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The Downfall Of A Predatory Glasgow Bullsh*t Artist, Jamie Andrew (Middle Aged Attention-Starved Approval-Seeking Blogger Bum)

Addy Agame Proven Innocent, Beats False Allegations Due To Miscarriage Of Justice / No Actual Crime! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43CGp8ptitk

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame Wins Appeal To Overturn Wrongful Conviction / Sentence Due To Miscarriage Of Justice And No Actual Crime To Answer To – https://redpillrights.com/adnan-ahmed-aka-addy-agame-wins-appeal-to-overturn-wrongful-conviction-sentence-due-to-miscarriage-of-justice-and-no-actual-crime-to-answer-to/


Social Justice Loser Jamie Andrew Glory-Hunts By Piggybacking Off The Bandwagon Defaming Dating Coach Addy Agame! 

It’s the classic tale. Beta-male can’t get pretty girls. Beta-male pursues a fat girl. Beta-male continues to want pretty girls. Beta-male harbours resentment and settles for a fat girl. Beta-male marries fat girl. Beta-male has kids with a fat girl, a pretty girl says no to him and laughs at him. Beta-male hates men who pretty girls want. Beta-male says dating coach is a demonic individual. Beta-male spends the rest of his sad life on the internet writing a shite blog. The story of Jamie Andrew. Jamie states he likes to write about horrid things, use the word “cunt” and to talk shit about people. OK Jamie, let’s do it your way, see how you like it!

Chubby-chaser Jamie Andrew has the IQ of cat shit. As is evident if you read his shitty blog and even shitier (new word!) article about Addy Agame. Jamie is a sad old bugger in his 40s living his life on the internet via a blog where he badly attempts to be witty. He starts his clout-chasing article on Addy Agame by attempting to spin a boy meets girl scenario, stating things like; “boy pursues girl through shopping mall…chase and harass….intimidate and manipulate…won’t take no for an answer….girl runs away…!! Sounds like the ravings of a rape fantasy having prick going through a mid-life crisis, making insane accusations because he married a fat munter that he met in high-school. Stinking creep Jamie goes on; “boy says girl has a cock-killing feminist agenda” this isn’t the first or last penis reference Jamie Andrew makes in his homo-erotic article, lay off the gay porn Jamie son and fix your failed marriage to Mr Blobby!

Loser Jamie Andrew states he writes “work, fiction and parenting” blogs, what the fuck has that got to do with Addy Agame, Jamie boy? In reality, you’re just a sissy-man who desperately needs the attention. Misinformed blagger-blogger Andrew goes with the outdated argument of “pick-up artist…PUA,” calling Addy Agame a “failed rapper and self-proclaimed fanny-aficionado.” That’s rich coming from Jamie, a failed blogger and a failed human being. Where are you going with your life Jamie? Really, apart from the blog? You come across as a wanna-be tragic Frankie Boyle tribute act. Addy’s rap career was successful, he decided to step away at the right time. Even rappers of Eminem’s status have a shelf life you bearded tit. As far as “fanny-aficionado” goes, I get why you’re jealous mate – you’re a fat-bird aficionado, I’d be jealous too if I married a blonde blimp that I need to feed all day and couldn’t get an erection for!

As far as troll Jamie’s “PUA” claims go (which is the inaccurate basis of his whole article), he’s the type of idiot that probably read the trash Neil Strauss book “The Game” and thinks that’s what Addy Agame’s dating business is about, which is clear as he states “Addy plays the game in and around the greater Glasgow area.” Again misinformation, as Adnan Ahmed has said on many occasions, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating and life coach, we help people using scientific self-help not tricks, techniques, lines and tactics.”

Addy didn’t game in Glasgow as is evident via his statement to the press in January 2019, Addy stated; “”There is virtually no ‘scene’ in Scotland. The closest you get to a scene in Scotland is people getting drunk and going out at night but that goes on anyway. Even I don’t game in Scotland anymore. No-one really does this in Scotland. I’ve had clients here and there but mostly I deal with clients in England, Eastern Europe and other places. Glasgow and Edinburgh don’t have enough of the type of women I’m attracted to, hence why I’m in Eastern Europe and Arab countries every couple of months. Plus any city with a population of less than a million people is not good for game. We have tried in Glasgow and Edinburgh but they’re too small and even though I have met some amazing girls in Scotland that are my type and I’ve had awesome experiences with, I can meet a higher volume of my type in other countries. Scotland is a beautiful country with some lovely people but I wouldn’t recommend it for game, unless someone really likes a particular type of female.

Old fogey Jamie Andrew shat more “PUA” fiction from his mouth stating; “the aim of which is to seduce as many women as possible in a bid to secure maximum amount of sex.” If someone wants to do that Jamie, what’s the problem? Some people like to have maximum amount of sex with as many beautiful women as possible instead of marrying a wobbly blonde balloon and compulsively masturbating on their laptop whilst writing parenting blogs! Cringe worthy Jamie then goes onto make a dad joke (first of too many); ‘’the PUA holy (or should that be hole-y) grail.’’ Petty shite Jamie, sets the tone for the rest of your article, well your whole blog, actually your whole life really! Best not to tell that one to your two mutant sons (half beta-man, half fat-lady, 100% ashamed). Honestly Jamie, you need to ferret out the deception from your writing, you try to use words to appear cool and to disguise your true ignorance of the topic at hand; rambling a programmed social justice narrative to avoid the responsibility of thinking for yourself and deep down – to impress the pretty girls who patched you all your life!

