We’re Kidding Ourselves If We Think The Attitudes Of Radical Feminists Like Laura Kelly Are Not Designed To Destroy The Dating Mainstream And The Very Fabric Of Society

Holyrood Magazine’s Toxic Man-Hating Writer Laura Kelly Uses Feminazi Shaming Tactics Against Addy AGame

Laura Kelly is the epitome of a toxic, delusional social justice man-hater; who’s insecure blind-spots, lack of intelligence and total disregard for the facts show her up as a childish stereotype. She is wearing a mask to gain approval and supremacy over men. Feminism is a mask, a strange one, for it mostly deceives the one who wears it. Some see through it’s hateful façade, however there are many other vulnerable, impressionable people that don’t. Laura Kelly is a calculated manipulator, the worst kind. Some misguided feminists have the human capacity for evil in the name of good and possess the psychological capability of self-deception. Laura is the type that has the human capacity for evil for the sake of evil, she takes joy in destroying others.

Feminazi Laura Kelly unfortunately has a bad case of man-face (mainly via her transgender jaw line). She looks like an aggressive butch lesbian with penis envy issues. This could be the root of her hatred, but it runs deeper, right to the core of her low self-esteem. Laura’s naivety and toxicity is evident through the articles she writes as well as her tweets. She is an attention-seeker starved of attention. She looks to be in her 40’s, she’s angry about men, though she is married surprisingly to a man (poor guy – everybody hide all strap-ons and cylinder shaped objects). Laura Kelly  is indecisive, she can’t stay put in a job and she is an extremely erratic and volatile individual.

She starts her hate-filled article on Addy AGame by falsely accusing him of sensationalised trumped up charges, one of which she lists as “voyeurism,” which he does not face. Dumb Kelly lists “sexual assault” without explaining it. There was NO sexual assault, an alibi with video evidence was presented to court showing Adnan Ahmed was elsewhere at the exact time and date of the false allegation, yet he was still remanded in custody due to the media hype surrounding his legitimate dating business.

Adnan Ahmed has been charged with 14 counts of “section 38, breach of the peace,” for simply talking to people during the day, most of whom gave him their number. Two of the charges aren’t even people, one is a video of Ahmed chatting to women who were “unknown” to the prosecutor and who did not even report or complain about an incident to the authorities. The other one was also “unknown” to the prosecutor, which was a shadow silhouette of an anonymous woman claiming Ahmed spoke to her – this was reported by the media via an online video, and again this anonymous person did not report this to the authorities.

How can these charges even be considered, or worst still put on an indictment? Furthermore how can the accused defend them? There was no complaint! In reality, they were put on the indictment against Ahmed to run a trial, in order to convict him on legal technicalities by convincing a jury he is of bad character, using his bad-boy image in the media to do so.

The fake sexual assault charges consisted of one female saying Ahmed squeezed her leg and another saying Ahmed touched her face. Both of these allegations are said to have happened in broad daylight, on busy city centre streets, fully clothed and the allegations are from over 3 years ago. These individuals didn’t make these accusations until there was a media scandal regarding Adnan Ahmed’s dating business in 2019, before that no accusations were ever made or reported. The accusers even appeared in the news and on social media when the media scandal regarding Ahmed’s dating business initially happened. They did not make these claims in the press or online. In fact their initial online/press statements actually contradict their later police statements. The police had to find these individuals to file a report, they made no police report of there own accord, they only talked online and in the media. The police did so to build a case against Ahmed.

Furthermore, Ahmed was not charged with any of this when he was arrested then remanded in January 2019. The police/procurator fiscal added this to his indictment in April 2019, in order to have a document of charges to justify a trial and prosecution. There is a 3rd charge of sexual assault which is a false accusation by a female Ahmed has never even met before. It is alleged to have took place on 5th November 2018. Ahmed was not there, there is video evidence of this. Ahmed appears in a time stamped video filmed by his girlfriend at the exact date and time of the false accusation. The accuser blatantly lied to the police and contradicted her police statement on Instagram. Ahmed’s girlfriend took screenshots of this and sent the evidence to the police along with the alibi video proving Ahmed wasn’t there. Despite this, police and prosecutors chose to ignore the evidence.

The authorities would have had to release Adnan Ahmed on bail if they had dropped the charge, which they could have done in January 2019. Instead they added it to the indictment despite Ahmed’s girlfriend’s police statement and alibi evidence. If they didn’t include these charges they would not be able to indict Ahmed – as the other charges are too small to do so. Additionally they can still convict Ahmed of this on a technicality through the jury process because of a Scottish Law called Moorov/ Collaboration – even though Ahmed has never ever met the accuser before. Corroboration is when 2 or more independent parties make a similar complaint.

However, in Ahmed’s case no one who has made an accusation as an independent source, as everyone spoke to each other on social media through the Twitter feed of the BBC The Social video defaming Ahmed’s dating business. Evidence of this has been forwarded to Adnan Ahmed’s lawyer, who will attempt to use this in court if permitted to do so. Hence corroboration/Moorov’s Law does not apply as there was clearly collusion between all the accusing parties. All accusers also start all their police statements with “I saw the BBC Social video on Twitter….”

Furthermore, the three alleged sexual assault charges we have just explained are written as “or alternatively, section 38 breach of the peace” on Ahmed’s indictment document. Meaning, the mild nature of the false allegations are not even considered concrete “sexual assaults,” they are “breach of the peace” charges trumped up to the bigger charge as an alternative option in order to justify the uncertain element of the bigger charge. This is not justice, it is ridiculous.

Adnan Ahmed denies all charges. The media know they have acted hastily, yet they still splashed “sexual assault” all over the tabloids (again with no details or explanation of what was involved) in order to pressure prosecutors into convicting him. Adnan Ahmed is innocent, he is a victim of ambush journalism and a corrupt set-up. Never before has a court of law in Scotland dealt with a case like this.

Laura Kelly picked and choose certain parts of the indictment against Ahmed in order to make her fake news story juicy. She wrote “it is claimed he pressured one women into giving him her phone number and then sent a message referring to sex.” If a person is pressuring another, why would they ask for a phone number or even “pressure” someone for a phone number just to send text messages. It doesn’t make sense, there is no motive.

These women are independent people who welcomed the interactions, willingly gave their numbers and only came foreword because of he media scandal defaming Ahmed’s dating business. Before that they did not even see it as an issue or a crime. The media claims are false. Every female who gave Ahmed her number did so of their own free will. He did not “pressure” or “force” any of them. There was no text message with the word “sex” in it, that is a fact.

She continued with her despicable lies writing, “another is said to be approached in a secluded lane,” the “lane” being referred to here is in the Uddingston area. It is joined onto a housing estate, between 2 main roads, leading to a main train station. This supposed incident is said to have happened between 8am-9am, at this time the “lane” is massively populated with people making their was into the city centre for work and adult education. In no way is it a “secluded lane.” Ahmed also has an eye witness in his favour for this alleged incident.

