The Daily Record Regurgitating Lies About Adnan Ahmed by Recycling Fake Charges Listed in Other Media

Reporter Ashlie McAnally Lists a String of False Charges Regarding Adnan Ahmed, She Displays Lazy Incompetent Journalism by Copying Rival Reporters Accounts Without Verifying The Truth

Reporter Ashlie McAnally is yet another below par journalist, bumbling her fantasised inaccurate stories through  the cheap, tacky rag newspaper that is “The Daily Record”, one in particular about dating coach Adnan Ahmed.

Ashlie McAnally stated Adnan Ahmed faces charges of Voyeurism, he does not. McAnally was basically last in line to get the fake scoop on the made-up scandal. This says a lot about her journalism abilities and status among her peers, this is the norm for lying scumbag reporters. Ashlie decided to look at all the other media on the Adnan Ahmed story and summarise it into bullet points.

She did no homework or investigation, she simply paraphrased a bunch of falsehoods and wrote a shirt inaccurate piece on it. A small child could have done a better job.

Ashlie also wrote that Ahmed made no plea, he plead Not Guilty. All these media vultures want to create misery and fear; then spread it and feed off it. Adnan Ahmed is innocent; he did not commit sexual assault, he did not commit voyeurism, he did not commit breach of the peace and he did not behave in a threatening and abusive manner.

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