Jakey Jamie stated; ‘’Addy’s game seems to boil down to him following nervous women through the streets of Glasgow.’’ Jamie the only ‘’nervous’’ woman is your other half when you fail to earn enough from your crappy blog to feed her a daily supply of 30 deep fried Mars Bars and Creme Eggs. Where are you getting your information Jamie?! You must by lazily making it up. If you looked on Addy’s channel, most of the videos are from Europe and England, not Glasgow. And if you observe clearly there is no “following” or “targeting” of women. They either stop to speak to Addy or they walk with him, both of their own free will. This is another common gas lighting tactic by beta male scum-bags like Jamie – using words like “following” instead of “meeting.”

Jamie Andrew is desperate for his big break (the WiFi bills are piling up). He is a middle-aged internet addict (most likely porn) that writes awful personal blogs that include writing about children’s fairy tales in a pornographic / murderous light. We hope you don’t read those to your wee boys as bedtime stories. This explains why you’re a self-proclaimed atheist, you dirty devilish beast. Weirdo Jamie shat on stating; ‘’getting his walloper out and screaming at them to show him their camel-toe.’’ It’s surprising Jamie even knows what a ‘”camel-toe’’ is, after all he’s used to seeing flabby ‘’walrus-hoofs.’’

Jamie basically lies compulsively once again by misquoting Ahmed out of context further. What the bummy blogger failed to mention is that this was under circumstances between a couple already in a sexual situation and there was absolute consent and humour involved. The context was Keith Lemon style male locker room humour. Lighten up Jambo, you’re uptight and delusional, it’s not healthy living in a world of denial and hatred for others, just to cover up your obvious self-loathing.

Jamie Andrew is a hideous cross between Sean Batty and John Lesley, directed by a horny Jeffrey Epstein (that’s him on a good day!). The blog bum resorts to blatant lies in his article, guess this is what he means by fictional writing. The old fart stated; ‘’The hunter became the hunted, Addy was arrested following numerous complaints to the police about his behaviour which had been brought to wider public attention after BBC Scotland released a short documentary about his antics online.’’ This is inaccurate information, this type of corrupt writing is designed to make a mockery of the reality and dignity of Addy. Jamie writes this because he doesn’t know or care about facts.

Addy Agame didn’t ‘’hunt’’ anyone, this language gives a further insight into the sick predatory mind of Jamie Andrew. Nor was Addy ‘’hunted,’’ he willingly talked to the authorities as he wasn’t participating in any criminal activity, this is a documented fact! Addy worked in the criminal justice field and his dating business promoted daytime interactions on busy city centre streets populated with thousands of people with CCTV everywhere.  Jamie’s language is that of a secret sex pest who spends too much time on the internet (neglecting his kids in the process) writing soft core child smut. Jamie may go ‘’hunting’’ for women, but Addy doesn’t. One time Jamie went whale-hunting and returned with a wife, he’s been stuck with the blubber ever since!

The police didn’t act because of complaints, they were aware of Addy’s content for years, they crumbled due to media pressure because Police Scotland is a Mickey Mouse force of hick villagers. Additionally the so-called ‘’complaints’’ Jamie bullshits about were not made directly to the police. Trolls trash talked on social media like dumb teenagers trying to cyber-bully some meaning into their dull lives and the police took it upon themselves to track down the idiots who were doing so in order to build a case against Addy. It was absolutely shoddy police work – this is who is in place to protect the public in Scotland?! Additionally the police defamed Addy in the press before they had even spoken to him, this is totally irresponsible and unprofessional. BBC The Social hounded Adnan Ahmed for months, he reached out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man.

Former call-centre cretin Jamie Andrew continued; “while it’s not illegal to talk about women as if they were mindless vessels,” it’s not Jamie; just like when you use terms like “fanny-aficionado” and “camel-toe” you hypocrite. The creep continued further; “it’s definitely illegal to harass, alarm and panic women in broad daylight as they go about their business…” It’s illegal to do so at any time Jamie you idiot, however during the day makes it less sinister eh Jamie, it’s because it was never sinister you nugget. Addy didn’t “harass, panic or alarm” anyone, ever, this is a fact! Addy is not a predator. He is an exemplary human being, a good father, he worked in the Criminal Justice field helping others and did daily community work (with NA, CA and AA) for free. He has a fiancé, a mother and all his ex-partners testify there has never ever been any “predatory” behaviour on his part, ever!

Adnan Ahmed has always maintained he is not a pick-up artist, he has always said he is a dating/ life coach. It is a sad state of affairs when people are unable to talk to each other face to face, confining society further into dating apps and social media. In this era it is more normal to troll pictures and profiles online, messaging desperately and projecting a false persona to lure others in; whereas starting a random conversation with someone you find attractive face to face during the day is considered not only abnormal, but also criminal. There is more danger involved in meeting someone online than there is in meeting them in person. Plus face to face dating is a much more human and much less time consuming process, that is if Police Scotland don’t arrest you first.

Jamie Andrew is an inauthentic person who perceives and acts falsely to back up what he thinks will gain accolade and approval. He’s a bandwagon riding arse-kisser who does not speak with his own voice, he is too much of a coward to do so, he lacks courage. Ball-less Jamie stutters on; “there’s something spectacularly illegal about filming people without their consent and uploading the videos to social media, especially when those videos contain sex acts (albeit – as far as I’m aware – audio only).” That’s the problem, Jamie you’re not “aware.” It’s not illegal to film people in the street, Addy faced no such charges because it’s not illegal, the media does so on a daily basis, people put up millions of Instagram and Snapchat stories doing so, and there were never any “sex acts” filmed.

