UK Justice Secretary Calls For Suspects To Be Anonymous To Protect Reputations

Justice Secretary Shares Thoughts On Not Naming Suspects of Serious Crimes


The justice secretary; Robert Buckland QC has stated that the anonymity of suspected sex offenders and other individuals accused of serious crimes should be respected until they are charged or convicted because of the excessive amounts of false allegations being made.

This comes after a campaign led by Sir Cliff Richard and radio presenter Paul Gambaccini to ban the naming of those arrested on suspicion of rape and other sexual offences to protect their reputation.

Buckland stated; “Let’s say you are a person with a list of previous convictions. You’ve committed offences. There is intelligence out there that suggests that other victims might come forward. Is that a case where anonymity should be automatic?”

Official guidance over whether arrested suspect’s names should be published ahead of a charge is mixed, but the names are often disclosed by other means – particularly in high profile cases.

This suggestion by the justice secretary Buckland is important to consider, especially in the current #MeToo climate where there are multiple false accusations every week and men’s lives are being ruined.

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