The media continued “one woman alleged she went to a hotel to get away.” We researched these claims and found that the accuser said she very briefly spoke to Ahmed for less than a minute and she left, then went to a hotel to call a taxi. This woman was questioned about her claim by the public who asked, “why didn’t you call the police?” and “why did you wait until the BBC Social video came out to talk about it?” and “in what way was it scary, you walked away.” This seems to be another case of no actual offence being committed and the accuser having no inclination in her mind that there was a crime until the BBC Social video defaming Ahmed’s dating business went viral.

In all the incidents on the indictment; either no one thought a crime was being committed until the media scandal (because of how the BBC Social video was designed to portray Ahmed), or people made false accusations to gain some small-time fame, or worst of all no crime was even reported by an actual person – but a charge was added to the indictment anyway (i.e. the “unknowns” to the prosecutor).

Laura Kelly fluffed on “Ahmed is further accused of filming himself approaching a female,” this is a total lie. Ahmed faces no charges of “filming” anyone. “Filming” is not included on the indictment. The lies are constant and transparent. Kelly did write one true statement about Adnan Ahmed, that is “he denies a total of 18 charges at Glasgow Sheriff Court,” that is because he is an innocent man.

Left-wing extremist and bigot Laura Kelly goes onto say “Addy AGame Ahmed is being held to account for the explicit and disturbing content he uploaded on YouTube. It was only after the BBC looked into him that he’s faced his comeuppance.” The police didn’t act because of online videos, they were aware of them for years, they crumbled because of media pressure because Police Scotland is a Micky Mouse force of hick villagers.

BBC The Social hounded Glasgow dating coach for months, he reacted out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man. Creepy Laura Kelly labels Adnan Ahmed as a “so-called pick-up artist.” Again misinformation, as Adnan Ahmed has said on many occasions, “I am not a pick-up artist, I’m a dating and life coach, we help people using scientific self-help not tricks, techniques, lines and tactics.”

Delusional puppet Laura Kelly continued; “styling himself as a lifestyle coach helping men to master their masculinities,” this is a positive thing Laura, it is as if you don’t want this to happen. Laura Kelly’s version of feminism is hatred for the successful instead of true regard for the oppressed. A system such as this is just as corrupt as chauvinism, it’s mere matter of warped opinion formulated from hatred, both systems are sexist! All value structures are a veil to gain power, feminism is dogma and ideology, much more corrupt than religion as it is the current modern virtue-signalling narrative. It strips men of their identity and it runs counter to the proper nature of human beings. It is evil as it dehumanises men attempting to reduce them to the status of a parasite with no distinction of individuality, innocent or guilt. It is the artful infliction of suffering on another. Laura Kelly does this a lot in her article, stating; “Ahmed seems to be paying the price, but how many of his followers are out there, guys like him – there are more of them than you think!”

Laura Kelly continues her assault, stating; “Ahmed runs a You Tube channel named, in an all-out assault on parody, D.W.LF (Dicks Will Last Forever) Game.” Laura this is an all-out assault on reality! Laura, Adnan Ahmed ran the dating company/ YouTube channel/ website DWLF Game. DWLF stand for “Dreams Worth Living For” which is evident on the companies letterheads, channel and website. However perverted Laura Kelly claimed it stood for “Dicks Will Last Forever” in her trash article. Laura you saucy sex-pest!

The angry feminist reporter continued; “videos with titles such as how to have same day lays consistently, how to get and keep a rotation of girls and how to have threesome sex.” Let us explain the concept of click bait video titles to you Laura; AGame’s videos did have click bait titles, this was to attract more clientele as daytime dating videos are filmed and uploaded on an almost daily basis all across the UK and this industry is very competitive, having shock value titles is a marketing strategy to trigger more interest from customers.

Mrs Kelly venomously labelled Addy, “a persistent scourge on the women of Glasgow.” Laura  Kelly and people like her drag others down out of fear of being exposed because Addy’s self-improvement and brutal honesty cast her faults in an even dimmer light. Men like Addy dare to aspire upward and as a result reveal inadequacies of people like Laura. She is disturbed in the depth of her soul as Addy is showing up her cynicism as unjustifiable. She doesn’t want to uplift others (she’s unable to uplift even herself), instead she uses her feminist agenda as an excuse to cover up her insecurities.

We at Red Pill Rights, recently managed to get a statement from Mr Adnan Ahmed, he said;

“I didn’t talk to elderly, overweight, aggressive or unattractive women with romantic intentions. I only casually chatted to women aged 17-25 with slim figures and pretty faces, that were mostly foreign, in broad daylight on busy streets with hundreds of people around, for the purpose of coaching and demonstrating for clients. I have been with my girlfriend for over 2 years now and she was aware of my business from day 1 of us meeting. We met the same way as I was teaching my clients to meet women. I love my girlfriend, she has supported me 100% through all this media nonsense.”

Adnan Ahmed ran a professional dating business teaching men success with women. The description of the women he approached represents approximately around 10% of Scottish women. Various reporters have claimed he displayed “predatory behaviour” towards all women in Glasgow. Fake News!

This is a prime example of incompetent journalists sensationalising and twisting the truth to state it was all women in Glasgow as a whole. Again, 10% of women in Scotland are of the demographic Ahmed describes; these idiot reporters have proved to be bitter unreliable liars with lacklustre journalism skills.

The deeper reason for this maybe that the reporters as well as the online keyboard feminist hate mongers involved in Ahmed’s defamation fall into the category of unattractive females (both internally and externally), rather than Ahmed’s precisely described preferences. Hence why his defamation of character was exaggerated to all women. everyone wants to be the belle of the ball, especially low self-esteem attention seeking toxic feminazi’s.

BBC The Social hounded Glasgow dating coach for months, he reacted out to them and responded with a detailed explanation of his business model and background to his client base as well as the scientific reasoning behind this method of face to face daytime speed dating, which was in large ignored. Instead they used choice sentences to turn up the controversy in order to create a story and demonise an innocent man, who was working in the criminal justice field helping ex-offenders re-rehabilitate and integrate back into their communities.

Laura Kelly comes across indignant and jealous when she writes in regards to Ahmed’s videos; “yet, they have racked up thousands of views.” Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame is not the founding father of “game” of the dating industry. It is a multi-million dollar industry which comes under the self-help umbrella, which started in the United States spread all across the globe. Addy has thousands of followers, others have many more. By the sounds of it, all the commenter has ever helped herself to do it reach for junk food out of the fridge and order Chinese takeaways whilst talking trash on Twitter. Sounds like another low-class Scottish feminist monster!

Fake accusatory and Frankenstein psychological statements by Laura continue, she said; “playing the numbers game. The hyena logic; if you hassle enough women, sooner or later, you’ll find someone low or vulnerable enough that you can pick her off.” This is total insanity. Look at Laura Kelly’s disgusting word choice “hassle, vulnerable, pick her off.” Laura you’re using wilder beast logic. What is wrong with playing “the number game?” There are a lot of strange, toxic and dangerous people out there, this includes women!

Why shouldn’t a man date as many as he chooses to and find women who he is sexually or romantically compatible to?! Why should a man settle for a women society or negative feminists like Laura Kelly shame him to settle for simply because they feel they can impose their ridiculous views on him (because they are female). This is real sexism disguised as social justice/ equality, it’s absolute rubbish. Every person male or female has the right to choose who and how many people they want to date. Addy never “hassled” anyone, least of all “low and vulnerable” women, no one was ever “picked off.” Every female Addy has had romantic or sexual relations with did so willingly with full consent, that is a fact backed up by online testimonials! He taught the same thing to clients.