Come on Jamie, you sleazy nitwit, can’t you see the females faces are blurred out, protecting their identity. Furthermore you failed to mention it was a dating business, not a day out with friends. What are they unsuspecting of? A fun conversation, ooohhh the controversy. Additionally, foolish journos failed to report that the majority of videos on Ahmed’s dating site are from cities around the world, not Glasgow! OK Jamie, so Addy had consensual sex with these women, some of which was adventurous where a couple films each other, again consensual, then it is used for a dating businesses YouTube channel – with all parties involved permitting it to be shown! Also there is no actual pornographic video and all female participant’s identities are protected because their actual faces are not shown.

Moany old fogey Jamie Andrew has the air of an individual who gets his design for life from “inspirational” quotes on social media and 1980s Hollywood movies, he’s incomplete and life is always too hard for anyone incomplete, hence his bleak outlook and indulgence in falsehoods about Addy. Jamie can’t even quit smoking, he has confessed “quit smoking but still smoke,” Jamie you can’t even quit a life – threatening habit, you weak little excuse for a man, not even for your kids sake! Jamie Andrew spewed more drivel; “for now, at least it’s game over for Addy, we can’t discount the possibility that Addy might yet return to plague the internet with his unique brand of crass and objectionable, occasionally illegal trash-talk videos.”

It’s never game over for Addy; he’s a determined, resilient and an unbreakable man. Addy will return soon and the huge amount of online support, both politically and from his peers and the public is a testament to the intelligent people who see through this social justice bullshit and know the truth. Addy didn’t do anything “illegal,” there are millions of prank and dating videos being uploaded to this day. As far as Jamie’s claim about “crass” goes let us explain the concept of click bait video titles to you Jamie; Agame’s videos did have click bait titles, this was to attract more clientele as daytime dating videos are filmed and uploaded on an almost daily basis all across the UK and this industry is very competitive, having shock value titles is a marketing strategy to trigger more interest from customers.

Jake-ball Jamie Andrew is not only a “plague” on the internet, he’s a full blown AIDS epidemic. He uses his virtue-signalling approval seeker crap content to please modern day online trolls. Jamie is trying to come across as an a-sexual, vegan, gender-neutral, lesbian-man-woman, male-feminist, atheist stereotype of the “woke” brigade. Jamie uses his blog to not only bash Addy but to also hate on Jesus. There’s a theme here Jamie, you seem to hate on great men who tell the truth! It’s OK for a dafty like you to be an atheist, but why the hate for Jesus, why offend millions of Christians around the world. If it weren’t for Christianity you wouldn’t have any idea of mortality whatsoever, Western civilisation was built on those ideals, it’s no coincidence the further away Western society gets from them the worse it gets, as is evident in the present day. Jamie is an atheist because it’s “cool” to be, it’s classic sheep behaviour. He probably wants to mock Muslims and Jews also but is too much of a coward to do so because of the backlash he would receive.

This could be another reason why he hates Ahmed (background) and because Addy gets the girls Jamie never could and never will! Don’t blame God for you being a loser Jamie, blame yourself, or maybe Jamie’s a Jesus-hater because when he was a wee boy an evil priest tampered with his stinky bits! You simply don’t know what you believe Jamie, the world is too complicated for you, you’re mad at yourself and take it out on Jesus because you’re a spineless baw-bag that can’t get the life you want because you just settle for mediocrity!

Dull Jamie Andrew continued his disturbing penis obsession throughout the article by referring to David Cameron fucking a pigs head (another failed attempt at humour). Jamie definitely has the tells of a willy-watcher, no doubt! But I don’t know what’s worse – fucking a pig once or marrying a pig and fucking her for the rest of your life. Wait, it’s the latter! Hypocritically Jamie uses a lot of (what he calls) “Americanisms,” this is something he criticised Addy for, Jamie says “trash” and “johnston” referring to David Cameron’s dick, you dirty wee perv Jamie – you’ve got cock on the brain! Jamie continues his cock-obsession by stating; “let’s learn a little bit more about this guy, through him, the wider PUA community, if you allow me to bone up on him.” You’re not gonna “bone up on” anyone Jamie; stop writing like a gay racist getting ready for forced bum-sex, it’s easy to sit behind a screen and talk shit about a guy you think it’s “game over” for Jamie, it’s also cowardly. I bet you shat your piss-stained Y-fronts when you found this article and realised there are people who will stand up to you and expose you for the phoney you are.

Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame is not the founding father of “game” or the dating industry. It is a multi-million dollar industry which comes under the self-help umbrella, which started in the United States and spread all across the globe. Addy has thousands of followers, others have many more. By the looks of it, all Jamie has ever helped himself do is reach for junk food out of the fridge and order fast food takeaways whilst talking trash on Twitter. Sounds like another low-class Scottish male-feminist monster! Cock-mad Jamie Andrew pisses more nonsense from his metro-sexual mind about Addy; “if it hasn’t been removed already Addy’s YouTube channel is called DWLF…Dicks Will Last Forever.” DWLF actually stands for “Dreams Worth Living For” which is evident from the company’s letterheads, channel and website. However perverted Jamie claimed it stood for “Dicks Will Last Forever” in his trash article. Jamie you seedy little sex-pest!

