Feb 22, 2021


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Vile Feminist Gold-Digger Mother Samantha Ford Drowned Her 2-Year Old Twins To Get Revenge On Her Ex-Husband

A husband was told how his vile feminist wife drowned their “terrified, confused” two-year-old twins in 27 minutes in revenge because they’d split after giving up a lavish expat life in Qatar. Samantha Ford, 38, who killed 23-month-old twins Jake and Chloe, had not wanted to leave Qatar for “s***hole” Margate and was “emotionally controlling.”

Hours after killing her children she drove into the back of a lorry without wearing a seatbelt and told officers: “Just let me die” and “I killed my babies. I would never hurt them, they are my miracle babies.”

Her devastated former husband Steven Ford gave an emotional victim impact statement to the court; “this was the most heinous, spiteful act on two innocent children,” he said. “I have no doubt she did this with the intention of taking her own life and punishing me in the process. I know how she behaves when things don’t go her way… it’s an extreme version of her character. Knowing how much I loved the children she knew it would be the ultimate punishment for me not going back to her.”

Samantha Ford previously admitted two counts of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility.. The court heard that after her crash Ford also told officers: “This is all a dream. I should have gone to the hospital sooner. He’s messing with my head.”

She had drowned her two toddlers, dressed them in nappies and baby-grows, lay them in their beds and set off in her Ford Galaxy. Ford had been facing trial accused of murder, but prosecutors accepted guilty pleas to manslaughter in light of psychiatric reports.

The evil gold-digger feminist only got 10 years for the double child murder! Mr Ford sat in the well of the court flanked by a number of supporters during the hearing.

Read the full story here; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7289887/Materialistic-mother-38-drowned-children-deliberately-crashed.html

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