STV News Slander Adnan Ahmed, Falsely Accusing Him of Fake Charges He Did Not Commit, Ahmed is Innocent and Did Not Commit Sexual Assault

STV, The Channel That Has Caused Numerous Recent Suicides (via it’s top show – Jeremy Kyle), Lie About the Circumstances Surrounding Innocent Man Adnan Ahmed, STV News is Well Known for Rouge Journalism and False Reporting

STV are at it again, the controversial propaganda wielding channel is well known for lying, cheating and publicising scandals through STV News. This has led to numerous suicides in the past couple of years.

The clowns at STV News predictably joined the media circus defaming Adnan Ahmed, falsely reporting fake charges against him. Ahmed is innocent and did not commit sexual assault, he did not commit breach of the peace and he has not been charged with voyeurism. Ahmed was set-up by the media, namely by BBC The Social’s reportedly racist journalist Myles Bonnar in particular. The video made by BBC The Social is what prompted police to start a pointless investigation.

Ahmed was never charged with “sexual offence’s,” this is a lie told by STV. STV News also said it happened “after police investigated an online video which allegedly encouraged men to pick-up women for sex in Glasgow,” this is also a shameless lie.

STV’s dodgy reporting has caused people to die, they have disturbed the peace so much by broadcasting lies that people took their own lives.

Adnan Ahmed appeared in Glasgow Sheriff court in January 2019 and maintained his innocence and plead not guilty. Ahmed, of Glasgow, maintained this position each and every time there has been a further hearing, despite slimy press vultures sitting in the court room desperate for some scraps to write a story to aid their flagging careers and worthless existence.

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