Jamie’s blog is called “Jamie Andrew with hands.” Is this in reference to an addiction to masturbating to internet porn while the wife is in hibernation. Was it “with no hands’ ‘ before, then changed to “with hands’ ‘ after Jamie could no longer afford the 2nd hand plastic vaginas and blow-up dolls because big mama wanted more carbs to quench her relentless hunger! We can’t confirm why he names his blog that stupid title and who cares! Jamie bombs with another dad joke, “it’s a name that sounds like it was made up by a giggling 4-year-old who’d had too many smarties before bed-time.” Totally cringe Jamie; we doubt your kid’s giggle when you read them fairy stories with your pornographic twists and tell them Jesus hates them before they go to sleep. They don’t get any smarties, their greedy flabby dad eats them before they get a chance! “Jamie with hands” sounds like it was named by a sad 40-something-year-old beta male, who hates his life and spends far too much of his time online constructing an alter ego he can’t live up to in real life. It should be renamed to “Jamie without balls” or “Jamie flirts with and marries fat bird” or simply “Jamie the c*nt.”

Man-hating Jamie goes on; “DWLF must either be some sort of radical men-inist statement or an attempt to lend a bit of rapist sheen to the already deeply misogynistic PUA movement.” Jamie you need to stop thinking that kissing feminist arse is going to get you laid or worse, liked – you little weasel. And again with the “rape” shit, you’re either subconsciously telling us you are a rapist or have been raped or desire to be raped; whatever it is – rape is disgusting, stop talking about it you disgusting man. Jamie Andrew seems to have developed a deep hatred for masculinity and masculine activity. It’s because he lacks masculine traits, he whines online like a bitter woman, mad at the world and blames men for it all. He actually believes this weak outlook applies to other men. The rejection from beautiful women he experienced makes him hate men who are successful at bedding them.



Jamie’s a sucker for the friend-zone. This is evident through his sickening romanticisation of any pretty girl, who he refers to as “vulnerable” just because they are female. That is real sexism; labelling women as weaker because of their gender, he’s too blind to see it, and he feels women have to be drunk” to fall for guys like Addy. He is assuming they are stupid also. Additionally Addy always preached to not talk to “drunk” girls hence why he taught daytime dating in order to meet the real person not a “drunk” representative. Jamie wrote about a video Addy and his 2 female friends Ainsley and Sabine made together 4 years ago, saying; “one of Addy’s videos features him interviewing 2 intoxicated female students on a city centre street at night, asking them to guess the acronym. As drunk as they are, and despite being heavily guided towards the answer, the 2 young women can scarcely believe that anyone anywhere would name anything Dicks Will Live Forever.” You exaggerating, lying turd Jamie. You’ve watched a video with Addy and his 2 lovely lady friends and made up a pack of lies that are translated from your jealousy and lack of experience with beautiful women.



Here’s the truth; Addy, Ainsley and Sabine pre-planned the video as an example of showing girls and guys messing about and having a laugh. Jamie took it literally because he’s a moron. They made a funny play on the DWLF initials as part of a joke. Addy, Ainsley and Sabine hung out on a nightly basis on Gordon Street in 2016/2017. The girls were not “students,” they were savvy PR girls working for “Tingle ” bar at the time and have gone onto manage their own clubs. They were not “intoxicated,” they had a couple of drinks. They were not “heavily guided” or in “scarce belief,” they consented to the video, knew about Addy’s dating business and supported it fully. Jamie Andrew is plugged into naive Disney thinking when it comes to male-female dynamics; he sees himself as the white-knight nice-guy hero who wants to save the “vulnerable” women from the bad-boy player, while secretly wanking his pecker to internet porn! Que another Jamie Andrew dad joke; “it’s a scene that plays like an audition for the world’s very worst game show.” Shut up Jamie; your very existence play’s like the world’s most vile freak show you a tragic bastard.



Jamie continued; “the video raises a huge question mark over Addy’s position as a sexual self-help guru.” We’ve already pointed out Jamie’s total misrepresentation and blatant lies about Addy’s video with his 2 female friends. We’ll explain Jamie’s position as a jealous beta-male blogger. Jamie uses the careless construction of straw-man arguments to oversimplify, parody and distort Addy’s legitimate position. Jamie does this to harm Addy while at the same time trying to raise his own low status. His reasoning is rational, it comes from his flimsy pride, Jamie thinks all he knows is all that needs to be known. Pride falls in love with it’s own creations, and tries desperately to make them absolute.

Jamie waffles on; “the point of Addy’s videos – beyond vainglorious self-promotion and hollow boasting about his questionable exploits is to teach men how to be better seducers, how to boost their self-worth by cajoling, tricking and exploiting.” What a load of made-up bollocks Jamie! “Vainglorious self-promotion and hollow boasting” sounds like your shitty blog site. Addy sold his personal services to help men be better people, there was no “cajoling, tricking or exploiting” involved. And who are you to say Addy’s exploits are “questionable,” who made you the moral authority on anything Jamie? You’re a Satan worshipping atheist with a fat wife – that sounds very “questionable.” Addy told the press what he does for his clients in January 2019; “We don’t promote using techniques, tactics or trickery; its lifestyle and mind-set improvement. I am simply talking about my rights as a man and my preference in certain types of women (good looks combined with a good personality and similar perspective on life). Game is self-development, it’s not about getting girls, it’s about improving yourself as a man outside of negative societal stereotypes, conditioning and expectations – and by default you will attract better people into your life including women. I’m living the best lifestyle for me personally, it’s not for everyone and I respect that.

This is about human behaviour and biology not just words and language.  90% of human communication is non-verbal that’s what we’re tapping into and teaching. It’s like seeing through the matrix of marketing and social conditioning. The rate of mental health issues, relationship breakdowns and substance abuse is evidence of an imbalance – however there are also many amazing rights, ethics and freedoms in the society we live in.”

