Oct 01, 2019


by: dexter


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Taxi.Near.Me Plagiarise Fake News Article By Wretched News Rag Glasgow Guardian, Report Falsehoods About Dating Coach Addy AGame

Don’t use Taxi.Near.Me if you need a cab. Their website is amateur and you may be inviting a mugger or rapist to your door. Their unprofessional service/ website sends dodgy cabs to pick up the public. They are based in the underbelly of Leicestershire in England and at the time of writing the amateur clown’s website is down.

Taxi drivers in Leicestershire must be going through some hard times, as a site badly designed for the purpose of “finding  a cab” is resorting to reporting fake news to get business. The scamming thief’s don’t even write their own articles they plagiarise them! They stole Georgina Hayes Glasgow Guardian article about dating coach Addy AGame. The imbosile cab company actually stated Addy’s site is the Glasgow Guardian, this is false!

They have attempted to disguise their theft by rewording the article in certain places, making it read out of context and as if a non-English speaking compulsive liar wrote it. One example is the term “hitting on” meaning flirting. Taxi.Near.Me wrote it as “striking on” as in assault! There are too many examples of incompetence to list. The most ironic one is, they wrote “telephone a taxi home,” as “telephone a taxi house,” absolute fools!

They are probably deleted from existence by now, as they are not even a legally listed business in the UK. Following is a link to our breakdown of the fake news Glasgow Guardian article by scum reporter Georgina Hayes about Addy AGame.


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