Jul 26, 2020


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Toxic Feminists Target Disney Cartoon “The Little Mermaid” In Their Crusade For Supremacy

More shots are being fired in the culture wars after Disney announced that its live-action remake of children’s classic The Little Mermaid will star black actress Halle Bailey in the lead role as Ariel. Director Rob Marshall said Bailey had been cast after an “extensive search” and possesses the rare combination of spirit, heart, youth, innocence, and substance” needed to play the role.

Naturally, the announcement provoked cries of delight from some and wails of dismay from others. Fans of the decision felt it was a big win for diversity, while others argued that the remake should stay true to the 1989 original in which Ariel, most will remember, was in fact a, blue-eyed and red-haired white girl or mermaid, to be exact.

Others argued that casting Bailey was the “laziest way” to promote diversity and possibly even amounted to “culture appropriation” given the story’s Danish origins and the fact that Ariel’s grandfather is Poseidon of Greek mythology.

Sticklers for political correctness have complained in the past that The Little Mermaid is actually “quite sexist “and “seriously disturbing” and sends the wrong message to young girls — and indeed there are definitely themes and tropes in the original which would not pass muster in 2019, but we could hardly expect anything else from a story written in 1836.

Read the full story here; https://www.rt.com/usa/463385-little-mermaid-ariel-black/

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