Ideology ridden Laura Kelly comes across like the evil queen, on an eternal, paranoid watch for the new snow white. She puts women who are receptive to face to face dating methods down, calling them “low and vulnerable” and able to be “picked off.” Being bold enough to have standards in the women a man wants to date is labelled “hyena logic” by petrified jealous feminists as a shaming tactic. Mediocrity has consequences both real and harsh, standards are necessary. There are major flaw in Laura’s logic, her words imply no alternative and no middle ground. In our complex world, her generalisations (really her failure to differentiate) are a sign of naïve, unsophisticated and malevolent analysis.

Ignorant Laura continued; “it’s almost 14 years since I picked up The New York Times best selling book that kicked off the PUAs. Styled like a bible, Neil Strauss’s The Game….seemed like it would be an entertaining look at a society of harmless oddballs. How innocent I was.” And how misinformed you are now! The “PUAs” were around years before this book. “Neil Strauss’s The Game” is ridiculed in the dating community. Even PUA’s speak of it in negative regard, it is no “bible”, it isn’t even “entertaining” as Laura put it. The dating industry is currently a multi-million dollar niche sector of the self-help field. Companies like RSD (Real Social Dynamics) are the front runners, check them out to see the uplifting positive content that resembles nothing close to “Neil Strauss’s The Game.” Laura Kelly comes across as idiotic in her comparison – it’s like saying 70’s flare trousers and skinny jeans are the same thing or rappers vanilla ice and Stormsy are identical. People who read “Neil Strauss’s The Game” know nothing about the current dating industry, that Addy AGame thrived in. Addy himself condemned the book as being inaccurate, out-dated and lame. The beta males Laura labels as “harmless oddballs” are psychologically frail and potentially dangerous because of their cultural conditioning and brain-washing by western feminism, they really do need help, they need to re-learn what it means to be a confident assertive man, as opposed to a domesticated pet or predatory creature created modern day feminazi’s to maintain dominance.

The sexist journo continued on about her inadequate research of Neil Strauss’s book saying; “in this handbook for misogynists no really means no, it’s just last minute resistance that has to be overcome.” Neil Strauss’s book may or may not be ‘misogynistic’ as Laura put it, that has nothing to do with Addy AGame, Neil Strauss and Addy AGame do not adhere to the same theories, this is a stupid point and show’s  Laura Kelly’s lack of research/ intelligence and lazy journalism. As far as Mrs Kelly’s breakdown of ‘last minute resistance (LMR);’ This is an absolute lie. Ahmed has said, “we do not condone rape culture or forcing anyone sexually or otherwise.” Ahmed actually refers to “last minute resistance” as “making women comfortable and creating the right mood for adult relations because too many guys either don’t know what to do or are too thirsty to get laid and forget to have fun.” We have a quote from Adnan Ahmed aka Addy AGame’s video about LMR on YouTube, Addy said “we do not condone rape, never force yourself on anyone, hold yourself in high regard and allow space for women to come onto you. If she leaves so be it, no means no, move onto someone who’s into you, don’t waste your time on time wasters.”

The more Laura Kelly writes the more foolish she reveals herself to be. She is hyper-judgemental, censorious and thinks she always knows what’s wrong bout others and what to do about it. This is ignorant, arrogant, shallow and delusional. The feminist hack further stated; “all interactions with women are a zero-sum game. Women are the enemy and it’s OK to do whatever it takes to bed them. It’s a step-by-step guide to mind games for potential rapists.” Wow, this is crazy venomous propaganda, no wonder they label people like Laura feminazis. This is a bitter allegation, accusing someone of being a ‘potential rapist’ is as bad as accusing them of being a murdered (which she does later in her article). There terms should never be thrown around as a shaming tactic, you should be ashamed of yourself Laura! Does this type of dirty tactic give her a sense of importance or validity for her fake mission, or is it just nastiness deep in her core; it’s probably all 3.

Laura screaming “women are the enemy/ zero-sum game” and calling men who want to improve their dating life “potential rapists” is hate filled, exaggerated arm chair philosophising and victim identifying. Men who want to improve their relations with women, even just for casual sex, want women because they find them attractive, they like the feminine. Radical feminists hate men, they proudly label all men the enemy, they justify their existence via this blame and hate. Pity and contempt dispensing social reformer types like Laura Kelly don’t stand for women (especially if they are not feminists), as they claim, instead they just hate masculine men. They disguise their resentment and jealousy with false piety, fake sanctimony and self righteousness. This is how things work in the social justice dispensing leftist front. What do Laura Kelly and her feminist counterparts stand for via their complaining, criticising, shaming and trying to change other’s behaviour?!

What justice means to them is that the world be filled with storms of their revenge. They wreck vengeance and abuse on all whose equals they are not, or so the perceive. They call for equality via virtue; however they secretly hide from their demons, refusing to face them and become better people because the paid is too sore, instead they choose to be tyrants and shroud themselves in false words of virtue. People who are truly motivated to make things better start with themselves first, then lead by example, they don’t attach others, they aren’t concerned with changing people. they take responsibility.

As far as ‘mind games’ are concerned Laura Kelly is a hack journalist lost in ego and marketing culture. Men and women understand dating differently. Women are by nature more attuned to dating, this is a pre-historic survival instinct. Having a baby years ago meant the possibility of death during child birth or afterwards if the male abandoned them. Men didn’t face such consequences, hence they are hard-wired more logically. Male minds are more logical and literal, female minds are more emotional and social. This is built into us, through billions of years of evolutionary processes. Hence men can learn dating like a maths formula by emulating confident masculine men women find attractive. Addy taught this on a level that changes were not just emulations of a skill set, instead he taught it as a internal shift where his clients actually become confident men. This is not a ‘mind-game’ it’s self-development. To most women this comes naturally therefore the lack of understanding for the need to learn it. Modern men in the west are socially conditioned by feminism and don’t have a clue about how to attract the opposite sex.

Out of touch Laura Kelly show’s her naivety further by stating “a favourite PUA tactic is the use of backhanded compliments or negging. Negging is intended to lower the self-esteem of the target, making her vulnerable to his advances. It’s a cute name for emotional abuse.” There’s nothing “cute” about “emotional abuse” Laura you lunatic! Laura lists a 1990’s NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) technique called “negging” as a “favourite PUA tactic.” Ask any dating coach in 2019, even the PUA’s and they will laugh at the point Laura Kellymakes about “negging,” everyone thinks “negging” is weird (even PUA’s) a choice few used it in the 2000’s, it is virtually non-existent now. In modern terminology it is known as teasing, flirting or banter. Laura comes across as non-hip old fogey, again her research is terrible. It’s like saying the word “homie” defines gangster rap, utter stupidity. Mrs Kelly again uses creepy language like “target” and “vulnerable,” she is a seedy individual with a dark cesspool of a mind. What she thinks she knows, clearly is not enough. Thus she is blinded by self-deception, unhappiness, malevolence, corruption, pain and limitation. She is just too ignorant to be objective, if she had just done her research properly she would be more honest and would not communicate deceitfully via shaming tactics and accusations. Her knowledge is insufficient, she isn’t even qualified to write her own childish article.