Imbecile Jamie Andrew rants on about Addy with yet another corny dad joke; “his winsome banter in this video is as charming as a weeping testicular welt, as engaging as the outpourings of your average head-trauma victim.” You wouldn’t know banter if it hit you in your stinking bearded face Jamie you fake fart! Your boring banter is as charming as a man on the verge of losing his only testicle after chemotherapy. Well at least that’s one more ball that you have Jamie! Jamie cries like a bitch saying, “why would you want to take a leaf out of this guy’s sex-book?” Well let me think, maybe because he knows women, there’s proof of him being with numerous stunning women and he lives out his sexuality unashamedly. What does your “sex-book” consist of Jamie? Become a married sad-sack that meets one chubby bird and marries her because he can’t do any better! Jamie goes on to reference a joke Addy makes with Ainsley and Sabine, who laugh hysterically at how funny it is. Jamie sounds like an envious troll stating facts out of context; “Addy digs deep into his childishly perverted imagination and pulls out a line about penises having little tongues that lick ladies pussies.”

Come on Jamie, that’s hilarious, it’s not your brand of dad joke but it’s funny, trust you to notice the penis joke Jamie, you cock-spotter. At the start of your own article you call yourself childish, you hypocritical double-standard having twat (“allow me to set the childish tone.”). You just don’t get banter Jamie do you, you old swine. This coming from a guy who’s blogs are pro-Hitler and anti-Jesus, you are a fascist idiot Jamie! Quit the blogging and get a fucking job mate.

Jamie then goes onto reference Lord Byron (an old English poet who had sex with his half-sister) along with his own grandfather and grandmother. This disturbing family lineage gives insight to Jamie Andrew’s perverted inbred perception and further highlights the skeletons in his closet. Creep Jamie Andrew then goes onto list a host of PUA acronyms some of which were outdated decades and could only be known by someone who has studied “pick-up.” Jamie hates PUAs because he’s a secret admirer/ obsessive of it, he probably tried his hardest to learn it but ended up married to a blonde elephant with extreme cellulite, so resents it because it didn’t work for him. What the fuck is, “bait, hook, heel, release (bhhr); instant/ interactive value display (IVD).” Jamie you’re a dinosaur, that’s terminology from the 1990s, how long have you been watching that shit for?!

In-bred Jamie can only go a few paragraphs at most before his penis obsession re-emerges, he makes up an acronym, “wee boaby syndrome (WBS).” If you read Jamie’s blog (it’s fucking torture) you’ll see he writes about wanting to change his “dick-size” and screams for “a bigger dick.” How sad wee man. Jamie your baby-penis is not a sufficient reason to hate on Addy Agame, who knows, if you apply yourself you may find some fat bird with pale skin and badly colour coordinated clothes stupid enough to stay with you – that is if you use your extensive PUA knowledge on “bhhr, IVD and WBS.”

Willy-wisher Jamie again calls Addy a “PUA,” which he’s not. The baby-nuts blogger stated; “sometimes PUAs like Addy co-opt the language and framework of self-help seminars sometimes they adopt the stance of sexual terrorists filming basement manifestos in which they encourage followers to literally rise-up.” Yep another penis reference, we get it Jamie you love talking about cocks/ dicks/ members; jeez, give it a rest! Funny how Jamie, a white man atheist feels it’s necessary to use the word “terrorist” to describe Addy, a brown man – Jamie you racist little pig!

Jamie, in 2019 the dating field is a multi-million dollar global industry. It’s been growing since the 1990s, beyond 2005, the ‘in person meet-ups” are now weekly seminars across the world, held like a pop artists concert tour to hundreds of thousands of people, even women attend these events! Type RSD into YouTube and see for yourself! The “mentors” are now coaches that charge thousands to develop clients, they are much less PUA and much more life coaches!

Confused dirt-bag Jamie Andrew spewed on; “sometimes PUAs come across like sports-casters or football pundits…will do video phone-ins with special guests.” This sounds like diverse content Jamie, as opposed to you writing a one-dimensional blog about fuck-all, between masturbating while your children sleep! Jamie then goes onto crack another lame dad joke (trying to be witty) in regards to dating coaches sounding like sports commentators where he references his own father “pumping” both of his aunties (on his mum’s side). Well it’s a step-up from his grandfather and grandmother being half-brother and sister. What seedy perv Jamie doesn’t understand is; male minds are more logical and literal, female minds are more emotional and social. This is built into us, through billions of years of evolutionary processes. Hence men can learn dating like a maths formula by emulating confident masculine men women find attractive. Addy taught this on a level that changes were not just emulations of a skill set, instead he taught it as an internal shift where his clients actually become confident men.

Knob Jamie Andrew then goes onto ask; “I thought seduction was supposed to be sexy not the province of some geeky statistician,” this coming from a self-proclaimed “Dr.Who” geek who managed to seduce someone with folds and crevices all over her bloated body. Sleaze-ball Jamie continued, “telling you to the nearest centilitre how much cum was produced in Glasgow during the summer of 1986.” Jamie remembers this as he was old even in 1986, plus he may have received many centilitres of cum that year willingly.

