled into an Aberdeen police station.

The young man was approached by officers after he was seen talking to a driver of another car following a crash. Cook became irritated when he was cuffed and began shouting at the officers.

The police took Cook to a nearby police station where he was strip searched and told to bend over. Stuart Cook then “deliberately farted in the direction of the officers three times, stating, ‘how do you like that?'”

Idiotic Sheriff Ian Wallace ordered Cook to carry out 75 hours of unpaid work.

The Scottish Courts and Police are abusing their authority and wasting public funds / time if this story is anything to go by. Murderers, rapists and robbers walk the streets whilst innocent men are punished and convicted of minor and laughable crimes (that aren’t even actual crimes!)

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