Nov 18, 2020


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UAE Court Fines Woman Dh50,000 For Cheating On Husband; Grants Divorce And Child Custody To Man

A woman in Dubai who cheated on her husband was ordered to pay a fine of Dh50,000 after the man filed a complaint and reported her suspicious behaviour. The court has ruled in favour of the husband and subsequently he has been granted a divorce as well as child custody.

The husband found some serious and extreme behavioural changes in his wife for no valid reasons. Neither their relationship was going off nor the husband’s actions towards his wife were cruel, and this made him suspicious. However, the man wanted to be sure before casting allegations and thus he preferred to gather all evidences of cheating, and build a strong case.

The husband requested the court to take into account the trauma he had faced through the time, due to the cheating by his wife, for which he also demanded legal compensation. It is then that the court ordered the woman to pay the fine of Dh50,000 for the mental harassment she has caused to her husband.

Now that’s true equality and justice!

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