Jamie Andrew is an insecure individual. His blog about Addy Agame is him trying to gain victory for his point of view. He leans towards a warped ideology attempting to denigrate the viewpoint of anyone holding a contrary position using selective evidence to appeal to readers who occupy the same ideology space. Jamie’s aim is to gain support and jump on the bandwagon of an oversimplified world view. His position is not valid as he’s not interested in telling the truth. Jamie sounds (and looks) like a Highland hick stating; “Addy interviews fellow game-player from across the pond, Everett Overton.” You ignorant cheese ball Jamie, “fellow game-player,” you are being silly, that’s like saying you meeting your wilder-beast wife was you going “big game hunting.” Jamie goes on a weirdly sexualised rant about Everett’s looks, fashion and grooming, as well as wrongfully calling him a PUA, as if Jamie was discussing a teenage crush. Jamie stated; “Overton preens and prattles being beamed into a Bellshill bedroom.” This beats sitting in Jamie Andrew’s council house somewhere in the sticks in Scotland whilst popping fake Valiums and writing shite blogs in avoidance of heavyweight marital commitments.

Jamie resorts to insulting Addy’s voice, stating; “flat-toned cadence of a psychopath, a cross between Kevin Bridges and Neil Oliver.” Kevin Bridges is funny and Neil Oliver has a lot of female admirers, we’ll give you that one Jamie, Addy has both these qualities. Jamie Andrew’s writing style are like the obsessive ramblings of a sex criminal; a cross between Jimmy Saville and Gary Glitter with a touch (no pun intended) of Rolf Harris! Jamie is the type of weird sociopath that has a split personality online and in person, online he masks his weirdness, in person however his quirks and ticks come out to haunt, hence why he hides behind writing and not doing videos!

Rim-job Jamie Andrew goes onto quote Addy out of context once again, stating; “he shares his experience of having sex with a drunk girl who had to break off half-way through having sex to be violently sick.” Much like Jamie when he tries to make love to his pet hippo (wife).  Though Jamie “violently” throws up at the sight of his chunky misfortune, his out of context quote didn’t contain anyone being “violently sick.” Addy and Everett talk male-locker room talk, it’s how men talk about sex, that’s a fact. If you watch the video Addy stated this incident as self-deprecating humour making the same joke Jamie Andrew did, except Addy did so first. Addy also said it was after sex, then he fucked her again after she got cleaned up. It’s dark humour and it’s funny. Jamie’s just jealous because girls throw up at just the thought of having sex with him, maybe they know he’s spent most of his adult life sticking his baby penis into a woman that resembles a truck made of flesh. Jamie also quotes Addy out of context saying; “if you’re going to be a clown, you’ll attract clown bitches.” This statement has never been truer that when applied to Jamie Andrew!

Clown-b*tch Jamie Andrew then goes onto say; “Addy starts blending U.S and Scottish lingo,” then follows this with a racist white dad joke talking like an African American man. Come on Jamie, more racism? Typical ignorant white privilege bullshit! What Jamie doesn’t know is Addy grew up in America from his teenage years into his 20s. Jamie you come from Scotland, a tiny nation that is mocked globally mainly because of people like you. Your accent sounds fucking retarded anywhere else in the English speaking world. I can see Jamie now in his back garden with his kilt on, playing his tartan bag-pipes whilst his hefty diabetic wife cooks haggis over an open fire using Irn Bru. Jamie then lets out some words of wisdom; “I went roon the roon-aboot in my motur, hooped a ecto efftur a boatle of buck n pumped my fat ride of a burd wae my baby-tadger, mucker!” Jamie it’s clear your shit blog and limited mind only appeal to Scottish people like you with no ambition and who will never leave their housing estate until the day they die!

Scottish nationalist and potential racist Jamie Andrew then tries to exert a delusional superiority complex (despite being intellectually inferior) stating; “it’s easy to laugh at his bouts of buffoonery and blind-spots.” Jamie your major blind-spots are prejudice, ignorance, arrogance, corruption, delusion, denial, omitted rationalising, lying, cheating, twisting facts, falsifying, trickery, dishonesty, cowardice, bias, ego, immorality, minimising reality, approval chasing, status chasing and being attracted to big jiggly chubbers! Addy’s “buffoonery” as you put it threatens you as he knows how to have a laugh and enjoy life, whereas you Jamie, live a life full of sadness and shit sex!

Jamie Andrew lied blatantly yet again stating; “in one excerpt he films the aftermath of a sexual encounter and makes it clear that he’s just had unprotected sex with a drunk stranger.” Jamie uses his tiny beta male brain to assume the girl is “drunk” and the sex is “unprotected,” Addy says no such thing, that’s a fact! Jamie says Addy “makes it clear,” this is utter bullshit, he doesn’t even imply this, there is no evidence of alcohol or lack of protection, Jamie makes this up because he feels beautiful women have to be drunk to have sex.  What’s wrong with using condoms Jamie, you may go around having endless casual sex with no protection spreading nasty diseases, but that doesn’t mean others should take part in the same filthy practices. Ahmed is an advocate of safe sex and making sure sex is consensual. Jamie – always remember to wrap it up, safe sex is not a bad thing, it’s stops the spread of S.T.I’s.

Rape-fantisiser Jamie Andrew then states; “he talks about overcoming LMR, last minute resistance, nothing rapey about that at all.” This is an absolute lie. The video Jamie refers to shows Ahmed saying, “we do not condone rape culture or forcing anyone sexually or otherwise.” Ahmed actually refers to “last minute resistance” as “making women comfortable and creating the right mood for adult relations because too many guys either don’t know what to do or are too thirsty to get laid and forget to have fun.” We have a quote from Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame’s video about LMR on YouTube, Addy said; “we do not condone rape, never force yourself on anyone, hold yourself in high regard and allow space for women to come to you. If she leaves so be it, no means no, move onto someone who’s into you, don’t waste your time on time wasters.”

