Vile Racist Newspaper “The Daily Mail” Print False Allegations Against Addy AGame

A Bogus Article in The Daily Mail Written By Sleazy Social Justice Vile Reporters Rod Ardehali And Bhvishya Patel About The Police’s Wrongful Arrest And Investigation Of An Innocent Man Teaching Dating

The Daily Mail are no strangers to making totally false allegations, getting sued for them and having to pay out large sums of money to cover their mistakes. The crass publication recently apologised and paid a substantial sum of damages to University student Farah Kouttineh for her defamation through false allegations made against her stating she was the leader of a terrorist group. The anti-Muslim Islamophobia Daily Mail were forced to admit their allegations were entirely false, additional to forking out compensation for their wrong doing. They only wrote a small correction paragraph apologising after attempting to ruin the innocent student’ life and reputation. All she did was create a “freedom of assembly rally.”

The Daily Mail’s pattern of racism towards brown people is evident. They also recently had to apologise to a Palestinian aid group charity as well as pay them £150,000 in compensation because they published false terror and extremism allegations against them. The charity denied these claims and took the newspaper to court to prove their innocence and won! They also arranged a successful protest titles, “we hate the Daily Mail,” quite rightly so.

The racially prejudiced newspaper’s hate propaganda doesn’t stop there. The Daily Mail made false allegations that the charity supported a hate festival in Gaza where kids acted out the murder of Jewish people. A disgusting accusation made by a disgusting publication.

The hate-mongers did much the same when they reported on innocent man Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame. They used their dirty dog lacky reporters Rod Ardehali and Bhvishya Patel to sleaze up a bogus article about a wrongful police arrest and investigation regarding a man teaching other men on how to speed date during the day via YouTube. The Daily Mail ran an article about a female “pick-up artist” teaching men the same thing. However they put a positive spin on the story, even though the female coach taught the same thing as Addy AGame. This is a total double standard; when a woman does it it’s good, when a man does it, it’s a scandal. The fact that Addy is a brown male with an Arabic name and a Muslim background is the main motivation behind The Daily Mail’s defamation of him.

Rodent reporter Rod Ardehali claims to be based in New York but can’t get a job with an American publication so writes for The Daily Mail online,  Loser! Dad-bod Rod Advocates the bullying of women as is seen in an article he wrote condoning a woman being bullied by a hostile crowd just because she was a Trump supporter. Rod Ardehali is obsessed with Donal Trump, and in this Daily Mail article, with Adnan Ahmed. Rod is just another beta male, fanatical and strong male figures, contributing to their defamation because he wants to be them but can’t do so because he’s a weakling.

Journo Bhvishya Patel is a blubbering blob, pandering to her masters at the Daily Mail. Blagger Bhvisha is a feminazi vampire justifying her sad existence by the destruction of all men, ever. Delusional maniac Patel suspiciously trolls and stalks others on social media (in hope of finding a story) while at the same time having no social media. She has no Facebook, a private Twitter, and no Instagram. What’s wrong Bhvishya, do you have something to hide or are you ashamed of yourself? It’s both! These slimy hack tactics are so predictable it’s boring.

The trash Daily Mail article starts with, “pick-up artist talking to women in the street and trying to take them home.” What’s wrong with this, talking to women and trying to take them home is normal behaviour for any heterosexual male.

The putrid publication continued, “the videos also claim to coach men on how to interact with hot women,” again what’s wrong with this are we in bible class or is this couple of idiot reporters trying to urge men to talk to ugly women?!

Ardehali and Patel spewed on, “Scottish police have arrested a man over online videos…A man secretly films himself pestering women.” This is a series of endless lies told by two crackpot journalists that should be sacked. We watched Addy’s videos, no woman is ever “pestered,” they enjoy the interactions and swap contact details with him.

Adnan Ahmed has always maintained he is not a pick-up artist, he has always said he is a dating/ life coach. It is a sad state of affairs when people are unable to talk to each other face to face, confining society further into dating apps and social media. In this era it is more normal to troll pictures and profiles online, messaging desperately and projecting a false persona to lure others in; whereas starting a random conversation with someone you find attractive face to face during the day is considered not only abnormal, but also criminal. There is more danger involved in meeting someone online than there is in meeting them in person. Plus face to face dating is a much more human and much less time consuming process, that is if police Scotland don’t arrest you first.

The creepy hacks repeat themselves in this pathetic manner, “police investigation into YouTube videos, widespread outcry when the videos emerged, follows publication of a BBC The Social video exploring online videos.” The police didn’t act because of online videos, they were aware of them for years, they crumbled because of media pressure because police Scotland is a micky mouse force of hick villagers.

BBC The Social hounded Glasgow dating coach for months, he reacted out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man. In regards to outrage, they were totally off the mark as usual. We see a pattern of incompetency emerging here with these reporters. In fact, Ahmed received massive support from major political figures across the UK, along with people from London, Europe and all the way to the United States. Even Scottish YouTubers made videos protesting Ahmed’s innocence.

