Woman Gets Away with Murder – Feminazi Agenda

Sentence Over-Turned On Grounds Of Coercive Control

Sally Challen won her appeal that saw her murder conviction quashed and a retrial secured because of a feminazi agenda.

Challen, 65, confessed to killing her husband aged 61 in 2010 and was convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in 2011. When Sally went for an appeal it was ordered that she get a retrial on the grounds that new psychiatric evidence suggested she had been suffering from two mental disorders at the time of killing.

This new evidence brought to light that Sally had withstood decades of her husbands ‘coercive and controlling behaviour’. This was the first time a court recognised domestic abuse that didn’t involve persistent physical attack. Coercive control was recognised as an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2015.

The fact that Challen endured decades of alleged abuse and isolation and a murder took place is hardly a cause for celebration. Also her dead husband can’t defend his innocence because he was murdered by his lunatic wife!

It would be interesting to know that if Sally Challen was a man that had endured this type of abuse and murdered his wife, would he have been allowed a retrial and released from prison to return to his life after murdering a spouse. The answer is NO!

The concept of coercive control is somewhat flawed as there is no direct evidence or method to prove this type of abuse. Again ion this case the man that was accused of coercive control is now dead (murdered) it is even more difficult to understand if this was really the case in their marriage.

Sally Challen hit the man over 100 times and only served 10 years in prison for this crime. She battered her husband then years later at her appeal stated she was emotionally abused. This is not justice! Has the feminazi agenda won again? Looks like it has.

Read the article here: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/sally-challen-case-appeal-murder-david-husband-domestic-violence-a8804276.html

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