Back to NLP the name comes from “neuro” referring to the brain, and “linguistic” referring to language. Programming is the installation of a plan or procedure. NLP is the study of how language (verbal and non-verbal) affects our nervous system. Our ability to do anything in life is based upon our ability to direct our nervous system, including specific communication. In the past, this science was primarily taught to therapists and business executives. One of the presuppositions of NLP is that people share the same neurology; so if anyone can do anything in the world, so can you, if you run your nervous system the same way. It’s a process of learning specifically what people do to produce specific results. It works when teaching dating also. Laura’s accusation of being outsmarted is “emotional abuse,” stop being a cry baby Kelly! Women historically are made protective, self-conscious, fearful and nervous, even to this day and especially in western egalitarian modern human societies because of marketing propaganda in the media and social media. Women have been making men self-conscious since the beginning of time, they do this primarily by rejecting them but also by shaming them. Again it’s a prehistoric survival instinct like we discussed previously, it’s a primal force or nature to select the correct mate. However feminists have this instinct out of whack as they use it to exert power rather than further the human race.

Air-head Laura Kelly refers to Neil Strauss book “The Game” once again formulating lies out of thin air by stating; “The Game lifted the rock and exposed PUAs, squirming, to the sun. But in 2005, they still relied on in-person meet-ups and one-to-one communication with men they thought of as mentors.” Laura, in 2019 the dating field is a multi-million dollar global industry. It’s been growing since the 1990’s, beyond 2005, the ‘in person meet-ups” are now weekly seminars across the world, held like a pop artists concert tour to hundreds of thousands of people, even women attend these events! Type RSD into YouTube and see for yourself! The “mentors” are now coaches that charge thousands to develop clients, they are much less PUA and much more life coaches!

Laura Kelly foolishly continued, “these underground cliques can reach out into the bedroom on any sad and lovely boy offering a seductive take on why they can’t get the girl. It’s not you it’s those evil stuck-up women.” Firstly they are no “underground” they are in full public view easy to find and are legitimate businesses. Laura’s claim that dating coaches manipulate men into thinking, “it’s not you it’s those evil stuck-up women” is false and a defence mechanism. She deliberately and idiotically mixes up PUA’s with incels (more about that later). The philosophical saying that-what one criticises others for one see’s in themselves is distinctly true in Laura Kelly’s case. She takes pleasure in being a victim and in well-practised martyrdom, living by the gratifying myth that she deserves better, even if the truth of the situation be damned. Maybe she doesn’t like her husband, maybe she never really liked men as a whole, maybe she’s taking revenge on her father, or mother, or society?! She should consider the faults of her own spirit before she dares to accuse others, and before she attempts to repair society. Maybe it’s not men that are at fault Laura, maybe it’s you – maybe you’ve fallen short off the mark.

The “sad lonely boys” Laura Kelly references as being susceptible as clients for dating coaches are “sad” and “lonely” because of radical aggressive feminism, that pushes softness and harmlessness in men as the only consciously acceptable virtues. Naturally, any boy’s built-in masculine hardness and dominance will start to exert an unconscious fascination. If men are pushed too hard to feminise, they will become more and more interested in harsh political ideology. The populist support for Donald Trump in the US is part of the same process. Men have to toughen up. Men demand it and women want it, even though they may not approve of the harsh attitude that the process fosters and enforces. However, some women like Laura Kelly don’t like men and would rather have a submissive mate, even if he is useless. This provides them with plenty of self-pity and passive-aggression to champion a feminist cause.

Men toughen up by pushing themselves and pushing each other, hence the need for coaches and mentors. Boys are much more likely to get into car accidents, to fight physically, to quit school because they’re tired of asking for permission – than girls are. This anti-social behaviour is far more prevalent genetically in males than in females, but that does not mean that every manifestation of daring and courage is criminal. Men instinctively push against authority, control situations in a crisis and look within for meaning more so than women. This applies to dating also, which women are again naturally good at, more so than men.

Incompetent reporter Laura Kelly then goes onto reference incel’s and murderers in the same frame as PUAs. This is a new level of exaggeratory delusion even by Laura Kelly’s low standard. She is a slimy individual and a out right liar and wolf-criers. An Incel stands for involuntary celibate, a woman hater/ fearer, that is so because he is unable to have sexual relations with women due to social awkwardness and a lack of understanding of the opposite sex. This herd mentality is to protect them from reality (allowing them to dwell in their self-imposed comfort zone bubble) and simply because they don’t have the courage to stand up and be an authentic individual. This is the real problem with brain-washed men today, which is being addressed by P.U.A’s somewhat and more so by the Red Pill. By the way Laura – P.U.A’s, Mgtow’s and incels don’t get along on shape the same views.

The reason Laura Kelly uses such ridiculous comparisons (dating coaches and incel killers) is to contrast something normal unfavourably with something truly vulgar, using that unbridgeable gap as false evidence for the injustice she’s attempting to show, in order to undermine her target. This is not an isolated incident, all feminazis adopt this method; thus we must rediscover the values of our culture-veiled by feminist ignorance, hidden by a feminist supremacy motive of demonising the past – rescue those values and integrate them into our own lives as Addy Ahmed taught. Laura Kelly needs to consult her resentment, pathological deceit and arrogance. Her resentment means two things, shes immature (she should shut up, quit whining and get on with it) and that there’s feminist tyranny afoot. Men and non-feminist women have a moral obligation to speak , the consequence of remaining silent is worse. Silence is a lie and tyranny feeds on lies! Feminism is poisonous, it aims for revenge with the wish to destroy.

Desperate Laura Kelly leeches onto her false sense of patriotism by involving Glasgow and Scotland in her hate quest (a city and country whose structure, society and political system was built solely by men, much like the rest of the world!). She stated; “it’s heartening to see Glasgow and Scotland standing up against misogyny with strong responses from civil society, politicians and the police to the latest PUA scandal. We can flatter ourselves that out self-image as a place where the game is not welcome is undenied.” Glasgow’s contribution to anything ever in the grand scheme of things is the equivalent to a grain of sand in a desert.

Laura Kelly attempts to get the village – like city on side and “rep” Glasgow, even though the majority of people there don’t even care about P.U.A’s or the Manosphere, or for radical aggressive feminism for that matter. The average male’s mentality in Glasgow is very similar to the Manosphere, Glasgow has always been a hyper masculine city and always will be. The small minority of social justice cowards in the media and on TV that manage to hood-wink ignorant, low intelligence members of the public into believing their insecure propaganda/agenda, are not a reflection of the city.

As far as lame Laura’s claim about “standing up against misogyny by civil society,” Add received countless threats, hate comments and general threats of violence because the public believed the media propaganda that demonised him. Laura Kelly no one cares what a bunch of mentally ill triggered feminazi brats and social justice warriors say online. They’re just cowards sitting in dark rooms living their lives on screen, they don’t live in reality. Plus there were hundreds of thousands of people who supported Addy AGame that were conveniently not mentioned by the Scottish Media.

