Sep 05, 2019


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The Daily Record Newspaper Falsely Accuse Football Talent Scout Gordon Neely of Raping and Abusing Boys

The Horrific Newspaper Ruined an Innocent Man Gordon Neely’s Life and Only Published a Small Correction After His Death. This is Common Malpractice by The Scottish Media!


The Daily Racist, excuse us, The Daily Record newspaper are well known for spreading sectarianism and religious hatred throughout the years via the shameless unreliable Scottish media. Ask any Glasgow Celtic fan about this and they will more than happily tell you in detail. The newspaper is also no stranger to reporting false sexual accusations against innocent men, such as Gordon Neely, and ruining their life as a result.

The Daily Record falsely accused former Rangers and Hibernian football talent scout Gordon Neely of raping and abusing boys in the 80’s and 90’s. This resulted in Gordon Neely losing his job and did irreparable damage to his reputation, it also allowed his accuser to claim tens of thousands of pounds in compensation from the faulty Scottish Judicial System. Boris Johnson is right to want to scrap compensation for such incidents to stamp out false allegations.

It was later revealed that Gordon Neely was innocent. Neely was humiliated and destroyed by The Daily Record, he died in 2014 without justice. All he received from the disgusting newspaper was a tiny “published correction” on page 4 of the dirty rag in 2019, 2 years after his death. It wasn’t even titled as a “apology”, this is horrific behaviour by the Scottish press, but is common place in Scotland’s media, as reptilian journalists show no care or remorse for innocent men and their families and just publish absolute lies. More recently the sleazy newspaper has done the same thing through creepy reporter Jack Aitchison, falsely accusing innocent dating coach Adnan Ahmed of crimes he did not commit.

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