Sheep-shagger Jamie Andrew then suddenly turns into an expert on women, stating; “while it’s true women sometimes respond positively to displays of strength, virility, prosperity and confidence in men – that’s never to assume consent.” Women mostly respond positively to those displays, not “sometimes” but how would Jamie know – he settled for the first fatty he met, no wonder he’s mad at Jesus! Social justice wankers love to throw words like “consent” around, there is no sign of “force,” everything Addy done was consensual, it was the language he used that was misconstrued by keyboard gangsters hiding being a screen, like Jamie who feel the need to type lies for the pathetic dopamine hit of feeling like they know better, These S.J.Ws play victims and bash people at the same time for not being politically correct; being PC validates their victim mentality, gives them an excuse to be losers and allows them to hide their many insecurities. Scumbag Jamie Andrew then kisses up to his feminist masters by talking straight out of his mangina by lying further; “pick-up  is the suggestion if a man follows steps A), B) and C) he’ll unlock a woman’s libido and if the woman doesn’t dispense the prize of her private parts she’s a witch, bitch, tease, or feminist alligator.” What a load of BS. Jamie earlier in the article you called a woman’s “private parts” a “fanny” and “camel-toe,” what’s with the change of heart, Addy is quoted in the press as saying; “when you try to tell guys they need to better themselves through self-development, healthy lifestyle, mental health and addressing their issues – they don’t want to listen. Most guys just want the sex, so you give them proof it works to hook them in, then start the internal work so they can realise that sex or women will not bring them sustained happiness.”

Addy also stated; “male human beings are not responsible for all of society’s ills neither are female human beings; it’s unfair to blame one gender. We just view things practically and pragmatically rather than through a mainstream media lens. Gender should not be used as an excuse or tool to shame or hate anyone, this applies to both males and females, no-one is superior to anyone else. We refuse to take part in negative agendas taken to the extreme – this applies to both chauvinism and feminism. People have the right to choose whether they want monogamous or polygamous relationships, there is no need to lie or use techniques.”

Rape-promoter Jamie Andrew continued; “you’re a man and if you want something, you’ll take it.” Bugger off Jamie you shit-stirring clown! Addy stated to the contrary, saying: “If the female declines to speaking, the male has to respect that and leave. No-one is at risk of rape or assault. I have women in my family that I love dearly and these are terrible accusations for me and them.” Clout chasing Jamie Andrew then attempts to explain why men get dating advice, stating; “most men seek out advice are probably deeply sexually insecure and uncertain of themselves (or else a naive and impressionable little boy)” Jamie isn’t sure, he’s an idealistic beta male blinded by social justice propaganda, hence his use of words like “probably.”

The “naive and impressionable boys” Jamie references as being susceptible as clients for dating coaches are “naive” and “impressionable” because of radical aggressive feminism, that pushes softness and harmlessness in men as the only consciously acceptable virtues. Naturally, any boy’s built-in masculine hardness and dominance will start to exert an unconscious fascination. If men are pushed too hard to feminise, they will become more and more interested in harsh political ideology. Boys are suffering in the modern world of Western societies where gender equality has been pushed the hardest. Boys challenge authority to establish their independence in their adolescence. Feminists aim to neuter such provocative and daring behaviour in males, in order to feminise them. This is to the detriment of the future of youth and instrumental in the decline of boys.  Male and female sexual strategies are different, there are evolutionary biological distinctions between them when it comes to sexual selection. Jamie Andrew chooses to ignore the existence of overwhelming, multi-disciplinary scientific literature indicating that sex differences are powerfully influenced by biological factors.

Men toughen up by pushing themselves and pushing each other, hence the need for coaches and mentors. Boys are much more likely to get into car accidents, to fight physically, to quit school (because they’re tired of asking for permission) than girls are. This anti-social behaviour is far more prevalent genetically in males than in females, but that does not mean that every manifestation of daring and courage is criminal. Weak men are embarrassed and self-conscious, as they should be. They get put down by other men and by desirable woman because of feminist conditioning. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t know any better. His ignorance drowns him in resentment leaving him lonely (or with a horrible partner) to play video games and eating junk food (or drugs/ alcohol) to escape. It is to women’s clear advantage that men do not happily put up with dependency among themselves. Society would fall apart!

Unqualified Jamie then goes onto psycho-analyse the PUAs he so deeply resents by stating; “most men who style as PUAs are probably dead-eyed narcissists with a giant but fragile ego, who are unused to taking no for an answer, especially from women, toxic, potentially dangerous volatile combination.” This is rich coming from Jamie who describes himself as a “narcissist” on his own blog site. This “probably” description is the total opposite of Addy Agame.

If other men were like Addy Agame, this would be beneficial to them and to women also. The truth is most men in Western society are spineless friend-zoned lap dogs again because of feminist cultural conditioning; this is the opposite of the type of man Addy is. Addy taught, if you’re not the leading man in your own movie, you’re a bit player in someone else’s and you might as well be assigned to play a dismal, lonely and tragic part. Jamie if you think tough masculine men like Addy are dangerous, wait until you see what the weak men feminism is breeding are capable of. If they are healthy, women don’t want boys. They want men. They want someone to contend with; someone to grapple with. If they’re tough, they want someone tougher. If they’re smart, they want someone smarter. They desire someone who brings to the table something they can’t provide. Aggressive feminist conditioning makes it hard for attractive women to find mates, there just aren’t many men around (in Western society) who can outclass them enough to be considered desirable. Feminism today is anti-social, anti-human, jealous, desirous or failure, resentful and destructive. No one on the side of humanity or aiming at moving upwards should ally him or herself with such a thing.