The police acted irresponsibly in regards to Addy, he has not committed an actual crime, the dangerous thing about Scottish society at the moment is that absolute nutty feminist views are held by irresponsible women with positions in the police, courts and politics. Granted Glasgow is a tiny aggressive place and still behind the rest of the UK, but this is not a intelligent choice of personnel for any legal or political group. What is next, arresting men for chatting to women in nightclubs.






Police Scotland are quoted as saying Ahmed’s behaviour was “predatory and would cause fear and alarm”, after succumbing to media pressure from aggressive online feminists and blood thirsty journalists. Initially when BBC The Social’s video degrading Adnan Ahmed went viral, Police Scotland are quoted as saying “we cannot follow up on this as there is no actual crime to investigate, no crime has been committed.” They were quick to change their tune after BBC The Social’s video gained millions of views and began a witch-hunt amongst the public because of how it was edited and how it portrayed Adnan Ahmed as a demonic sexual caricature, rather than the responsible understanding life coach that he is.

It’s totally bizarre and shockingly worrying that a country’s police force can’t withstand pressure from online trolls and can be manipulated so easily by faceless crazies on the internet. Yes, Scotland is a very small country, but that does not excuse the stupid backward policing tactics used for this matter. There should never have been an arrest in the first place. The police were aware of Ahmed’s dating business 3 years prior to BBC The Social’s hate fuelled video falsely demonising him. They spoke to Mr Ahmed about it on a number of occasions in casual conversation. Both male and female officers approved of it. There are phone calls and written police reports to confirm this.

Adnan Ahmed worked in conjunction with the police, as his job as a Criminal Justice Practitioner made this inevitable. Ahmed’s behaviour was never “predatory”. He ran an online dating business on YouTube for all to see; his clients, video demonstrations and spontaneous conversations with any women were all during the day on well populated busy city centre streets. He wasn’t hiding anything, so how can his actions be described as predatory, shameful or dangerous?

Police Scotland are supposed to investigate matters neutrally and without prejudice. Instead they contributed to the media mayhem by making comments defaming a man who is not guilty of an actual crime, but was charged, indicted and remanded regardless. The police are now tying to fish for a conviction to cover their mistakes and to not face legal action themselves. At the time of writing this, Ahmed has been on remand for the past 6 months, he has been held in custody, untried and without the option of bail since January 2019.

The Sheriff Court indictment has been designed in such a way to convict Adnan Ahmed on a technicality of Scottish Law (Moorov/ corroboration) rather than using substantial hard evidence, because there is none. Ahmed is not permitted to present vital evidence that proves his innocence because of Scottish court laws that protect prosecution witnesses, even if they are lying.

Laura Kelly further exercises a “white-privilege” ideology with her accusatory statement; “aren’t we the country that scared off Ahmed’s fellow PUA Roosh V. We should be proud that Roosh V and AGame think of Scotland as sparse hunting grounds, but we’re kidding ourselves if we think their attitudes don’t permeate the dating mainstream.” Laura chooses 2 ethnic men for her attack, a feminazi’s dream, not just to demonise men, but ethnic men, 2 birds with 1 stone Laura! This is imbosile journalism at it’s worse. Addy AGame and Roosh V did not teach the same thing, in fact their ideologies clashed in so many different ways (Addy was pro taking action to improve, Roosh V mostly complained about female nature) and neither of them are PUA’s! Addy was never “scared off” by Scotland or thought of it as “sparse hunting grounds” because of backlash from the public or reactions from Scottish women. Addy is on record as giving a press statement to the Scottish Media in January 2019, regarding “game” (not “the game” as most idiot reporters put it) in Scotland, he said;

“There is virtually no ‘scene’ in Scotland. The closest you get to a scene in Scotland is people getting drunk and going out at night but that goes on anyway. Even I don’t game in Scotland anymore. No-one really does this in Scotland. I’ve had clients here and there but mostly I deal with clients in England, Eastern Europe and other places. Glasgow and Edinburgh don’t have enough of the type of women I’m attracted to, hence why I’m in Eastern Europe and Arab countries every couple of months. Plus any city with a population of less than a million people is not good for game. We have tried in Glasgow and Edinburgh but they’re too small and even though I have met some amazing girls in Scotland that are my type and I’ve had awesome experiences with, I can meet a higher volume of my type in other countries. Scotland is a beautiful country with some lovely people but I wouldn’t recommend it for game, unless someone really likes a particular type of female.”

If Addy’s attitudes did “permeate the dating mainstream” as Laura put in then society would be a better place, the problem is that Laura Kelly’s feminazi views dictate the mainstream dating mentality, hence the mess and reaction Laura’s attempt at shifting the blame on Addy are juvenile, in the same press statement he said;

“We don’t promote using techniques, tactics or trickery; its lifestyle and mind-set improvement. I am simply talking about my rights as a man and my preference in certain types of women (good looks combined with a good personality and similar perspective on life). Game is self-development, it’s not about getting girls, it’s about improving yourself as a man outside of negative societal stereotypes, conditioning and expectations – and by default you will attract better people into your life including women. I’m living the best lifestyle for me personally, it’s not for everyone and I respect that. This is about human behaviour and biology not just words and language.  90% of human communication is non-verbal that’s what we’re tapping into and teaching. It’s like seeing through the matrix of marketing and social conditioning. The rate of mental health issues, relationship breakdowns and substance abuse is evidence of an imbalance – however there are also many amazing rights, ethics and freedoms in the society we live in. Male human beings are not responsible for all of society’s ills neither are female human beings; it’s unfair to blame one gender. We just view things practically and pragmatically rather than through a mainstream media lens. Gender should not be used as an excuse or tool to shame or hate anyone, this applies to both males and females, no-one is superior to anyone else. We refuse to take part in negative agendas taken to the extreme – this applies to both chauvinism and feminism. People have the right to choose whether they want monogamous or polygamous relationships, there is no need to lie or use techniques.”

He continues; “Society promotes excessive alcohol consumption, drug intake, unhealthy foods and shaming masculinity – we promote the opposite. Again if someone wants to do that then cool, but we don’t and it’s considered ‘out of the box.’ The same goes for relations with the opposite sex. Manners, kindness and femininity are attractive values in females, if a man wants to be with women like this he should improve himself to that standard, he should also have the right to avoid women that don’t meet that criteria. We teach respect for people, men and women. No-one should have an agenda pushed upon them or have to live up to an agenda imposed by others with a bias. We all have to respect each other’s rights to the lives we want, as long as it’s legal and no one is being hurt. If someone is offensive or tries to control the way you think, you should have boundaries and standards to not deal with those people.”

