Oct 27, 2020


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UK Legal System Gives False Accusers More Fuel To Lie With New Guidelines Advising To Ignore “Sexts” And Explicit Images Sent By Accusers To The Accused

UK prosecutors have been advised to disregard “sexts” and explicit images sent between people when handling rape cases. This will give false accusers more incentive and fuel to lie about false allegations in exchange for compensation payments up to £50,000 – making it even easier to prosecute innocent men whilst ignoring vital evidence!

The new guidance is just one of several suggestions that the Crown Prosecution Service has made as it attempts to address record-low rape convictions in England and Wales. How about they consider rape is at an all time low because it rarely happens, rather than chasing prosecutions to make their stats look better?!

The guidelines set by toxic feminists, argue that prosecutors need to tackle rape myths and stereotypes in a time when ‘hook up’ dating sites and internet behaviour has changed the ways in which people date and socialise. This is preposterous as it ignores vital evidence of consented sex!

“There have been massive changes to the way people live their lives in the last 10 years and this has undoubtedly transformed the way people interact, date and communicate with sexual partners,” radical feminist Siobhan Blake, CPS rape lead, wrote of the new guidelines. It’s insanely dangerous and alarming that these legal positions are being filled by SJW feminists without screening, what’s crazier is that they are now writing their ‘woke’ madness into legislation in order to harm heterosexual men!


Read the full story here; https://www.foxnews.com/world/new-british-rape-prosecution-guidelines-advise-to-ignore-sexts-explicit-images-in-cases

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