Jamie Andrew is predictable. His kind of oversimplification and falsification is typical of ideologies with extremely fragile egos. He adopts a single axiom: PUA is bad, non-Scottish is bad, American is bad, Addy Agame is bad, Jesus is bad, patriarchy is bad, etc. He filters his experiences and insists narrowly that everything can be explained by that axiom. He believes, narcissistic-ally that the world can be put right if only he was at the controls. This is what is really “toxic, dangerous and volatile” thinking! Jamie, without masculine men, society would be overturned by resentful, touchy, narcissistic, soft, and infantile guys like you. Real men are corrective, tough, self-sufficient and use their own capacity to decide what line of immature and pathetic behaviour (like Jamie’s) simply can’t be crossed.

Toxic Jamie Andrew then imposes his views on sex on other men, stating; “when the pursuit of sex becomes pathological the poison sets in, it’s not normal to throw on psychological camouflage to hunt down multiple women for sexual sport.” Jamie you may have “to throw on a psychological camouflage to hunt down women,” but that’s not necessarily the case for other men. Some men don’t want to get married or want to have many sexual experiences in order to be sure of what they want before they marry. Just because you settled for a wife early on, doesn’t mean others should, it’s just not smart. Meeting women isn’t a “hunt” or “pathological” or “poison” it’s natural. And if multiple women want this then the guy has the choice to pursue it, sexuality is fun and if a man chooses to do it as a “sport,” it’s up to him, as long as it’s mutual. Women are free to do so also. Jamie then tries to shame men who do so, stating;” it’s creepy, it’s what serial killers do in their down-time.” Jamie you’re a drama queen using exaggerated beta male shaming tactics, just because you’re not getting laid doesn’t mean you should shame those who are.

Jamie continued on his high-horse, stating; “women are not semi-autonomous sex-bots whose bodies exist solely to boost the male ego or opponents in some age-old battle to be tricked, over-powered or defeated. For men to think and act that way is a detriment to us all.” Jamie Andrew suggesting this, is real sexism at its worst. If a man doesn’t want to be with an overweight hairy woman, as a human being he has the right not to be. If a man is sexually attracted to a thin, hairless (body) feminine woman he has the right to pursue that attraction (and vice versa). Men don’t know how to behave around women in western countries, elsewhere in the world, they know! This isn’t just because of the “#MeToo movement,” it’s because of radical feminist conditioning in the West over the past couple of decades. Feminism has invisible rules that are designed to confuse men in order to cultivate power, this makes men act “inappropriately” because beta males in the West are given mixed messages in the media on how to act with women which go against natural male instincts and against male traits, healthy females actually find attractive.

Jamie seems to think women are stupid. We’ve already quoted Addy on how he didn’t teach trickery or techniques; women are not stupid Jamie! Once again, women naturally know dating dynamics and see through trickery a mile away. At this rate soon there will be very few masculine men left in the West. This is not good news for men. But it’s also catastrophic news for women!

Just when you thought Jamie was actually entering into a mature debate he resorts back to immature stupidity, stating; “it’ about time we men grew TFO and encouraged the PUAs to GTFO of town ASAP.” Yep, cheesy AF! Stop using outdated acronyms Jamie, you’re too old and it’s cringe worthy. But do take your own advice and grow the fuck up! Jamie, you can try to use your words to manipulate readers into applauding you, but the truth is better, don’t use “we” to represent men, you’re on your own with that pro-feminist shite. You acting “PC” is a spin, it’s unscrupulous marketing, salesman sleaze, slogan-possessed, Utopian crap used to manipulate and gain approval! You’re like a University student writing a paper to please the professor instead of formulating your own ideas from actual experience. You have an agenda to be liked, that’s why you falsify yourself to please and flatter. It’s scheming and slogan sneering propaganda. It’s a calculated attempt to impose ideology beliefs, to prove you’re right, to avoid responsibility, to garner credit, to attract attention, to justify your cynicism, to maintain naivete, to appear sainted and to ensure it’s always someone else’s fault! Stop blogging and invest in your children Jamie, for fuck sake!

Faker Jamie Andrew finishes his awful article by dick-riding American YouTube troll Brodan White, stating; “Addy had somewhat of a video war with Brodan White, which Brodan chronicled here,” then fan-boy Jamie allows a comment from Brodan White disguising himself as DWLF member “Dean the poet”/ via a fake account). Brodan said; “Addy bullied HP and HP murdered him, not a war. It was end game on Addy.” Brodan White has been a shit-stain on YouTube since his mother shat him out of her filthy twot! These fake tough guys think writing blogs and making videos is murder, they are total pussies! Addy did slap Brodan White around, it was because he stood up to Brodan White because White is an insecure troll that thinks he can shit-talk others with no repercussions. Brodan was a frequent weekly uploader on YouTube, not the case anymore since Addy bitched him out and stalled his lacklustre online career.

Jamie, it’s not surprising you’re Brodan’s bed fellow; two beta males drinking each other’s piss and licking each other’s arseholes is typical behaviour! It’s easy to shit-talk a man when he’s not around, but he has a loyal team that back him to the fullest. Here’s a video that describes Brodan White in his own words; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiJ4ocL0uUo

Let’s end on a positive note. It is necessary for each of us to bring forward the truth, as we see it: not the arguments that justify our ideologies, not the imaginations that further our ambitions, but the stark pure facts, revealed for others to see and contemplate, so that we can find common ground and proceed together. Anything else is not even worth considering as it will just pollute people’s minds.

The most important fact is justice was done and Adnan Ahmed aka Addy Agame won his appeal to overturn the wrongful convictions and sentence due to a miscarriage of justice and no actual crime to answer to in September 2020! 

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