Mrs Kelly continues her false sensationalised accusations by stating; “feminist groups had been warning of AGame’s antics since October last year (2018).” No “feminist group” was involved. AGame was reported to BBC The Social by a 50 (something) year old stalker Rita Bruce who was his classmate in his 3rd year university course, after he rejected her sexual advances towards him. He spoke to The BBC Social reporter Myles Bonnar via email in October 2018 and it took the reporter until January 2019 to release a video demonising Ahmed and his dating business. Addy even reported stalker Rita Bruce to Police Scotland who took no action. Read the full story by clicking on the link: http://redpillrights.com/addict-rita-bruce-set-up-adnan-ahmed-because-he-rejected-her-sexual-advances-after-she-sexually-assaulted-him-and-she-racially-abused-him-2/

Laura Kelly follows blind impulse and short-term gain. She’s narrow and selfish. She lies to get her way. She takes nothing valid into account. She is limited because of all the skeletons in her closet. She avoids responsibility. She’s cowardly, shallow and wrong. She has the character of a demon, she merely transfers the curse on her head to others (men). This is the same for every feminazi in a nutshell! There is no faith, courage or sacrifice in modern feminism. There is no careful observations that presuppositions matter, they either don’t or don’t want to understand that having meaning in your life is better than having what you want by any means necessary. They don’t even know what they want, nor what they truly need!

Hate-filled Laura Kelly continued her defamation of Addy AGame, stating; “for a long time, he could be confident that the game was risk free.” That is because what Addy was doing was no illegal, it is the first time in Scottish legal history that a case like this has been put on trial in court. She continued; “that he was just another Lothario whose actions were different from other men.” If other men were like Addy AGame, this would be beneficial to them and to women also. The truth is most men in western society are spineless friend-zoned lap dogs again because of feminist cultural conditioning; this is the opposite of the type of man Addy is. Addy taught, if you’re not the leading man in your own movie, you’re a bit player in someone else’s and you might as well be assigned to play a dismal, lonely and tragic part. Mrs Kelly if you think tough masculine men like Addy are dangerous, wait until you see what the weak men feminism is breeding are capable of. If they are healthy, women don’t want boys. They want men. They want someone to contend with; someone to grapple with. If they’re tough, they want someone tougher. If they’re smart, they want someone smarter. They desire someone who brings to the table something they can’t provide. Aggressive feminist conditioning makes it hard for attractive women to find mates, there just aren’t many men around (in western society) who can outclass them enough to be considered desirable. Feminism today is antisocial, anti human, jealous, desirous or failure, resentful and destructive. No one on the side of humanity or aiming at moving upwards should ally him or herself with such a thing.

Mrs Kelly knows nothing real about herself. She knows nothing about individuals like Addy. She knows nothing real about the world. She is a movie played out of focus. And she desperately waits for stories about her left-wing social justice feminist ideology to make it all make sense. She hides behind ideas that are not her own, she hides behind clichés and falsehood. This is further evident through her statement about support for Addy; “there are already videos on You Tube asking whether AGame is just a scapegoat.” This is because people are not as stupid and blind as the media believes them to be, check them out;



Laura then shows even more stupidity by inaccurately describing Tinder as being designed by PUA’s, she said; “the very set-up of Tinder encourages users to see dating as a game, sitting on your phone alongside candy crush. With it’s emphasis on volume, and a good opening line, designed by PUA’s.” Laura you are insane, how long has this crazy woman been married, you are truly out of touch Laura! Mrs Kelly seems to be going for her lame “hyena logic” argument again by stating “emphasis on volume,” we’ve already explained that everyone has the right to have choice and to be selective. Laura hates face to face dating and online dating, what does Laura suggest people do to meet each other – arranged marriages or would she prefer everyone to castrate themselves and bow down to the feminazi masters! There is nothing wrong with a witty  introduction in the form of a “opening line,” it’s up to the receiver of it to respond. And Laura, PUA’s did not design Tinder, most PUA’s and dating coaches dislike Tinder (check online), instead they encourage meeting women in person.

Adnan Ahmed has always maintained he is not a pick-up artist, he has always said he is a dating/ life coach. It is a sad state of affairs when people are unable to talk to each other face to face, confining society further into dating apps and social media. In this era it is more normal to troll pictures and profiles online, messaging desperately and projecting a false persona to lure others in; whereas starting a random conversation with someone you find attractive face to face during the day is considered not only abnormal, but also criminal. There is more danger involved in meeting someone online than there is in meeting them in person. Plus face to face dating is a much more human and much less time consuming process, that is if police Scotland don’t arrest you first.

Angry loner Laura Kelly continues her sexist tirade about Tinder saying; “friends report that this game has very different rules for women than men. Routinely, men in their 40s and 50s stage age preferences for women in their 20s.” It’s only inevitable that feminazi’s like Laura show themselves to be dim-witted morons. The “friends” that reporter to Laura must be fellow feminazi’s or maybe Laura took a trip into Tinder to get away from her boring marriage and got rejected because she’s toxic. Tinder is designed for women, women love it, especially women who are not very attractive. Overweight girls take tactical pictures of themselves that this them down because of the angle of the swap and catfish guys all the time. Also, men are made to pay for add-ons to become more visible to women, whereas women are not to the extent men are. If a man truly wants to experience Tinder with stunning girls, do so in Eastern Europe. And Laura, you shout for equality and freedom of choice via feminism, does that not extend to men?!

Why can’t a man in his 40s and 50s date a girl in her 20s if that’s what he wants, because you say so?! Some young guys like older women (or MILFs as they call them), is that OK Laura?! Laura Kelly and her “friends” on Tinder are insecure man-hating separatist hypocrites! Laura doesn’t get that wanting men to be like women is impossible, even gay men differ from women. Male and female sexual strategies are different, there are evolutionary biological distinctions between them when it comes to sexual selection. Laura Kelly chooses to ignore the existence of overwhelming, multi-disciplinary scientific literature indicating that sex differences are powerfully influenced by biological factors.

Laura continues her silly Tinder argument by stating; “negs are a common opening gambit, and it takes effort and luck to avoid the fuck boys.” Laura’s doing her ridged grandma thing again using outdated PUA language like “gambit,” ask the majority of guys on Tinder what a “neg” is Laura, they’ll look at you like you’re a swamp-dwelling old hag through confused pitying eyes. Laura’s choice to “avoid the fuck boys” has to be respected (the same as an older guys choice to date younger women), however it can also be explained scientifically. Women historically are choosy maters (for reasons we explained previously). Most men don’t meet female standards (the same men Addy offered his services to). It is for this reason that women on dating sites rate 85% of men as below average in attractiveness. It is for this reason that we have twice as many female ancestors as male (all women who have ever lived averaged one child, half of men who have ever lives fathered two children, if they had any, while the other half fathered none.) This is why men have more “emphasis on volume” and are devastated by rejection, whereas women aren’t as they have more proclivity to say no. We are a type of animal Laura, gender is not a social construct as feminists would have us believe. This isn’t a debate Laura, the data is there for all to see!

Hater Laura pulls out a favourite feminazi trump card in the form of shaming men for having preferences in the way women look by stating (about Tinder); “women’s appearances – from weight to body hair – are strictly policed.” Freedom of choice is the only thing being “strictly policed,” by you Laura. Only Tinder “police” it’s users, men don’t “police” women. If a man doesn’t want to be with an overweight hairy woman, as a human being he has the right not to be. If a man is sexually attracted to a thin, hairless (body) feminine woman he has the right to pursue that attraction (and vice versa).

