Sep 15, 2021


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Trans (Biological Male) Amateur MMA Fighter Beats Professional Female MMA Fighter Into Submission (Once Again Proving Men Are Physically Superior To Women)

The fight between Alana McLaughlin, 38 years old, and Celine Propst, 32 – proves yet again that men are physically superior to women and biology doesn’t lie no matter how the woke mob dress it up, pun intended! This fact is also the reason for men’s sports being miles more popular and why male athletes are paid so much more. Fair is fair.

McLaughlin is a transgender fighter, originally a he and now a she. He/she had no problem defeating his/her rival with a strong stranglehold on his/her debut.

Female Provost is an athlete with 10 years of experience in MMA and multiple victories in the body. However, she could not face the physical superiority of her rival and succumbed to submission.

In addition, McLaughlin served in the U.S. special forces for six years before transitioning.

Both fighters were awful, but the female just couldn’t match the male and tapped out.

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