Woke Feminist Movies Flop At Box Office Because of Sexism Towards Men

Feminist movie ‘Birds of Prey’ should be a movie that sells itself amongst moronic feminazis, however it has recently been raising red flags. Dubbed as the sequel to the ‘Suicide Squad’ starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, a Batman villain. Many critics felt the title ‘Birds of Prey’ held a lot of virtue signalling behind it (because it did!).

The film also included Ewan McGregor who described the film as, “a film that covers some of the misogynistic nonsense that you ladies have to deal with on a daily basis.” In most interviews beta male Ewan has done, he tends to mainly brag about being “proud” of this “feminist” movie that addresses problems like “mansplaining.”

The film included a female producer, director and writer, so it’s not surprising the movie is “less male gaze-y,” this further explains why it flopped and sets female producers back another 20 steps – leave the directing to male producers doll, go protest about being an oppressed rich white woman somewhere doll!

The toxic feminist agenda made the interest for the movie very low as it is mostly men who would watch DC (superhero) movies. There’s no better way to sink a sequel than shaming the very people who enjoyed the original with words such as; ”feminism, mansplaining, male gaze and misogyny.”

Along with ”Birds of Prey,” other recent woke flops like ”Charlie’s Angels” and ”Terminator: Dark Fate,” are also movies that are trying to spoon feed their own agendas straight into audiences mouths.

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