The deceitful duo of dunce journalists further stated; “videos showing young women being followed and asked for sex in public…shocking footage man following unsuspecting women in shopping centres, nightclubs and on the streets of Glasgow.” Rod Ardehali and Bhvishya Patel are blatant liars, cowards and a couple of shit stains. Again we watched the video’s, no one is ever “asked for sex in public” and there is no footage of “nightclubs.” The videos are not “shocking,” they are actually very relaxed and normal.

Come on guys, you sleazy hack nitwits, can’t you see the ladies faces are blurred out, protecting their identity. Furthermore you failed to mention it is a dating business, not a day out with friends. And what are they “unsuspecting” of? A fun conversation, ooohhh, the controversy. Additionally, the foolish journo’s failed to report that the majority of videos on Ahmed’s dating site are from cities around the world, not Glasgow! If you observe clearly there is no “following” or “targeting” of women. They either stop of speak to Addy or they walk with him, both of their own free will. This is another predictable gas lighting tactic by feminazi scum-bags, they use words like “targeting” instead of “approaching” and “following” instead of “meeting.”

The pathetic pairing of diseased hacks also wrote, “AGame shared videos attempting to bed random members of the public using flirting techniques shown on the You Tube channel.” OK, again don’t see why this is in the news! Do Patel and Ardehali bed family members such as their siblings, parents and cousins; “random members of the public” is a more sensible choice, as AGame did. Also do Rod and Bhvishya not use “flirting,” do they just attempt to have sex with their families without even chatting them up, they probably do, the pair of incest wierdo’s. Addy AGame is a dating coach who demonstrated how to meet women during going about your everyday life in a spontaneous, courageous and normal manner!

The Racist Daily Mail regurgitated a press quote from Addy’s education establishment. It was common knowledge that Ahmed was enrolled in a degree course “Learning Difficulties and Disabilities” at Fife college, overseen by Abertay University. The Daily Mail reported that the course is designed to train students for careers in social care and education – this is actually true. Well done to The Daily Mail, Yay! However The Daily Mail also said the course requires its students to complete work placements with children and vulnerable adults, this is a blatant shameless lie. Shame of on The Daily Mail, Booo! We spoke to a course spokesperson, they told us “BA Learning Difficulties/ Disabilities does not have a student work placement set-up for 3rd year students.” Ahmed was in the 3rd year of his degree. His 2nd year was at Glasgow Clyde College and his 1st year was at City of Glasgow College.

Ahmed’s class was all female bar him, however there was not one single report or incident of any threatening or sexual behaviour towards anyone in his class. Ahmed didn’t get the opportunity to clarify the truth to his educational establishment or his classmates, as he was unfairly remanded by Glasgow Sherriff Court in January 2019 and denied bail due to media pressure. He remains in custody, still untried at the time of writing, he was remanded the day after BBC The Social’s horrible inaccurate video about him went viral. Fife college were professional in their response to The Daily Mail about Adnan Ahmed and gave a neutral and measured statement of their policies and procedures. Abertay University declined to comment on the situation, not wishing to discuss matter they had limited information on.

Police Scotland are quoted as saying Ahmed’s behaviour was “predatory and would cause fear and alarm”, after succumbing to media pressure from aggressive online feminists and blood thirsty journalists. Initially when BBC The Social’s video degrading Adnan Ahmed went viral, Police Scotland are quoted as saying “we cannot follow up on this as there is no actual crime to investigate, no crime has been committed.” They were quick to change their tune after BBC The Social’s video gained millions of views and began a witch-hunt amongst the public because of how it was edited and how it portrayed Adnan Ahmed as a demonic sexual caricature, rather than the responsible understanding life coach that he is.

It’s totally bizarre and shockingly worrying that a country’s police force can’t withstand pressure from online trolls and can be manipulated so easily by faceless crazies on the internet. Yes, Scotland is a very small country, but that does not excuse the stupid backward policing tactics used for this matter. There should never have been an arrest in the first place. The police were aware of Ahmed’s dating business 3 years prior to BBC The Social’s hate fuelled video falsely demonising him. They spoke to Mr Ahmed about it on a number of occasions in casual conversation. Both male and female officers approved of it. There are phone calls and written police reports to confirm this.

Adnan Ahmed worked in conjunction with the police, as his job as a Criminal Justice Practitioner made this inevitable. Ahmed’s behaviour was never “predatory”. He ran an online dating business on YouTube for all to see; his clients, video demonstrations and spontaneous conversations with any women were all during the day on well populated busy city centre streets. He wasn’t hiding anything, so how can his actions be described as predatory, shameful or dangerous?

Police Scotland are supposed to investigate matters neutrally and without prejudice. Instead they contributed to the media mayhem by making comments defaming a man who is not guilty of an actual crime, but was charged, indicted and remanded regardless. The police are now tying to fish for a conviction to cover their mistakes and to not face legal action themselves. At the time of writing this, Ahmed has been on remand for the past 6 months, he has been held in custody, untried and without the option of bail since January 2019.

The Sheriff Court indictment has been designed in such a way to convict Adnan Ahmed on a technicality of Scottish Law (Moorov/ corroboration) rather than using substantial hard evidence, because there is none. Ahmed is not permitted to present vital evidence that proves his innocence because of Scottish court laws that protect prosecution witnesses, even if they are lying.

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