Nov 22, 2020


by: dexter


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The Corrupt Misandrists At The United Nations Hijack International Men’s Day By Dedicating It To Sickening Male-Feminist Allies

The feminist scum at the United Nations celebrated international men’s day by specifically only celebrating men who support women and feminism. They stressed that international men’s day should be a day that men show their support for feminism. Below is the UN’s sickening tweet on International Men’s day;

“Happy#InternationalMensDay to all the male allies around the world who support women, defy gender roles, fight gender-based violence & stand up for equality.” They then tagged @UN_Women so ensure people support for generation equality. God forbid men have a day for themselves. 

It’s disgusting that a body such as the UN that is responsible for massive global political decisions is so infiltrated by and biased towards radical separatist feminism. Hence why recent pandemic and presidential election doubts are viable, these sharks will go to any length to impose their Marxist b*llshit!

Check out their tweet here;

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