The real reason feminists are so radical about “body-shaming” is because of envy and want for attention. It’s a severe case of the green-eyed monster. They strategically cover their insecurities through a social justice front by screaming for more “normal” looking (overweight and less attractive face (hair) women to be on social media/ television because they feel bad about their appearance when a thin, beautiful and feminine woman is shown. This argument makes no sense, is the thin woman not a real woman?! Does she not have rights or represent women who look like her?! This is ignored by the average feminist vying for supremacy over men and attractive women; as most feminists are overweight, angry, insecure virtue signalling shamers who blame everyone but themselves for their failings. The majority Scottish women look below average to what men biologically find attractive. In Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, women are genetically more attractive. That is not sexism, it’s fact! This could be linked to the different culture outlook also, amongst other factors. Both women and men are less attractive when they are fat and badly groomed. Radical feminists want to change how men are genetically hardwired and biologically programmed by nature (by using force) to make less attractive women more attractive. This is real coercive control, this is real emotional abuse – and if men don’t comply, they risk being imprisoned in Scotland!

Beauty shames the ugly feminazis fear it, resent it, even hate it – and blame men for it because to own up to this and take responsibility is too painful. They want men to abandon all their ideals of beauty, healthy and attractiveness in women. But that’s not a positive solution as it would merely ensure men feel ashamed all the time and that they justly deserve it. However, feminazi’s want supremacy and this is the covert way they attempt to gain it. Why should women who can stun by their mere presence disappear just so feminists (with horrible health habits) can feel unconsciousness?! It’s quite transparent, modern radical feminists who call for no “fat shaming” and for more unattractive females on show are unsettled by their vulnerability, they eternally fear to tell the truth, to mediate between men and women, and to face their demons. Maybe they are so blinded by their insecurity and hatred they can’t even see their subconscious patterns. However, there are many who are well aware and choose otherwise!

Pro-hate Laura continues her feminazi propaganda by stating; “following the #MeToo movement, it’s been common to hear men moan that they don’t know how to behave around women, so how can we possibly blame them for acting inappropriately? It isn’t complex. If you’re treating women with respect we have no beef.” Men don’t know how to behave around women in western countries, elsewhere in the world, they know! This isn’t because of the “#MeToo movement,” it’s because of radical feminist conditioning in the west over the past couple of decades. Feminism has invisible rules that are designed to confuse men in order to cultivate power, this makes men act “inappropriately” because beta males in the west are given mixed messages in the media on how to act with women which go against natural male instincts and against male traits, healthy females actually find attractive.

Laura Kelly stated that AGame has “lack of respect for women.” OK, this is where feminazi supremacy is so very transparent. Having a vagina or being a woman does not exempt one from being a bad person or warrant automatic respect. In all groups; men, women, LGBT, black, white, brown, Muslim, Christian, etc. There are good natured and bad natured people, there are people that warrant respect and others who don’t. Feminazi’s like Kelly delusionally demands respect for all women on the idiotic basis that simply they are women, not on the basis of their character and conduct as people – which is what people respect in reality. But feminazi’s don’t care about reality. As a woman, can Laura honestly say she respects all women, even the serial killers, criminals and hate mongers like herself. Can she honestly say, there are no women she dislikes or doesn’t respect, it’s not realistic or humanly possible for her to say so.

The best thing for men to do, who don’t like the way things are in regards to women’s attitudes and appearance in the UK, is to leave them to it and go to Russia or the Ukraine. All the women there look like models, a overweight or rude woman is very rare to see. This is not due to female oppression; it’s because culturally, men and women there respect masculinity and femininity in a classic sense and don’t allow sexist “#MeToo” propaganda to poison their society or mutual respect! A trip there would be a eye-opener for British men. The Europeans ridicule Scottish women’s attitudes saying; “they are the least physically attractive and the most aggressively feminist,” The link is obvious! The extreme turn towards political correctness via the #MeToo movement has exacerbated this problem. The voices shouting against oppression have become louder, in precise proportion to how supposedly “equal” (increasingly skewed against men) society has become. There are whole university disciplines forthrightly hostile towards men. There areas of study claim western culture is an oppressive structure created by white men to dominate and exclude women, when in actuality it’s the other way around.

Laura then pulls out the ultimate feminazi cock-block move by labelling all male as sexuality suspect and suggesting woman are easily outsmarted by men by stating; “tricking women into having sex with you is abuse. coercing women into having sex is abuse.” Laura seems to think women are stupid. We’ve already quoted Addy on how he didn’t teach trickery or techniques; women are not stupid Laura Kelly! Once again, women naturally know dating dynamics and see through trickery a mile away. As for this new terminology “coercive control,” it has a ridiculously massive scope for false accusations of mind control attached to it, since it’s creation as a law. Conviction rates have went through the roof for men. Women covertly communicate their mating intentions which is by definition “coercion,” men do so overtly – they are binary 1 + 1=2. This is a sexist law, a man going to the police claiming he’s been “coercively controlled” is ridiculed and ignored. Shaming tactics and blame-shifting are real coercive control and abuse. Is make-up, heels, lighting, pictures at a certain angle female trickery? – no, it’s a mating dance. Neither is a man improving his charm, communication and confidence. The double standards and hypocrisy of “coercive control” is ridiculous.

Laura Kelly also stated; “filming women without their consent is abuse touching a woman without consent is sexual assault. Having sex with a women without consent is rape.” Yes Laura, this is also true if a woman does this to a man also. Sexual assaults and rape are horrendous crimes and real victims of these cries deserve justice! However there is a clear link to a massive rise (approaching 200%) in false accusations and the rise of aggressive feminism. The #MeToo movement has also given crazy females a route to revenge by fake accusations of rape and sexual assault. This is further fuelled by feminist members of the police force and law societies, especially in Scotland. There isn’t even a need for concrete evidence, if a accusation like this is made a man will be remanded in prison for up to 2 years, then stand trial. His fate depends in whether his lawyer or the prosecutor do a good enough job of convincing a jury that is already brain-washed by feminazi conditioning, which is considered normal narrative these days. The falsely accused man faces an uphill battle, he doesn’t stand a chance! There are many men who are guilty of historic crimes and there are many men who are not. However her word against his, along with a lack of evidence, gives liars a lane to do what they want and abuse the Scottish legal system at will. Plus £20,000 in compensation is enough incentive for any corrupt soul to tell lies of being a victim (which is cool thanks to #MeToo) which brings an abundance of much wanted attention also!

Before that comes the arrogance and sense of superiority (via feminism) that inevitably accompanies the production of lies. This is one of the greatest dangers; apparently everyone is fooled, so everyone is considered stupid by the accuser. When they feel everyone is stupid and fooled by them, they realise they can get away with whatever they want. Feminist culture promotes that men are collateral damage and deserve no respect or empathy. Thus the legal system being susceptible to manipulation through false accusations is seen as a easy task. Also there is no deterrent in Scotland, even is the man is found innocent the accuser faces no criminal repercussions, they can be sued in civil court, that is if the man can afford the legal fees. This is a growing problem for innocent men in Scotland and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of an end in sight.

Modern men are suffering genuine declines in mental health by being philosophically berated by feminazis for their existence as members of the human species. They are labelled as privileged beneficiaries of the patriarchy with their accomplishments considered unearned, as well as being accused of being adherents of rape culture. Male privilege is a myth, are black or Arab males more privileged than white women, are Chinese or Latino males more privileged than white women – No! It’s the opposite! White privilege always prevails, it has layers, privilege in the west is more race than gender based. White males are not to blame presently, it’s white women in the west who are pushing the feminist agenda the hardest! These very women acting out such a visible stance against prejudice feel justified and obligated to denounce men in a quest for supremacy disguised as equality.

