Oct 06, 2019


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Tia From Glasgow Talks About Dating Addy Agame

Surnames Have Been Withheld To Protect Identity Of Contributors From Online Trolls And Cyber-Bullies

Hi my name’s Tia, I’m an actress from Glasgow. I met Addy when I was 24 on Byers Road in Glasgow and went on a few dates with him. He is a chill guy and I don’t know what all the fuss is about in the media. It’s totally blown out of proportion by a handful of idiots.

We met outside the Starbucks, he was with his pals and just walked over and started chatting to me. I had noticed them earlier in Starbucks being loud and having a good time. They left just before I did. He was cool, sexy and socially savvy. We shared a lot in common – same sense of humour, same ethnicity and a similar upbringing. It’s mental that he’s been remanded for being a confident guy and for chatting up girls. This country is mental!

We happened to live close-by, we walked together and went to his place. We played pool, had drinks and watched a movie (Netflix and chill). We got together a couple of times after that, then didn’t see each other again. He’s not the boyfriend type, but that doesn’t make him a criminal. I was never mistreated and he was never creepy with me. I’m a very independent girl and his care-free attitude fitted well with the way I am.

In all honesty I think Addy has been racially profiled by the media. He’s like a ghetto version of Hitch, some people may not agree with him teaching men how to meet women, but again that doesn’t make him a criminal.


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