Vile Bigot Pig “Jeremy Vine” Discriminates Against Welsh People And Contributes To Gender Pay-Gap Over Female Colleagues Via The BBC (Whilst Fake Virtue-Signalling About Women’s Rights)

Jeremy Vine is a really nasty piece of work with layers of slime that unravel slowly, hidden behind his smarmy smug arrogant attitude and seedy sleazy demeanour. The chat-show bigot was recently forced to apologise after he tweeted that people in Wales should all speak English. This is discrimination, fascism and separatism – who is vile bigot Vine to dictate to a nation of people what language they should speak. Who gave monster Jeremy the right to tell another country that they should speak his language, this is typical of pig Vine’s blatant discriminatory ambitions – degrade, hate, control and coerce others into accepting his mutated views. Creep Vine was called out for his fascism and quickly deleted the tweet and shockingly blamed viewers of his trash chat show for his separatist tweet. Targeting your viewers is a risk Jeremy, as hardly anyone watches that bummy daytime TV crap anyway.

Disgraced Jeremy Vine also recently tweeted racially charges hatred towards wrongfully convicted dating coach Addy Agame. Disgusting Vine chimed in on the hate-campaign by his BBC bum buddies despite not having any real prior info on the set-up scenario that led to the massive miscarriage of justice. It could be because creature Vine resembles Italian footballer Fabricio Ravanelli after he’s had a stroke or it could be because he doesn’t like inter-racial relationships. Whatever the creep’s reasons for hating masculine brown men are, is irrelevant, it just adds to his already discriminatory sickening C.V.

Vulgar Vine doesn’t just extend his separatist attitude to the Welsh or brown-skinned men, he also discriminates against women, (again via the clowns at the BBC). Online troll Jeremy was in the midst of further controversy when female journalist Samira Ahmed brought legal proceedings against the BBC under the Equal Pay Act. Evidence cited in the case revealed that Vine had initially been paid £3000 (later revealed to be £1300) per episode for presenting Points Of View at a time when Samira had been paid £440 an episode for presenting News Watch, a similar formatted show.

This is predictable double-standard behaviour by the BBC, who only promote “women’s rights” to push their left-ist agenda down people’s throats and not to actually help any women! Even with cowardly Vine’s reduction in pay he still received approximately triple the amount of money his female counterpart did. The differential was defended by the snakes at the BBC by referring to Vince as having a “glint in his eye” and a “cheeky” light-hearted presentation style. To the contrary, petty sleaze Jeremy Vine actually has “greed in his eyes,” alongside a “sneaky, cheesy prejudicial mind-set and presentation style!” Instead of a reduction in pay, Jeremy the swine Vine should donate the unfair wage gap differential to women in third world countries who actually need financial help. Alternatively sacking the wretched sicko from our airwaves would also do the public a massive favour!

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