This is outside Laura Kelly’s scope of blurred understanding and oblivious arrogance. She is not emotionally equipped in dealing with, coping with and sharing an objective view; not because she’s a woman, because she’s a bigoted idiot. Even the shows of independence and strength feminist women strive for are a replication of how males act and the roles males have always assumed. Why not still be feminine and do so, why is there an obsessive urge by feminazi’s to be masculine, it’s as if they hate feminine traits. Wanting men to be women and women to be men reveals that subconsciously they think women are weak. Nature doesn’t lie – men and women are different (physical strength, mating strategies, emotionally, physically and mentally). However saying this aloud will have one labelled a misogynist, sexist or even a rapist by bitter feminists like Laura Kelly. It takes great courage to speak up like Addy does!

Fascist Mrs Kelly continued; “it’s depressing that this rise in predatory male behaviour coincides with the enormous shift in public conversation around consent powered by the #MeToo movement.” The insane and in-comprehensive post modern insistence that all gender differences are socially constructed becomes understandable when it’s moral imperative is grasped – justification for force to alter society, eliminate bias and all outcomes to be equal. Inequality being at the heart of the cause, gender differences are regarded as socially constructed. This lie is sold so emphatically by feminists; if it wasn’t for the drive for equality this would be considered too radical and too blatantly propagandist. Thus, the order of logic is reversed, so that feminist ideology can be camouflaged. The internal inconsistencies within the ideology are never addressed, for example; an individual who desires gender re-assignment surgery is to be arguably considered  a man trapped in a women’s body (or vice versa) – the fact that this cannot logically be true, simultaneously is just ignored or rationalised away with another post-modern claim – that logic itself along with scientific proof are merely part of the oppressive male patriarchal system. This is one example, feminism uses this lack of logic in many areas to influence public opinion.

It is wrong to teach our young people that culturcreae is a result of male oppression! Blinded by this central assumption; disciplines as diverse as education, social work, history, gender studies, literature, sociology – and increasingly law actively treat men as oppressors and men’s activity as inherently evil. They also as a result often promote radical political and legal action against men. Universities in the United States have even began to encourage activism as part of their (man-hate) mandate, university education should not foster political engagement of any kind. This is radicalism, we do not teach our youth the world is flat, neither should we teach them unsupported ideological feminist theories about the nature of men and women.

Lousy Laura Kelly prattled on; “it’s not coincidence, it’s not about confusion over the new rules. As with all social structures, it’s about power.” This is the first true thing she said in her article, though it took her to the 2nd last sentence to do so. Laura blatantly admits feminism is about gaining power and supremacy. However the “new rules” she speaks of are a bunch of smoke and mirrors inside blurred lines, situated in a grey area (they make them up as they go along, i.e. the vast possibilities of coercive control!) Men on the other hand enforce a clear code of behaviour on each other. Do your work, pull your weight, pay attention, don’t whine, stand-up for yourself, don’t suck up, don’t snitch and don’t be a slave to stupid rules. Don’t be weak or dependant. At all, ever, period! Weak men fall short of this, especially those men brainwashed by modern feminism. Weak men are embarrassed and self-conscious, as they should be. They get put down by other men and by desirable woman because of feminist conditioning. It’s not his fault, he doesn’t know any better. His ignorance drowns him in resentment leaving him lonely (or with a horrible partner) to play video games and eat junk food (or drugs/ alcohol) to escape. It is to women’s clear advantage that men do not happily put up with dependency among themselves. Society would fall apart! Wicked women may produce dependant sons or marry dependant men, but awake and conscious women want a awake and conscious man.

Power is a feminists’ fundamental motivational force, they are competing to rise to the top, they care about the dominance hierarchy, but we have to beware of their single-cause interpretations. Our animal minds are far older than what modern feminist rhetorical manipulates us into thinking. Darwinian evolutionary studies apply to our sexes (male/female), Addy AGame taught this. The primary hierarchical structure of human society is masculine as it is amongst most animals (including chimpanzees, our closest genetic and behavioural match). The fact it – it’s because men are and throughout history have been the builders of towns and cities, the engineers, brick layers, lumber jacks and operators of heavy machinery. Even in this modern era women don’t want to, they don’t have the natural urge to do so. Modern feminists want to reap the benefits of a society built by men but don’t want to do the same work to enhance it, using women who were actually oppressed decades ago as an excuse. Lazy feminazi’s are living off the sacrifice, blood sweat and tears of those inventor men and oppressed women; using their struggle to attempt to gain power for themselves without contributing to the bettering of society or of themselves. They fail to even acknowledge these facts and none of this is justification for abandoning women in real need in 3rd world countries who western feminists ignore in pursuit of their narrow blind cause.

Laura Kelly ends her façade of an article by stating; “women are taking some power back and some men will do anything to stop that happening.” How dramatic Laura Kelly, ending with a childish conspiracy theory! There is no invisible war to fight, there is no competition or need for militant ideology. There isn’t a shred of hard evidence to support any of these crimes; that western society is pathologically patriarchal and that the primary source of female oppression  is men rather than nature. Men have been in most cases partners and supporters of women throughout history. Modern feminism poses serious problems; apart from the falseness of their theories and methods, they insist that collective political activism is morally obligatory. Not all hierarchies are based on power through exclusion, they exist for many reasons (some valid, somewhat), they are incredibly ancient evolutionary speaking. Do male crustaceans oppress female crustaceans, should their hierarchies be upended?!

Future generations will pay mercilessly for our current social climate. Even now, boys are suffering in the modern world of western societies where gender equality has been pushed the hardest. Boys challenge authority to establish their independence in their adolescence. Feminists aim to neuter such provocative and daring behaviour in males, in order to feminism them. This is to the determine of the future of youth and instrumental in the decline of boys. Girls will, for example, play boys games, but boys are much less reluctant to play girls games. This is in part because it is admirable for a girl to win when competing with a boy. It is also “OK” for her to lose to a boy. For a boy to beat a girl, however, it not “OK” – it is even less “OK” for him to lose. Imagine a boy and a girl (aged 9) get into a fight. Just for engaging, the boy is considered highly suspect. If he wins he’s pathetic. If he loses, well, his life might as well be over. Beat up by a girl.

Girls can win by winning in their own hierarchy – by being good at what girls value, as girls. They can add to this victory by winning in the boy’s hierarchy. They will lose status, among girls and boys, by being good at what girls value. It costs them in reputation among the boys, and in attractiveness among the girls. Girls aren’t attracted to boys who are their friends, even though they might like them, whatever that means. They are attracted to boys who win status contests with other boys. If you’re male, you just can’t hammer a female as hard as you would a male. Boys can’t (won’t) play truly competitive games with girls (think boxing, football, basketball, etc.) It isn’t clear how they can win. As the game turns into a girl’s game, therefore, the boys leave. Is western society about to become an all out girls game? Is that what we want? At this rate soon there will be very few masculine men left in the west. This is not good news for men. But it’s also catastrophic news for women!

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