Mar 17, 2021


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Vile Lying Female Christine Cromer Jailed For 23 Months For Making False Rape Allegations Against 2 Male Police Officers

Christine Cromer is the vile woman convicted of lying about being raped by two Pennsylvania State Police troopers, she was sentenced to serve up to 23 months in the Luzerne County Correctional Facility.

Christine Cromer, 38, was convicted on counts of making false reports and unsworn falsification for accusing the state troopers of rape during interviews with police and in court documents.

Assistant District Attorney Angela Sperrazza argued for a jail term for Cromer, citing the impact the allegations had on the troopers’ personal lives and the damage such claims do to real victims of rape.

Cromer, 38, was found guilty on two charges of false reports and a single count of unsworn falsification after investigators say she falsely accused Trooper Robert Covington and then later Sgt. Daniel Jones of having raped her in a cruiser at the Mohegan Sun Casino, where she worked as a waitress.

Assistant District Attorney Angela Sperrazza, who prosecuted the case, said that what Cromer did prevented Covington and Jones from not only doing their jobs, but from having a normal relationship with their families.

Additionally, Sperrazza said that Cromer’s false claims are damaging to the women who actually do survive rape and are often scared to come forward with accusations.

“That rhetorical question, ‘Who would lie about such a thing?’ We have our answer,” Sperrazza said. “Christine Cromer.”

According to police, Cromer initially said she was raped by Covington in the front seat of a cruiser at the casino’s facility, but there were numerous holes in her story, including claiming the cruiser had a bucket seat, when the cruiser in question truly had a large radio console separating the two seats.

Investigators began to grow even more suspicious after she abruptly recanted her claims against Covington, saying instead that it was Jones who had raped her.

Throughout her trial, she and her attorney, Joseph F. Sklarosky Sr., continued to claim that she was a victim, but a jury ultimately determined she was lying.

Vough, though, disagreed, saying that he finds it “troubling” that Cromer not only lied once about the alleged rapes, but continued to.

“What that does to the law enforcement community and what it does to the perception of people in the law enforcement community is not acceptable,” he said.

Cromer was also ordered to write letters of apology to both of the troopers involved in the case. She got off lightly, she should have been given a minimum 6 years per false allegations and had to serve the entire 12 years with no time off as a lesson to the rest of the lying MeToo clout chasing whales out there!


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