Nov 18, 2020


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UK Courts Intensify Prejudice Against The Falsely Accused By Stopping Checking Accusers Phones For Evidence

False rape accusation investigations are being systematically dropped after victims refuse to hand over their mobile phones for analysis, an investigation has found. Freedom of information requests reveal that about one in five complainants decline to submit to what has been termed a “digital strip search”. In every case where a complainant refused to allow officers to download information the case was closed.

A report by HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate last December said that both police and prosecutors were severely under-resourced. It also criticised the large number of intrusive, unnecessary demands for complainants’ mobile phones and medical records.

Radical feminist Silkie Carlo, the director of Big Brother Watch, said: “Our investigation shows that rape victims are being systematically denied justice if they defend their data rights. Victims of no other crime are expected to surrender their digital lives to such speculation and scrutiny. Victims reporting rape to the police want nothing more than to advance investigations and to consent to lawful and proportionate evidence collection. But the police insist on an all or nothing approach in which they have to either put their private lives on trial or see rapists walk free.” What a load of bull, searching a complainers phone is vital to see if the rape claim is true or false. Other crimes don’t hold the same weight in a trail of evidence that a mobile phone would in a rape investigation. If the accuser is a liar which most are these days they should be held to scrutiny, should innocent men suffer because you want to protect #metoo lying nutcases?!

This suggests that accusers should be able to keep evidence from the police and the court in order to have their data rights protected, which is misandrist insanity However accusing an individual of rape is something that should not be taken lightly and all evidence from the accuser should be handed in. It can be very easy for an accuser to falsely accuse an individual of rape.

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